As a focal point on the type of magic I perform and who I perform it for, I think it is critical to define the relationship I have to Lucifera, to Satan, to Lilith, and how all this relates ultimately to you, the prospective purchaser or existing client, and especially to those children of transformation she has begotten as vampires, with a view to your personal spiritual growth, which she considers most important. Let me begin by describing what I am and what I am not, so that any newcomer does not get the wrong idea. And western occultism is filled to the brim with bogus ideas and false information. Or simply misguided information based more upon fable than fact.

The most succinct definition of my powers can be explained in a book written by E.O. James, a religious anthropologist who knew far more about magic than most practitioners do. In the book, titled, “The Nature & Function of Priesthood: A Comparative and Anthropological Study” he states a very critical difference in the origin and powers of magic. And it is critical you understand this, because fewer than one in ten is even aware of this. On the technique of magic, he states,”the efficacy of magic is uniform in its action, effectual of itself, and so ex opere operato. Nevertheless, although the rite conveys the spell to the object through its own inherent power, it depends very largely on the skill and efficacy of the operator, since he is the actor rather than the agent of occult power.” He goes on to make a vital point: “Unlike the sacred man (the priest) who acts as the agent of personal divine or spiritual beings, the magician is a variable quantity, dependent upon his own abilities for his very insecure status . . . To secure his position he has to undergo a strenuous course of training….”

Thus, while I use the title of magician or sorcerer, those are for the sake of understanding through the foggy lense of western occultism, which I do not practice. Nor am I technically a magician, but act in the capacity of what he terms an “agent, not as an actor” which he denotes as a priest (the book was written in the 1950s, when gender bias was evident). My occult powers are those of priesthood, not magician. I am the high priest of Lucifera, born with the inherent powers I possess in myself and from her sireship of me. They have been with me for eons and do not operate from training in magic as a magician would; they are self-operative as a function of Lucifera’s exclusive sireship, acting as her agent (and not as an individual actor). She has but one Primus and I am her chosen agent. Furthermore, my powers are used for her benefit and the Almighty Father, to whom Lucifera acts as His Enforcer at Arms.

Lucifera is the darkest Goddess, the Alpha and Omega of Vampires, and the Devil if you will. She is not subject to any but the All-Father. She is the Grand Goddess who uses evil for the sake of the All-Father’s Will to retain His multiverse in balance. What this means, in terms of her capacity, is that she is just as likely to destroy a Satanist as a Christian or a Muslim or a voodoo priestess or black magician. As an extension of her will, in layman’s terms it means I don’t give a fuck about Aleister Crowley or Jesus, they’re both meaningless as dung beetles to me. I serve as a High Priest of what the bible seeks but fails to find or correctly define, as the Devil. And I bow before God Almighty, whom I worship without peer, without any pagan savior on a stick or any satanic antagonism because I want to be his equal or a living god, or whatever the latest ego-based magical craze happens to be. I just really don’t give a damn. I don’t debate God, I serve Him under Lucifera. God created evil, and evil serves His purpose. An angel cannot subdue an Elohim. And Lilith is Elohim. Only a stronger Elohim can do so. Only Lucifera. (Or Lucifer, whose task is in a different field)

As such, my relationship to Satan is based upon her relationship, and the same holds true for Lilith and others. I work easily with Satan, so long as he works easily with Lucifera. If those roles change, so does my working relationship with him or Lilith. When Lilith submits to her domain, which is the obedient overseer of the lowest Hell, under Lucifera (whose rulership is her inalienable right), then amends will be made according to the Father. Besides, they are Elohim, whom he places above humankind. And above the angels as well. Nor do religionists, including Jesus, have even an inkling of who and what the Devil is and does. None. Zip. Nada. Lots of luck following a savior who doesn’t know the name, role and gender of the Devil. Hell, you’re lucky if  you find a Christian who even believes in the Devil anymore, moreless a priest or pastor. They think she is Satan, and that Satan is the Devil, and that Satan is Lucifer, who’d love nothing better than to wipe out Lilith, were he allowed by the Father to do so. Summon Lucifer as Satan or the Devil, and you’ll get any stand-in demon who’s bored and on call. Same with exorcisms. Lucifer does not answer to magicians any longer, does not bind with magicians or make pacts with them. What you’ll get is a trickster and impersonator. Enough said on the matter to make my point for now.. and of course you’re free to believe this or not. I’d say as God is my witness, but that would hardly matter to a satanist or Christian anyway…

And while we’re on the subject of misleading information, this site is the only authorized site for which I am the responsible party. I’ve had others believe that I have a Facebook account, which I don’t. Or that I do instagrams, which I don’t. I have no affiliation with any other site, pro or con. Because I’ve sired someone is not an authorization to believe my own thoughts and actions are congruent, approved, or sanctioned by the actions of whoever has a separate site other than this one. Sired vampires can go off the reservation and say and do things I’ve never authorized, leading people to believe I do and say things I haven’t. This results in people believing things I never imagined, and distributing materials and photos or instagrams I have no knowledge of. Or using my materials for their own benefit. It’s bad enough that a few other sites will steal point-blank anything they can (Venture Bookstore is a case in point), but to have others do so, just adds confusion to the existing blight of metaphysical counterfeiters. I’ve had one of my own clients bootleg half my site, including descriptions a few years ago before she was shut down. There is no end to the filth that a Darwin demon can and will stoop to, it seems. Buyer beware.

And lest I leave this Note on a less than positive one, there are sites I encourage clients to purchase from:Boo Newell continues to be the best and most trustworthy of psychic readers (another metaphysical category where buyers need to beware). All of those who have had phone readings with Boo are amazed at the spot-on readings she does. Boo has the native ability to see and speak to, your spirits and guides. For the record, Boo is the only psychic Lucifera appears to, speaks to, and favors. You can find her listed under Boo Newell, psychics. She works out of her Atlanta GA location and does phone readings worldwide. One of the best bargains, one of the brightest lights in the field strewn with dismal readers.

*Note: I receive no financial remuneration from Boo Newell (although she is a close personal friend). If you choose to have a reading done, you need to tell her I referred you, or wait months since she is very busy, as an author, Ghost Tour Guide, and psychic reader. Boo is non-judgemental, sees and interacts with spirits, who appear to her as easily as if they were in the flesh to a normal person.