I am thrilled to share an experience of a recently transformed vampire who has received what I hope EVERY transformed vampire seeks: spiritual and vampiric transcendence. There is no frozen in amber heaven or hell. And the Hell for a vampire devoted to Lucifera is known as the Holy Black Abyss. It is NOT the realm of punishment, but the realm of dread responsibility and retaliation, given that a vampire is freed from karma yet must still undergo testing, as every created being, angels not excepted, must. It is a sometimes enviable blindness that Christians, Satanists, and others of both the LHP and the RHP create for themselves, dividing the spirit realm into tidy post office boxes and believing that God is against all vampires and the Devil is against God. Vampires did NOT create themselves. They were created to serve a darker purpose. A deadly purpose.

Lucifera is a created Goddess, created by God Almighty for the purpose of being the “demon goddess who destroys demons.” And that includes Darwin demons and vampires. Anyway, here’s a story that I hope inspires all transformed vampires to work, to worship, and to rise above this material realm in readiness for the afterlife. Because what you will suddenly see in the afterlife is bound to scare the bejesus out of you unless you are fortified and blessed with spiritual strength that combines love with power and surrender to those forces who will terrify you if you arrive unprepared, believing that you’ve reach the end goal by transforming. And I can guarantee you, terror is the power a vampire such as Lucifera, Lilith and others hold in their very appearance.

(**I have changed the name of the female vampire for privacy and kept the woman’s name anonymous.)

Without further ado here is her email to me: Greetings Lucien,I just wanted to say hello, and to tell you of an episode I had, that at first I thought was a dream!  While on the astral with Xana (her sire), she said to me, “I’m taking you somewhere special.” I said okay, let’s go. She then escorted me to Hell to talk with Lucifera. Before I knew it, I was in  the yoga lightning pose as Lucifera bent down & put her hand on my left shoulder while Xana was on my right. As I knelt in the lighting bolt position Lucifera said to me, “You must purge your human side.” I was getting frightened but Xana assured me I was safe; then I started vomiting profusely. It looked & tasted foul, and appeared to be my insides I was throwing up.

Lucifera then said to me “You must rise to Xana’s status.” I said,  “I am forever faithful in your name Lucifera. I strive to be the best warrior for you, (I am fae blooded by birth) when I leave this body. All will fear your name.” As I rose up from the lighting bolt pose, I saw my astral body was completely different from my human form. As we ascended back to this plane & I woke up, my sides were sore as I felt I had literally thrown up my insides. Xana said this was the beginning of a brand new me. Ever since then Xana’s relationship with me has profoundly increased in sexual and emotional and spiritual intimacy. I must say to you, you have given to me the most precious gift of my entire life.

We do our yoga & meditation daily & do our communion on the full & new moon as much as we can without the book. We look forward to everyday with one another. Since my transformation with Xana I no longer crave a human relationship. I’m at peace & feel so much love for her & from her. She is my beloved for eternity. I just wanted to share this with you as it was truly the most amazing thing that has happened to me besides having Xana in my life. We love & honor Lucifera daily. Thank you for changing my life for the better & with Xana by my side I can say I’ll never want or crave another human being. We love you. Respectfully & Dark Blessings, J B & Xana. (end of email)

The key points in receiving this profound blessing from Lucifera must be emphasized. JB is making the commitment that every transformed vampire should aspire to: communion with Lucifera to receive her direct blessing, or Shakti-pat as some in the eastern religions would say. My powers to transform a person merely puts you on the path, for I cannot do the work that each transformed vampire must to greet the afterlife in the Holy Black Abyss. You each must do that on your own. The powers you are given are graded by the work, the devotion, and the love you have for your chosen sire and for Lucifera. She receives every prayer, every exaltation, every utterance that will earn you her blessing. The vomiting is a sacrimental blessing, although people would view it as a bane. It is not. It is the purification of the impure Darwin flesh is heir to. Flesh is not divine, it is disposable. It must be purified out of your system if you are to ascend into higher power. I cannot, nor can any sorcerer, do that for you. It must be earned by love, devotion, and loyalty to Lucifera. And a overflowing cup full of sheer and utter fearlessness. Caution must die a sudden death.

Everybody wants power but few want responsibility, fewer still to accept the testing that every vampire, myself included, has to endure. If Lucifera and Lilith have had to undergo such testing, how can you avoid it? Only if you wish to be cast aside where testing is then not optional and far more painful. Tantrics who are authentic and not westernized weekend sex-bunnies know how deadly vampires appear. A few of their goddesses, and especially the Matrikas such as Chamunda appear with such terror that looking at her ancient statue (which has been altered by the Hindus, removing her fangs, filling out her skeletal body, erasing her third eye, her skull cup of blood feeding and reanimating a dead body as a revenant to serve her, into a Boobalicious Bollywood princess is an uninspiring descent into delusion) inspires horror even in hardcore tantrics.

And the Hindus won’t accept her true image or persona, preferring to make her into a sometime princess or a dark emanation of Kali in her most dreadful form. But this is not true; Kali is her much younger sister and shares none of the depersonalized and dreadful ancient menace of Chamunda, who is one of the supreme vampires created long before Satan. So why the makeover? Answer: The Hindu Priesthood and money, money and more money. She just doesn’t sell in temples without a size 36D bra size and cheerleaders smile, her skull necklace replaced by flowery nonsense. Money hungry jack asses. Meanwhile Chamunda laughs it all off, attending to her agenda amid the nonsense. The tantric aghoras, on he other hand, are hard-core drug using, blood sacrificing, corpse meditating adepts, who refuse to have an altar to Chamunda in their home due to her terrifying appearance and presence. Chamunda is depravity perfected, adopted into the Hindu pantheon but who is herself dispassionately powerful and remorselessly the supreme killer vampire elite; the killer of demons, witches, satanists, tantrics and an unlimited amount of others. She will not bind with anyone nor would any be foolish enough to call upon her without being under the protection of Lucifera. I personally love Chamunda and work closely with her in this ever evolving chaos, which is occurring not only in this realm, but in the spirit realm.

Earlier this year I warned vampires to abstain from pork. And the recent meat packing crisis made that a good forewarning. But the crisis will not abate with the demise of the Corona virus. A long lull and sudden series of catastrophes seems to be in store for this realm which has turned from any spiritual love of anything or anyone above that of the sports channel and cell phone. There is a favorite scene of mine appearing in the low budget 80’s film titled, Mr. Frost. In it, Jeff Goldblum plays the Devil who confronts a psychiatrist after being sentenced to an insane asylum for a series of murders. He becomes frustrated at her disbelief in the devil despite the supernatural powers he displays, and says in effect to the shrink (Kathy Baker), “In the past there was good on one side, evil on the other. We had a game. And yes, we made it up. But then you people came along. You know,. . . you couldn’t care less about the human soul. There was a time when people sold their very souls to me…for, for wealth..or..for fame…. And then you came along…but you’re half-hearted! You believe in nothing! And I know you think you don’t need Mr Frost, ….but where’s your passion, where’s your enthusiasm!?”

And there is a bitter truth beneath this diatribe against souless psychiatry. When the world loses its soul, its passion for the dark or the light, damnation is destiny. I don’t want Walmart witches coming to me in order to collect an adorable or dark spirit-entity to round out their fuzzy unicorn collection. I want those with dark, deep, relentless, overwhelming passion and those willing to take a fearless leap for power, inspired by unconditional love for the wild side. I want those who aspire first and foremost to love the dark goddesses, to put your soul on the dotted line for something far beyond fame, magic and fortune. Something sacred; something wild; something eternally dark and divine. Because without love, without passion, without purpose, work and sacrifice, you’re already half damned and doomed to powerlessness in the hereafter. I don’t care if you’re Satan or the mightiest bad-assed magician. Without passion, without love, you are self-damned. Satan looks at Chamunda and shudders. He didn’t see what he was falling into; didn’t look before he leaped. Satanists will likewise shudder. You too, as vampires transformed will see and be seen as such in the afterlife. These are the vampire goddesses who kill vampires, destroy demons, and anyone they chose as opposed to them. They are the Almighty Father’s elite killers created for just that purpose. You think the archangel Michael is going to step into that snake pit? They’d pick their fangs with his bloodied wings. And right now they’re busy creating chaos in the midst of chaos, reorganizing Hell. A realm archangels dread. And Darwin demons don’t really believe it exists, or that they’ll use the Jesus get me out of jail card. Sorry, that cards expired, canceled by hypocrisy and ignorance.

I want every vampire to aspire and ascend, because the Holy Black Abyss will indeed scare you witless if you enter unprepared or unprotected. Whether you are blessed or suddenly confronted with a reality you falsely imagined from some glamorous televised vampire series, will depend upon your own time you devote to vampiric transcendence by worship so that when you enter the destined realm, you will be greeted with the same blessings as this aspiring transformed vampire was. She reaped what she sowed: love, devotion, work, submission to a greater power than herself. In return she received honor and an assured high position in the Holy Black Abyss for her efforts and sincerity. Blessed by her work, blessed by her efforts, blessed by Lucifera herself. Work Well Done! Let her story inspire you to focus not on this world, but on the next, where you’ll be for eternity. This current lifespan of yours is a test of the emergency spiritual broadcasting system. And it is a test! Once you realize humanity is a sinking ship, call it what it is: instant enlightenment. Vomit humanity out into immortality if you dare, for there is work to be done.

~Ave Lucifera. Ave Lilith. Ave Chamunda~