In response to several clients who have received communications from the ongoing criminal enterprise known as, it is important to recognize their copyright infringement and fraudulent claims. Here is another example of my listings stolen by these crooks: *You will note in all my listings going back a decade, these are my copyrighted listing protocols, which they, have stolen: This is from their listing, Hypersexual Lesbian Shadow Succubus Z: Almost ALL of the listing has been stolen verbatim:

STOLEN VERBATIM FROM VAMPIRE ASHRAM: “As her companion, you can expect heightened psychic powers and a recharged sexual vitality and greater overall lifeforce energy. Stronger and sometimes extreme nocturnal sexual energies are commonplace with this one. And while her energy may prove a bit draining at first, you’ll soon discover your own sexual vitality steadily improving in response to hers. In addition, her nocturnal sexual energy will send you soaring to new heights of wicked delight…night after night…

If you feel drawn to Z it’s because she has the liberty to select her preferred companion. If you feel bewitched by her demonic attractions, all that remains is to decide if you’re daring enough to develop an intimate relationship with this incredible female. If so, why not adopt her today before she slips away?”  EVERY SINGLE WORD IS STOLEN FROM MY LISTINGS, THE SAME WORDING I HAVE USED AND COPYRIGHTED FOR OVER A DECADE.



We urge you to get your money refunded from any purchases made from these criminals, who have indulged in the BLATANT thief of intellectual property. Bring a case against them on either PayPal or your issuing credit card bank to get your money refunded! You can use this blog as evidence. Furthermore, Lilith has cursed this seller and every binding, which like a contagion, will be passed along to those purchasers who engage in purchasing stolen listings. It amounts to buying and selling stolen property and it is ILLEGAL. Lilith has no restrains as to supernaturally avenging such criminal actions, including the purchasers of stolen property, as Lucifer and Lucifera both concur to curse, condemn and restrain by supernatural means, these illiterate criminals. If you have purchased from this seller, you will be under the same banner by purchasing stolen intellectual property, as Lilith isn’t compelled to stop at the perpetrators, but the purchasers by supernatural means. Demand your money back!!! 

When faced with these facts from a client, he received the following communication from these crooks: “Lucien and his store: We have discovered that this man and his friend or wife (the supposed medium Boo) are completely fake.” This is their version of fake news. If I am a fake why are they stealing listings that are copyrighted verbatim, as anyone who has been a client knows my listings which use the same terms they’ve stolen (the above verbiage dates back nearly a decade and is copyrighted), when this criminal enterprise is less than a year old? Boo is not my wife, and is a non-affiliated business relation. She is not fake, as anyone who has used her services can attest. I have used her for years, and I pay the same amount as anyone I refer to her. I do not financially benefit in any way from the relationship. Neither I nor Boo are fake. What’s fake are the stolen listings on

In the same email, this is what the criminals are claiming, “They (Vampire Ashram) claim we have stolen things, but we have discovered how he has stolen us.” The illiterate thieves claim I have stolen them. No wonder they need to steal complete English sentences. I won’t dignify the illiterate claim. Stealing from crooks who steal my listings doesn’t even make sense on so many levels.

But wait, there’s more: “We will not explain our magick methods to him because we don’t want to be robbed again by him (and he have 0 magic abilities, respect and attitude to perform this rites)” More illiterate verbiage with unfounded and preposterous assumptions. I already know their magick methods: They’re illiterate so they have to steal English speaking descriptions from me. Both English and the truth are foreign languages to them, which is why they feel compelled to steal copyrighted materials, adding one lie on top of another.

“He just have a website because he have “bad reputation” on all the social media and spirit keeper stores…” Again: If I have such a bad reputation why do these illiterate foreign born thieves continue to steal my listings verbatim? It’s obvious from the sentence structure, English is NOT their first language. I am not on social media, not on Facebook, or Twitter, or Instagram, or any spirit keeper stores (a term I dislike, as nobody “keeps” a spirit). More lies from these crooks. Compare my stolen listings to their own words, which are completely illiterate, filled to overflowing with illiterate English. A sixth grader in America can compose better sentences.  

“They are scammers, just a beautiful business with sexy pics and cool design, and indeed some of his practices can be dangerous (has had blood involved and fake sigils)” Indeed, and how shocking: “has had blood involved” Spoiler alert idiots at, vampires and vampirism involves blood. Blood is the medium of life for a vampire; and blood is demanded for a vampire transformation, without which Lilith or Lucifera will not authorize the sacrificial binding and pledge. This lack of awareness on their part about blood and vampires shows how utterly amateurish and idiotic they are ( on the most basic of subjects: blood. Subtract blood rites from vampirism and you have what they are: crooked illiterates posing as sorcerers, unable to compose a basic English sentence, and who therefore feel compelled to steal my copyrighted listing materials. 

As for dangers, they have used an alias client to secure the blood rite I use, but instead of investing the soul with Lucifera, these animals have used Satan as the one you will be binding your soul to. This means your soul is then given gratis, to Satan directly, which of course curses you to the wrath of Lilith, Lucifera, Chamunda, and Lucifer as authorized by the Almighty who will turn against you as well. THAT IS INDEED DANGEROUS and cannot be undone. These are criminal animals supported by PayPal to inflict your soul and that of your family (Lilith and Chamunda will attack you, your finances, and your family to the third generation for serving up your soul to Satan. Now who’s dangerous? And the blood rite -which was stolen from me-  I have personally cursed, so that whoever uses it comes under a curse and is not transformed into vampyre, but into the damned, along with their family and finances. 

“He changed the gods and goddess deals and interactions every year, he told that Lilith and Lucifera were enemies, then friends, then Satan is evil, then Satan is good…” I never changed any god or goddess. Even the bible declares there are wars in heaven. Things in the spirit world change. So what? In Indian religious texts, Krishna destroys an arch demon by vampirism. So Krishna is also a vampire god. So what? Lilith rebelled and then surrendered to Lucifera and works as her enforcer. So what? Satan rebelled and was turned on by Lilith herself and exiled from his former throne. So what? Only in Fantasy Island or medieval grimoires do demons, gods and goddesses remain cast forever in stone, like some ridiculous Indian idol who never disobeys his obedient follower. I also never declared Satan as good. But he may be a great deal more ethical and worthy of trust than Sataniastore claims to be. 

Frankly, this is just another offshoot of Indian speaking frauds who have invaded the metaphysical marketplace and sometimes work as a consortium on various sites such as eBay, Etsy and others. One customer explained how he was told to call one of their clients for a referral, who told him he had become a CEO in a week after his magic ring appeared in the mail. Another one professed to have won $40K in a lotto a week after his magic binding took effect. Then they reciprocate, fabricating fake testimonials for one another. Welcome to the metaphysical mafia.

If you recall, Venture Bookshop was closed down quickly when I revealed the owner was not even a Hindu, he was a lifetime registered child abuser who could not get gainful employment elsewhere, so he invented a disguise and true to form, also stole my listings until I uncovered his identity. I had contacted the FBI and specifically, the IC3 unit who investigates such cases. The agent in charge stated that this is all too typical, that many criminal organizations in India are in direct contact with those people unable to find gainful employment and develop a business relationship that aids the criminal enterprise, often using multiple public sites such as eBay, Etsy, Bonanza and the like as familiar targets of opportunity. They also steal listings that are copyrighted because they lack the English skills to list items due to their ignorance of the language and of course, their criminal bent.

Buyer, as always, beware. Anyone who has to steal another person’s intellectual property and claim it as their own has an obvious lack of any moral, ethical, and magical ability. Such describes

For to consume the souls of those such as thee,, so shall Lilith, in blood vengeance sent be. To Lilith and Kali, let lap up their vile deceiving blood, in thirst to drink, be it as vile as mud. Cursed may your blood hereby and forever be, condemned and enslaved by Lilith, Lucifera, Chamunda, Kali, and Lucifer, so shall it be. 


You Steal from Vampires, you will have to deal with Vampires! Cursed by the worst be ye!