Who says the Bible doesn’t have a sense of humor? That the contents shouldn’t be taken literally to suit an obvious universal pattern people refuse to see because they’re spiritually deaf, dumb, dead, and blind? Because that’s what Darwin demons do: they re-translate what they refuse to believe as both possible and proven on an around the clock basis. A good example is the verse from Matthew 5:5, “Blessed are the meek, for they shall inherit the earth.” Truer words have never been spoken. And the worms inherit them. Because ever since Cain killed Abel, the meek have -and will- continue to inherit the earth. In a grave. In a cold rotting stinking corpse to feed the worms. And they’ll continue to inherit the earth for each wasted lifetime. Heave ho, back into the grave they go! That’s their inheritance. The bible makes no bones (pun intended) about it. And who is meeker than the dead? God’s blessing is spiritual amnesia and another chance to dig themselves out of the grave. But amnesia cuts both ways: they forget the good AND the bad. Lessons can get unlearned that way.

And the size of their grave can change. Because if God can incarnate in a human, be it Jesus, or Krishna (the story of Krishna came first, in the inconvenient way for Christians oblivious to the fact), then an individual spirit-soul can be judged by God not to be worthy of another human body. You think Charles Manson is going to be given another chance to roam the earth? Fuck no. Put the piece of filth in a dogs body, or a rat’s, because it fits his spirit. You reap what you sow in the Book of Life. And the reaping can be oh-so grim. The soul is a spiritually-atomic indestructible particle that DOES NOT BELONG TO YOU. It’s the God particle, or Supersoul, that is unaffected by sins and earthly passions and all the other bullshit the Darwin demons can dream up to fit God in their itsy-bitsy rear view mirrors on their way to the next karmic accident. And God can, and will, do with it as He pleases, Satan and the Pope be damned. That’s what the Book of Life is: a sentence to inherit the earth: to inherit the grave. Why cannot God be understood to say exactly what He means? Well, the priests won’t let him, because He’s too damned dangerous and they’re too dumb to listen or understand. And its bad for business. Who’s to say that the pilots who dropped napalm on the kids in Vietnam aren’t being sprayed by Raid in some trailer park in Hoboken right now? And maybe they’re destined to be a bug for oh, say for the number of horrors they inflicted on others? The only shred of mercy they are shown is not remembering they were once human. And some oriental girl with birth marks resembling burns on her flesh is doing the spraying? And loving every minute…

And do you remember one hundred lifetimes ago right now, right this minute? God’s mercy is spiritual amnesia. Nobody wonders, and the chain of fools that make up the illicit wedding between church and state, well..they’ve already decided what you should believe. And God forbid you know what demons and vampires have known all along: That they are the sin-eaters of the world: the angels of death whose names are written in the Book of Death, the undead. Those not traumatized by human karma. And that humans are recycled food with a soul that must be recycled, somewhere, anywhere at God’s pleasing. A crop of clownish glorified flesh that inherits and re-inherits the earth one lifetime after another. The grave. The meek. And all of this is prior to the final judgment when they enter Hell and face Lilith, the Queen of Flames, when oops…all the memories come rushing back from the grave of every single lifetime lost. Yeah, sleep well while you can, because Hell is always open and is patiently waiting for whom the bell tolls. And all those memories, all those horrors you were spared from the many many lifetimes you were given by the grace of God, beloved lambs, well…here’s another inconvenient truth: they come rushing back. And it’s gonna hurt…bad. If the kingdom of heaven is inside you, wait til you get the long-playing kingdom of hell version that you’ve been building inside you. It’s all part of the inheritance: inheriting the earth. The dirt. Jesus left out that part. But you cannot have one without the other. God’s rules, not mine. Last minute absolution? Even if it worked and absolved one lifetime, what is that? One lifetime among thousands, millions even? It’s meaningless, like putting a band aid on a body blown to kingdom come. The mind of mankind is a pink mousetrap that ignores the serpent coiled and ready to strike. And the serpent always keeps on killing, keeps feeding.

God is God. He controls, he rules, he destroys, and enlightenment is just that: Seeing through the illusion that you are a mini-God. Yet you cannot, for all your spiritual powers remember even the distant moments in this life, let alone all the others you’ve lived. Vampires don’t return to God, they’ve always been the shadow of God himself, for good or ill, fighting oftentimes as humans do. Vampires are either in the Book of Shadows, or they float in revenant style as rogue spirits. But they don’t return to God because they never left his shadow. God is still invested in them, because the soul that’s attached to the individual spirit doesn’t belong to ANYONE and chaos belongs to God as well. It ALL belongs to God. Period. And the soul lives in life and death, makes no difference.

The difference for a vampire under Lucifera is that karma ceases to exist on the same level as that applied to a human. Why? Because life is in the blood, and a vampire has immortal blood that is fixed as angelic and NOT subject to demotion into the soul-spirit of a lower animal beneath a human (which is plenty low to begin with) such as a four legged creature. And a vampire is either a firstborn vampire or adopted by Lucifera and transformed to inherit a small particle of her blood. But that particle, like the God particle, is enough. It’s enough to create a spiritual predator immune from becoming recycled food. And God is powerful enough so that the spiritual predators follow His rules of engagement. And where do you think this immortal blood came from? From the part of God that is vampiric, where else? The TRUTH is: God is perfectly balanced and impartial, God is All, and God is beyond Good and Evil because he is UNAFFECTED BY EITHER and is thus immune to the karma he himself created and controls. Let the religions of the world destroy the world since they claim to be working for God’s good or some such bullshit. Render to the insane asylum what belongs to the insane asylum: the earth. The grave. The cold stiff truth of fleshly inheritance: the earth. And the meek die, and when they die they inherit the earth, blessed by amnesia in the next birth. Couldn’t be more simple and straightforward. But vampires don’t inherit the earth, they inherit the hunger. And who do you think the next meal will be? Hint: they’re not vegans. And for humans, the eye for an eye, you kill, you die rule is not annulled. God doesn’t condemn murder in one part of the bible only to exempt it in another.

And as the bible says later, The Lion shall lie down with the lambs. And where would that be? Well…what do lions and lambs both inherit? You guessed it, the same thing that all flesh inherits: the earth. The grave. If you allow the bible to speak for itself when it tells the truth, all is more obvious, and too obvious for most people to believe. That’s why they invented religion. And why the mighty shall inherit Hell, exempt from the fate of Darwin demons who devolve into sheep -or worse- taken to their slaughter and their inherited plot of earth one wasted unbelieving, ungrateful life after another. And they call vampires monsters? Notice they are never called stupid.