2020: The Year of Scams & Scoundrels

2020 Metaphysical Reviews: The Good, the Bad & the Ugly:

The past year has been another landmark, or low mark, in metaphysical thieves who profit from the work of others, many of whom cannot even compose an English sentence. To that end, Satania (Sataniastore.com) is the worst offender, going so far as to threaten arson to the very person the criminals stole from blatantly, repeatedly, and boldly.

VA 2020 Award for Scams & Scoundrels goes to Satania~ Two Thumbs Down

THE BAD & THE UGLY: Thus, Satania (Sataniastore.com) receives the 2020 Scams & Scoundrels Award for their copyright plagiarism, direct theft of copyrighted materials, including the Abracadabra mantra stolen from the book, Vampire Arveda Yoga, by Lucien Mars that plays on YouTube illegally. They also receive the lowlife cowardly award for threatening arson for uncovering their thievery (see separate blog). They also plagiarized the site of Vampire Ashram, stealing my listings verbatim, for which we have screenshots, although the animals are quick to remove the most blatant. *You can remove criminal sites such as Satania by complaining directly to PayPal for supporting the selling of counterfeit listings that are stolen. If you are unfortunate enough to have purchased from them, demand your money back from PayPal and/or lodge a complaint, whether or not you receive a refund. Do not condone criminals by participating in their fraud. Report them. Remove them. And spread word on every metaphysical site possible. Pay attention to the following warning, which we impose on all our works, listings and spells:

VA 2020 Award of Dark Merit goes to S. Connolly~ Two Thumbs Up

THE GOOD: Vampire Ashram’s 2020 Award of Dark Merit goes to the LHP popular author, S. Connolly for her inclusion of a curse placed upon one of her limited edition books, “The Infernal Colopatiron: A Manual of Daemonic Theophany.” Known as a popular left-hand path writer, we commend her for including a curse in the fore page of the book. To quote S. Connolly, she states, “A Curse: For him who stealeth or illegally copy, scan or upload this book, let it change into a serpent in his hand and shall Leviathan judge him. For each illegal copy he creates, something of value, whether person, life, or money will be taken from him. Let him languish in pain crying out for mercy, and let there be no surcease to his agony, till he sing in dissolution. Let the gatekeepers gnaw his entrails if he ever attempts the magick within and let the flames of Hell consume him forever. By Lucifuge and Amducius, it is done.” -preface, Melissa Press, S. Connolly. Bravo, Ms. Connolly, we applaud the curse and support it, and your sacred rite for doing so. We hope more LHP practitioners follow S. Connolly’s lead in cursing the souls of criminals in all their rites, their writings, and their spell crafting.

S. Connolly is to be commended for the curse, and may it be doubled upon Satania to which we add: “May Satania and those customers who have used stolen materials in our rites, have their family and ancestral spirits marked, tortured, pillaged, and burned in hellfire. May their finances be reduced to poverty, and may their crimes be punished without mercy upon themselves, their families, and their finances for three generations forward and three backward, damning their ancestors by necromantic damnation to curse and join them in their own twisting and burning agony. By infernal plagues imposed by Lucifer, Lilith and Chamunda, spat with venom upon their souls, so shall it hereby be.”

VA Honorable Mention goes to IGOS~ One Thumb Up

THE GOOD: IGOS is another publisher who warns that any using the rites from a pirated copy of their grimoires shall suffer extreme dangers and warns users from purchasing pirated copies. While not as black in art as S. Connolly, they include on their publication fore-page the following: “Warning!! Extreme Danger!! Only original printed activated editions work, copies and PDFs destroy the encoding in the book. Making the book worthless and dangerous to the user. You have been warned.” From their frontispiece. IGOS, International Guild of Occult Sciences. Various publications/grimoires.

Pirating and plagiarizing are CRIMES. They are not innocent, nor are the customers who use stolen materials, especially metaphysical spells. Lilith and Chamunda, the darkest of Matrika Goddesses and the most ruthless, are the enforcers along with Lucifer, who curse those who steal the materials of Vampire Ashram LLC, just as S. Connolly uses Lucifuge and Amducius.

Lilith will curse and damn her own followers and devotees who trespass against her because of her standing with Lucifera, and thus there is no shelter because one worships or attempts to summon Lilith. She is loyal to her own self-preservation under Lucifera along with her privileges. If you wish to avoid her visiting destruction upon you, your family, and your finances, the solution is simple: don’t purchase from criminal enterprises. And the internet is rife with metaphysical sellers who are frauds and fakes, chief among them is Satania (Sataniastore.com)

Vampire Ashram DOES NOT publish internal rites of invocation or evocation to anyone. A thief can steal a menu from another restaurant, but without the original recipe and the expert chef whose property it is, you will not receive the power promised by the criminal. Instead, just like S. Connolly, we curse those who both steal and those who use stolen goods. May the ill-gotten gains rot in their burning bellies in the hereafter. In Hell. By Lucifera, by Lucifer, by Chamunda, and by Lilith, by the order and power of their curse conjoined to the Vampire Ashram site. You have been warned.