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Notes from the Nightside:

Notes from the Nightside is a collection of thoughts and responses that we’ve deemed as “noteworthy” contributions to the vampire community as a whole, and to the clients of Vampire Ashram in particular.

Notes from the Nightside is a multipurpose “blog,” if you will, of thoughts and responses that we’ve deemed as “noteworthy” contributions to the vampire community as a whole, and to the clients of Vampire Ashram in particular. Thus, while the focus will always remain the same, Notes from the Nightside will address any and all topics under the Moon that come to mind. It’s akin to Table-talk, as if you and I were having a casual conversation over coffee and a corpse perhaps, or to serve the purpose of an instructional dialogue and feedback given to others who may have the same questions about who and what we are. Notes from the Nightside will change on no particular date, so please check back frequently for updates as they occur. Some will be abbreviated and included in the FAQ section as well. Carpe Noctum!

Lucifera’s Vampire Forum Now Open! is now open! Greetings Brothers & Sisters of the Blood: Because the number of transformed vampires has recently increased, the need to form a more solid and cohesive vampire partnership among one's peers, brothers, and sisters of the blood, a new and semi-independent forum site has been assembled for the public and for those [...]

A Heat-Seeking Car Chase With Satan at the Wheel

Assault from the Forth Dimension~ A True Story The following is a true story, based on a transformed vampire I'll call Alan G. [not his real name]: This is how his email began on 5/22/20~ I'm in a disconcerting situation concerned my soul sire. I underwent a Vampire Transformation several months ago. I recently experienced [...]

Venture Bookshop Child Sex Scandal, The Owner is A Registered Child Sex Offender For Life

Ex-teacher labeled child sex offender for life: Meet the owner of Venture Bookshop: Matthew Brian Berresford, Registered Child Sex Offender for Life. And when he's not off playing with the kids, he's busy as a beaver stealing the listings of Vampire Ashram, and others, claiming them as his own. But hey, for a pedophile like [...]

A Death In the Family ~Memories of the Young & Spirit Murdered

People often ask me why I'm so opposed to Walmart witches and "house rules" and the term "spirit-keeping." Well, the answer lies in my own childhood experiences and the first death in my flesh and blood family that occurred many years ago, when my half-brother was drowned by an entity. And it wasn't by accident, [...]

Venture Bookshop: First, Child Molestation, Next Truth Molestation

In an effort to promote transparency in the notoriously shaky metaphysical market, this article is intended to show firsthand how a convicted child sex offender can fabricate not only an alias to hide behind, but who then can continue to molest the truth as well. According to Matthew Brian Berresford, the owner of Venture Bookshop [...]

“Freedom without power is impotence, and power without freedom is mockery.” ~Lucien Mars

Lucien Mars - Author - Vampire Arveda Yoga