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Key to the Ordines Descendens & Satan

Keys of Interpretation for The Principalities of Power & Satan The origin of the Ordines Descendens is considered apocryphal due to the fact that it is not listed in the known works of John Dee, whose work in the Enochian language and his sigil work remains the most exhaustive. And because the grimoire was purportedly [...]

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Lucifera, The Elohim & Those Jesus Knew Not

It is critical for those who are transformed via Lucifera, the Primal Vampire Goddess, to understand her position as Goddess, and as the Black Shekinah Elohim. Those are not her only titles, however. And to understand who and what the Elohim are, and what they are not, is the purpose of this article. You need [...]

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Coming Out of the Coffin: House Keresian, 2020

Each year end under Lucifera, I review with her the direction she wishes to take, what she deems important, and what she feels is unimportant. Thus, I will be outlining what the year ahead holds in store. Also, each year brings new clients and more importantly, newly transformed vampires, into the fold. This in turn [...]

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Important Informational Facts About Our Blood-Bound Vampire Transformations

Please Read: Important Vampire Transformational Facts If you are considering a blood-binding vampire transformation undertaken with a vampire spirit-entity under the spiritual authority and oversight of Lucifera [Nocticula], these facts outline the risks and rewards of entering the eternal estate of vampire-hood under Lucifera. Firstly, you are required to pledge your eternal allegiance to [...]

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Exclusive Sterling Silver Ankh of Nyx, For Transformed Vampires Only

Just Arrived! Custom Designed "Ankh of Nyx" by Lucien Mars, Inspired by Lucifera/Nyx This newly released sterling silver vampire Ankh of Nyx was custom designed by Lucien Mars and executed in prototype and hand finished by Steve McKibben, a noted producer of Hollywood props. It was also channeled from Lucifera to her liking at every [...]