To celebrate our ever-expanding clientele base, which extends around the globe, from Bombay to Brooklyn and back, I’ve also expanded not only the types of entities but the types of unique bindings that have made the Sorcerer’s Cellar and Vampire Ashram a world-renown powerhouse in the field of vampirism and demonolatry. The recent addition of our newest department, Vampire Nirvana, features not only a new line of bindings but a new line of black alchemy servitors, providing you with the first and only Living Revenant Black Servitor Binding of its kind. These black alchemy bindings allow a person to become a living revenant by creating a shadow servitor that you can direct at will to whomever you wish and vampirically feed. Projected by the instantaneous direction of your will, the black servitor will penetrate into the living energy field of any target you so desire. Instantly and nearly automatically. To feed the need for however long you desire. A simple recalling binds your shadow servitor back into you, dispersing the target’s energy directly into your system. It literally could not be easier or more effective. This is the First-Ever living revenant binding combination of this sort: simple, sophisticated, effective. Groundbreaking. And it is NOT available elsewhere at any price!

So, while becoming a living god may be a highly impractical goal, becoming a living revenant is now a living reality. Because I am the High Priest and Prelate of Lucifera, the Empress of the Qliphothic realm, by accessing her powers I can directly transform and infuse revenant vampire energy into a servitor composed of your own energy-shadow. This shadow servitor is bound to you at a lower frequency and vibrational level, which creates a negative and attractive force; a synthetic hunger for lifeforce energy that is automatically engaged when projected to feed the need. And because the vibrational field is lowered, the servitor goes into hibernation when not actively feeding, since self-feeding is not possible in a servitor. Instead, you in effect become the agent and beneficiary of becoming a living revenant. And none will notice the profound feeding source from which your own vitality springs. No messy bites or potentially dangerous blood donor issues. And a lot more time spent feeding with the ease of a simple projected servitor. These black alchemy bindings raise the bar on what it means to be a living vampire, a living revenant.

And while these black alchemy bindings and servitors do not technically transform you, which is the purpose of a full vampiric transformation, they can and do make you a revenant. This means that when you pass, the servitor remains, so you will reincarnate as a revenant. For that reason, I highly -highly- recommend that if you choose a black alchemy binding and shadow servitor, that you transform under the auspices of Lucifera before you pass from this physical plane. Why? Because the blood binding and sireship of a disincarnate vampire assures you of a more exalted and safe vampiric journey. It establishes you as high level vampire, and not merely as a revenant. And of course, if you have a sire and have undergone the blood binding transformation under the auspices of Lucifera, the Black Alchemy bindings will add a quantum leap in your powers as a vampire. The power to project a shadow-servitor of yourself that is vampire, into a target at will, is what it means at the most basic level to be vampire. And yet, this eludes most sorcerers and vampires because the sponsorship as Prelate to Lucifera is what empowers me to provide this unique service. She is the Primus Goddess of all Vampires, above and beyond the Qliphothic realm that she rules.

And while my busy schedule has thus far kept me from the needed grimoire that Lucifera continues to pester me into publishing, a large part of the grimoire devoted to Lucifera and House Keresian will include multiple techniques of using these Black Alchemy bindings in ways that will transform you into an expert in vampiric feeding techniques. These Black Alchemy Bindings were the primary step needed prior to detailing advanced techniques that will be detailed and revealed in the forthcoming book and grimoire.

For those who have transformed under the auspices of Lucifera, we welcome you to the expanded world of possibilities, of occultic and transformative powers, of the means whereby you may evolve as vampire. It is Lucifera’s goal to have the most able bodied and able souled vampires under her wings.

In blood, by blood, and for blood. Ave Lucifera!