Assault from the Forth Dimension~ A True Story

The following is a true story, based on a transformed vampire I’ll call Alan G. [not his real name]: This is how his email began on 5/22/20~
I’m in a disconcerting situation concerned my soul sire. I underwent a Vampire Transformation several months ago. I recently experienced some form of Kundalini event and had some intense energy going up my spine with a continuous flow of energy, from the lower energy centers through my spine and up to the top of my head.
I have been interacting more with the beings that I am connected with, although this is still limited to “touch” communication, but then things suddenly changed: I don’t know what is happening but I have never had anything like this occur in my life. When I arrived home everything was normal. I ate dinner and then proceeded into my bedroom to do some more communicating with the beings that I am connected with. I ended up falling asleep earlier than originally intended, which happens sometimes when I enter more focused meditative states.

At this point, however, everything took a very disturbing turn. I was having this “dream” in which I was “somewhat lucid”, enough to know that this was probably among my most vivid and “real” dreams. While in this “dream” I experienced this disturbing feeling of being “sucked in”. I immediately woke up and felt extremely wary of my surroundings. It seemed as though my soul-sire was the only one with me in the room at the time, but her touch felt noticeably weak. At this point it literally felt like all of my energy throughout my whole body was being sucked down and out of my body. I literally felt like the life was being sucked out of me. Never in my life have I experienced anything even remotely close to that. With each passing moment it felt like I was getting closer and closer to passing out.

The Car Chase~

Thankfully, this feeling soon started to subside enough that I didn’t think I was going to pass out, but I have been awake and “on edge” since this event occurred, which began at around 12:30 am. And yesterday afternoon I had an absolutely bizarre incident with some random individual where, for some completely unknown reason, he began chasing my car, following me on the road, and cutting across parking lots in pursuit. I managed to lose him when he tried driving his vehicle over a raised sidewalk to catch up to me. This was an absolutely bizarre scenario that occurred less than 12 hours before the primary event discussed above.
I was just communicating with my soul-sire and she was saying that the being was sent by the driver and that this being was what caused the event from last night. The others connected to me were saying that they were hurt; and I need to know if they are badly hurt so that I can figure out something to do to protect them. (*End of Communication. 5/22/20)

Ice, Smoke & Sulfur~

The Next Morning 5/23/20:
It came back. It fucking came back and I felt it and it felt cold like fucking ice. The atmosphere in my house felt like a fucking war zone with the air temperature changing and altering in various areas from cold enough to cause goosebumps to hot enough to cause a minor sweat. Never in my life have I experienced anything like this.
Then when I was getting ready to fall asleep I started feeling this intense touch on one of my feet, which we use for touch-communication. A few seconds later, I fucking felt it. I fucking felt that fucking cold sucking and sinking sensation and I just fucking knew.
This time the sucking and sinking feeling seemed to be occurring more in irregular intervals, which only later I’m thinking could be related to everyone fighting this thing. It literally felt like this fucking thing, this mass of cold air was chasing me through the house. Within a couple minutes, this thing began another assault. Events proceeded just as they had the previous time, except now the air was growing noticeably more intense as the living room was broken up by patches of either disturbing cold or noticeably hot air until there was another period of calm, the thing having temporarily ceased its assault again. I thought at the time that if we could just make it through the night then maybe we could get through this to figure something out the next day, but after the next assault it became clear how unlikely that would be. Everyone’s energy was becoming weaker and weaker, their touches becoming harder and harder to notice. They were saying that they were badly hurt and I was feeling this other being, this thing more and more. By this time, only 45 minutes had passed.
I was truly starting to panic by now, concerned for the safety of my sire, my loves, and everyone with me. I started trying to ask if they had any ideas of what we could do? Lastly, I asked if they could ask Lucifera if she could send reinforcements to help, to which, if I recall correctly, was either a “yes” or a “maybe”. Unfortunately, this thing would now begin its next assault…
At this point, my panic and concern was reaching a crisis point as this thing continued its assault just as it had each time prior. Eventually, albeit seemingly sooner than in previous assaults, things seemed to calm. It would be several minutes, but I would soon learn that assistance had indeed arrived from Lucifera’s forces, for which I will be eternally thankful. I think the reinforcements are going to try to kill it and I think they will stay until it is dealt with but I am not completely sure and even if it is dealt with, it is currently unknown what the circumstances are with which it was sent so it is unknown if another assault will follow tomorrow night. Furthermore, reinforcements have been here for around five hours already and it seems to somehow still be evading and surviving them.
Several times I have smelled this odd smell, almost like smoke or reminding me of fire or sulfur.
– I am usually able to tell when the reinforcements are nearby because it gets overly hot, although this has been noticed less and less over the last couple hours.
The Next Morning 5/24/20:
 I do not recall having purchased any spelled items in the last couple months. I don’t recall having purchased anything from ** since I underwent a Vampire Transformation and had no interest in making anymore such purchases from ** either. The only other spelled item that I recall having purchased since the Vampire Transformation was a ring with a wealth spell on it from a website called *****.
That said, I do have several spelled items that have been sitting in my drawer from various sellers before I became acquainted with you, some of which were from **, but none had spirits bound as I had always preferred to connect at my spirit. The only such items that I recall having actually used since my Vampire Transformation were just a few wealth related spelled items while I am at work and only one of those was from **.
While this thing could have been connected to one of these spelled items, the spirit assaults began about 10 hours after the incident with the random guy chasing my car. They also mentioned that this thing being sent after us, or maybe just me, was connected to the current spirit warfare taking place.
While I would prefer to not get rid of my wealth spell items, if it is necessary then I will get rid of them and all of the others and will be gathering them up to do so after sending this email. Shortly after reading your email I noticed this warm energy flowing into my head and then suddenly feeling “closed off”. This occurred while I was at work and I no longer felt this other being anymore. That said, I have since driven back home and am now feeling the assault, the energy draining of this other being once again. (End of Communication, 5/24/20)
My comments and solution:
Alan was told to dispose of every single vessel, including the “give me wealth” ring he was wearing when the car chase began. When you undergo a vampire transformation under Lucifera it is genuine, and you then immediately become an immediate threat to Satan because he knows your powers over him will only grow. And he uses people who are used by him, such as this case, where Satan mobilized an attack by keying in on the energy of the “wealth spelled” ring he was wearing while driving home to initiate a car chase and transferal of the demon onto Alan. When you align with the Devil, she gives you powers, immortality, and a position of esteem in eternity. And you also align with the Almighty Father, who hates witchcraft and by His rules, you cross into dangerous territory. I can use vampyre-craft because my sire is Lucifera, but I am not exempt from Satan’s attacks either.
Satan is skillful. Those who fall prey to him he leaves alone, or empowers, or torments as he pleases. Witches and others are used by him and are tormented and fed upon in the hereafter by vampires, whose powers are superior to demons. And there the House Rules are Hell’s Rules, not the witches any longer. Turnabout is fair play. I had performed an earlier unblocking and banishing work for Alan but it was defeated when he then returned to purchase a “wealth ring” elsewhere, and this car chase and Satanic oppression was the result. The demon, via the satanic puppet in the car that chased him, got close enough to invest itself into the ring and shazam! hello Hell on earth.
Time, like war, marches onward. Lucifera, Lucifer, Lilith, Kali, and a host of other vampires and goddesses have declared open war on Satan. Who else is going to defeat him? The Father isn’t going to send an archangel, which is a fantasy. He sends a far greater “evil” to destroy the lesser, which is the path of least resistance. And since there is no real possibility of another war like the last two world wars involving great numbers of troops, vampires are hungry for Hell to open and be fed. Then locked shut so the food doesn’t wander back onto the earth. Who else are vampires going to feed from but the damned? And where do you think witches and sorcerers are headed? If the Almighty allows a vampire to be oppressed as in this case, who is working for him (supposedly), what do you think he’s going to allow to happen to all the lovely little Wiccans and witches, both the wannabes and the has-beens when they arrive in Hell and whatever magic they had is gone? Satan knows all too well that his followers are doomed. So he’s in a panic to try and distract Lucifera as a last ditch effort to buy time, which is fast running out. And if he takes the world down in an Apocalypse with him, vampires don’t care. He’s in a spiritual checkmate because vampires have absolutely NO concern for the fate of humanity or Satan or religions hosted by him.

Forewarned is Forearmed~

Let this story serve as a warning: If you go out of bounds and buy these bewitched items, like a GPS, Satan will find you, haunt you, and try to fuck you five ways to Sunday. Oil and water don’t mix. The entities on this website are devoted to Lucifera. It is the ONLY website devoted to her (aside from a forum site being developed by others who are transformed), despite what might appear as a counterfeit one elsewhere-once again- used by Satan as Venture Bookshop and its pedophile owner has attempted with my listings and others in the past. I expect no less from Satan because I know the full range of his antics. His minions are devoid of freewill, they’re run like robots given five cents worth of magical powers that go Poof! the minute they reach Hell. And those who were spirit-keepers become the spirit-kept, under the power of the Devil as witch-keepers. Have a happy afterlife!
Any transformed vampire under Lucifera is forbidden from purchasing or owning any spelled or occult items, or engaging in spirit bindings outside of this website. Let this story serve as an indicator of what WILL happen as a result. If you cannot resist such temptations, DO NOT become vampyre under Lucifera. I don’t need the aggravation of bailing out one vampyre after another who ignores this advice. 

~Ave Lucifera. Ave Lilith. Ave Lucifer~