Greetings Blood Brothers & Sisters of Lucifera. Nobody will miss the year 2020, filled as it was with upheavals of all kinds, geographical, political and metaphysical. Having reached an all time low for lowlifes such as Satania store, Vampire Ashram will be introducing the following changes designed to keep rank thievery of intellectual property as low as possible. The House Keresian News site will carry a new title, “House Keresian Inner Sanctum”. It will also be password protected with the password provided only to active TVs. There will be a corresponding price increase and system of induction for vampire transformations; this due to the fact that copyrighted binding seals have been provided or poached by the parasites and plagiarists such as Satania store. Because the transformation is a gateway to restricted bindings, it simply has for too long been underpriced in the attempt to make it affordable to as many as possible. There will also be an application fee of $40 for all new applicants wishing to transform. This will include a questionnaire requiring the approval of myself and/or the senior elder, which in this case is Vampire Maven Silverlight, who runs the Lucifera’s forum site.

It will be a requirement for all new TVs to contribute and participate since geographical boundaries make travel to any physical site difficult at best. Contribution means bringing the yearning for advancement into the forum with those who are more experienced and can provide insight. If a TV is unwilling to ask, to discover, and to share what is working or not working for him/her, then the TV can be classified as inactive with restricted access to the more advanced bindings. There are three deadly sins for a vampire under Lucifera: They are as follows: 1) SLOTH, which inspires and is reinforced by sin number 2) INSTANT GRATIFICATION.

Both sin one and two reinforce one another, leading to stagnant spiritual growth and the obsessive drive to chase metaphysical rainbows while devaluing your own spiritual vitality. It is also the curse of the spirit collector chasing windmills which shows a spiritual discontent and active distrust of Lucifera. As if she is not good enough or powerful enough of a goddess to worship. As if she has not granted you conditional vampiric immortality (based upon the avoidance of these three deadly sins) The yearning for instant gratification with internet technology is completely understandable, and equally deadly. The Hollywood vampire is another lie promoting instant gratification. It takes years and lifetimes and eons to continue in power and survive destruction. The craving for instant gratification can be considered the stake through the heart that kills all vampiric advancement, and worse. Just as Lucifera is the Almighty’s enforcer, Lilith is Lucifera’s enforcer. Think and behave as you would in a drug cartel, with your loyalty everlasting on display, or everlastingly damned if you turn traitor to your sire and Lucifera. Think Luci-fear-her, even as you should fear the Almighty who created her, and you, and your sire.

3) Oath Breaking and theft. You don’t have to actively break your oath. You can pass copyrighted information to a thief like Satania and be in direct violation. And be cursed, damned and destroyed, with your sire petitioning against you as a witness when condemned to Lilith’s prison house in Hell. You can either dine with your sire, or she can serve you to Lilith for dinner. Like a cartel, we don’t tolerate rats. You break your oath or discuss our rites with others, you are subject to excommunication and destruction. And its not your physical body destroyed, but your spirit body that is subject to Lucifera’s wrath which is cold, eternal and indifferent when and if you violate her trust in you.

The year 2020 has been a year of record growth for Vampire Ashram, which is officially moving to a more secretive society of vampires, allowing public bindings for the sake of those desiring to see how an actual disincarnate vampire interacts and spiritually, emotionally, and sexually binds, and thus preparing the person for a potential or actual transformation. Self-deification and self invocations etc. designed by other vampire orders for self-transformations, -which may suit them, is NOT the approved way of Lucifera. The reason is twofold: to protect the TV from stronger vampires in the afterlife, and to feed upon those ronin vampires, or vampires without a sire or goddess to guard them. Like a cartel, Lucifera insists that every vampire wed a sire. Independent vampires can be destroyed and fed upon. Think about it: would you rather mug an unarmed civilian or one with an armed bodyguard and a mafia-like queen backing him/her up?

A hierarchy is also being insisted upon by Lucifera, as chosen by her. To that end, four elders have been chosen, with the eldest first in line for eventual priesthood: They are as follows, and can be contacted on the Forum site (Luciferasvampireforum):

Vampire Maven Silverlight, Senior Elder of the Order, her forte is clairvoyance and vampiric energy seership.

Vampire Master Talop, Elder of the Order, his forte is vampiric feeding as a living revenant.

Vampire Maven, Tatyana, Elder of the Order, her forte is vampiric communion and seership.

Vampire Master, Mordekai, Elder of the Order, his forte is devotional vampiric energy. Devoted love is NOT to be under-estimated, as it is a power infrequently addressed in vampiric orders other than Vampire Ashram. We are devotional vampires first and foremost. This is what separates Vampire Ashram from other vampiric orders.

More elders will be assigned in the near future. If you have any questions that fall into the categories of their specialties, they are the ones to consult. Each vampire has different gifts, and only by sharing can those gifts be exercised and enlarged. You can tell from their forte powers, each is different, so draw upon their strengths where yours is weak. They can be contacted via the LuciferasForum site. Once the new site tab is installed, the password will be given out to all active TVs.


~In blood to blood, Vampire Blessings Be Unto Thee~