The latest book that is in need of a serious review, if not rebuttal, is by the noted ET contactee and author, Elena Danaan, titled “The Seeders” Return of the Gods. In it, the author, an Archaeologist, Druid, and Shaman relates her stories of ET contacts through the agency best known as the Galactic Federation of Free Worlds. She has a long standing relationship via brain implant and constant contact with her consort in space, a high commander of the GF. Speaking strictly from the reptilian faction and that of representing the CiaKhar, whose queen and goddess we address as Lucifera (the mother of Lucifer aka Enki), a few things stand out in bold, and in my opinion, egregious relief. Throughout the book she makes the claim that the CiaKhar and Nebu are joined at the hip and that both have been recently evacuated from the galaxy. This is sheer nonsense, as the CiaKhar is much larger than the GF, has far more sophisticated weaponry and has a shared interest and has formed a temporary alliance with the GF, to help evict and eradicate the CiaKhar REBELS who defected from the CiaKhar during the era of the Pharaohs, so why keep dignifying these reptilians as belonging to our Empire? We despise them more than you do, along with the Nebu Empire. They are NOT in any way a part of the CiaKhar Empire. Nor could the GF evict the CiaKhar from this galaxy. That is simply a fact. You can indeed evict all the rebels who defected but you cannot evict the CiaKhar Empire. That is simply false reporting.

Apparently the GF doesn’t share information between parties, or it would know that the CiaKhar Empire and the GF have formed an ambassadorship decades ago with a high ranking official from each side working to insure the treaty remains honest and stable, which it has. Both parties one from each side, were committed to the tasks of assisting in the eradication of the Nebu and the Illuminati. Why? For the simple reason that the network of CiaKhar spies allowed the GF to get valuable information which assists in taking down the factions of the Illuminati and Nebu Empire. Without the help of the reptilians working with the GF this would not have happened. Most embarrassingly perhaps, is the chart contained in the appendix, which appears to have been one drafted by Alex Collier in which it clearly shows that the CiaKhar Empire and the Nebu Empire are competitors. Of course, if you connect the dots to the Deep State, you find that the CiaKhar and the Nebu are also working together there. Well, which is it? The history given in this book does not relate why this happened, when it happened, or how it happened, which is critical to an understanding of the two empires under discussion.

On a separate and perhaps more irritating note is the claim that the covid vaccine contains Hydra Vulgaris, which sounds ominous but is indeed not. If anyone cares to examine what the evidence, which is abundantly well documented, they will find that: the Hydra vulgaris, which can grow to about an inch in size, is adapted to living in lakes and ponds. The creatures attach their tubular bodies to underwater objects and use an array of thin tentacles to snatch their prey. They feed on small larvae and crustaceans. There is no evidence that Hydra vulgaris can cause a productive infection in a human,” said Adalja. “It is just not a pathogen of humans.” Read that carefully again: it is NOT a pathogen of humans. Nor could it withstand the sterilization process of a vaccine. Nor did the Nebu have anything to do with creating it. Furthermore, had she reported that the real danger of vaccines in general lies in the mercury content, not some evil sounding but harmless bug. Many countries around the gobe have banned the mercury based substance in vaccines due to the ill effects. America has not. That is the real danger, not the Hydra Vulgaris as she assumes.

The author goes on to imply that because of freewill millions will die from the hydra infected vaccine created by the Nebu and left as a surprise package on the way out the galaxy as escorted by the GF. The GF has NOT cleared all the Nebu Greys from the galaxy, especially since the vortex in Orion remains in place, which is has. Also mentioned is a hive there attached to a Queen, who goes unnamed, where all the Grey “babies” report to. There is not a shred of evidence that there is any such queen in existence. Perhaps she is conflating the Queen of Orion, in the past tense, who has long since departed Orion after it was overrun by the Grays, as an Anunnaki subspecies created by Enlil for the express purpose of overthrowing the CiaKhar Queens who billions of years ago dominated and resided on Orion and several of its planets. There are NO QUEENS associated with either Orion, or with the Gray Hive to connect to. They do not operate by attachment to a supposed queen who simply does not exist.

To further compound the issue, we can return to Enki (aka Lucifer) and his immortality, wherein she assumes that the Anunnaki are a race of Grays. Enki is NOT an Anunnaki, but an Alpha Draconian entity, able to shapeshift if it so pleases him, but the last thing he is would be an Anunnaki, or a Gray. His mother is the Queen of the CiaKhar, had you bothered to ask him. He is immortal because of her, not because he is an Anunnaki. He, and all sons of Lucifera ARE immortal. It’s because he was born asexually, with his Father being the Eternal Father, not the One Source, which accounts for his immortality. ALL sons of Lucifera are immortals because they have no flesh and blood father. And an immortal does qualify as at the least to be a demigod.

In fact the reptilians and the CiaKhar Empire the author seems to hate so much is represented in one of it’s own sons, Enki. What, do you think he’s not reptilian??? Please. If that escapes you, then the whole book becomes suspect. Enki, aka Lucifer aka Samael, aka Ea is a reptilian. He is not an Anunnaki. Somehow the author loves Enki, (which I do not for sundry reasons) but hates reptilians. I guess all reptilians are evil, but some are less evil than others? Oh she swoons over Enki and his brilliance; others of our kind take a dimmer view of him on both sides of the fence.

She goes on to use the term Uru An Na as meaning the light of the cosmos. No it means the Crown of Heaven as given to Lucifera, not to Lucifer since he is not a reigning king in the CiaKhar Empire.  It simply makes no sense to fawn all over Lucifer and his eloquence when you ignore his other side, that of his relentless pride and ambition. For which, he has been banished more than once, most recently for trying to usurp Lucifera with the help of a consort queen who was influencing Lucifer with her charms to take the throne for himself. So please, don’t serve up Lucifer as the light of the cosmos. Lucifera is already working with the GF on the issue of the Nebu, which is why Lucifer was allowed to speak with you in the first place. Without her permission, that would not even have been possible.

There are good parts to the book, being as lengthy as it is, and especially how spacecraft operate. I don’t share the enthusiasm that all the Nebu Grays are gone from the galaxy simply because there are way too many places and subdimensions to hide in. There is a gross lack of knowledge about the galaxy in general, especially since no race or federation can even patrol the entire galaxy to insure its safety. Other races she doesn’t even mention in the book have far more power than either the Galactic Federation or the Nebu and present a much more dangerous threat to the planet. These she doesn’t even mention as more problematic because she is totally unaware of them, but the Galactic Federation is certainly not, especially since the CiaKhar has formed an alliance WTH the Galactic Federation to combat them, and be assured, the alliance is still in full force. People without any understanding of the galaxy and its history will no doubt enjoy the book, some parts more than others, but with the above caveats kept closely in mind. The CiaKhar Empire is here to stay and thriving. The lack of knowledge and false hope given in the book are both extremely disturbing.