Each year end under Lucifera, I review with her the direction she wishes to take, what she deems important, and what she feels is unimportant. Thus, I will be outlining what the year ahead holds in store. Also, each year brings new clients and more importantly, newly transformed vampires, into the fold. This in turn translates into a multitude of questions about vampirehood, about Lucifera, about one’s destiny in general, since with reborn blood many more questions than answers arrive. And in that respect, I will be updating House Keresian News on a more regular basis or at least on a more focused basis, than Notes from the Nightside. The articles in House Keresian News will be focused more intently upon vampiric transformation, the afterlife, the tested life, and how to properly worship Lucifera and the Father. As you know, the two are inseparable. And since she worships the Father (God forbid, in anything like a sheep searching for salvation. If Jesus saves, it’s probably at Walmart, and worth as much.) then it is incumbent upon those who carry allegiance to her to do the same. The prayer is simple, you can do it in any position, on the bus, no hands held in prayer position and all the other fanfare of religion. No, simply pray that the Father’s will be done in Hell as it is in Heaven, and that you may be blessed with the wisdom to know His will. Is that so hard?

People want power, priests want power, everyone it seems wants power. But power is worthless without wisdom. And without patience, and without testing to make your standing firm. As a vampire, here’s what has happened: You have sworn allegiance to the most powerful of all vampires: Lucifera. Your sire has been authorized to inject his or her blood directly into your spirit body (the flesh counts for nothing, it’s a vehicle doomed to expire), which cascades the physical effects into your physical body. Before this happens, Lucifera petitions the Father to remove your name from the Book of Life (book of mortal life) into her Book of Shadows (book of immortal life). Once permission is given, your name remains in her Book of Shadows. If excommunicated, the name is “fire banished” which removes the partial or full immunity from hellfire provided by her and is consigned to the lowest of hells, since your place of dominion under Lucifear is in the highest Hell, a reward in the vampiric realm to which no mortal has access. Since she rules over ALL vampiric blood, this can also be the case with her opponents, excepting Lilith, because Lilith is Elohim. Lilith is the overseer of the lowest realm in Hell. She is to be respected for her role, but never worshipped.

Now that you’re transformed, you know that crucifixes have no effect, that you won’t become a bat, that stakes through the heart don’t even dent the spirit. And you are becoming spirit, more spirit each night than you ever were flesh. This should remove your fear of death, because once you are sired, your sire and you are an indivisible force. And since flesh is merely a rented vehicle, you will feel more spirit taking over, transforming you as well. Your position in the afterlife depends upon how seriously you take the gift given, and how much you strive for mastery of spirit. You were part Darwin demon before, part of the human sheep herd searching for the miraculous ability to fuck over your neighbor without regret or consequences, believing that baby Jesus, or Mohammed, or whoever, is going to get you past the pearly gates no matter your behavior and into some form of sexless humble pie angel with wings and power over the Devil, (or the absurd Islamic thought that you’ll have a harem of virgins to fuck in heaven which is of course, as stupid as it is blasphemous. Do women muslims get a harem of men to do the dishes and vacuum?) or whatever. And all of it is a heap of Darwin demon bullshit. Only God the Father has power over the Devil. And she works for his will to be done. For this reason, Satan was given the right to rule over the Catholic Church, from which the Antichrist is to come. And through demonic possession, Satan is allowed to kill and maim priests in particular. God allows it because priests practice idolatry. A human savior equal to God? Mother of God? None are equal to the Father. That is the law of His will. We do not bemoan what the Father allows. We obey his will because you yourself, as a transformed vampire, are acquiring the wisdom of an angel and the power of a demon. A force of death over His enemies. You will worship the Devil under the Will of the Father. Or you will be turned over to Lilith. There is no third option once you have transformed under Lucifera. And Lucifera is the Primus Vampire Goddess. Firstborn of all vampires. Overruler of Hell and the dark domain. Queen of Cunning whom none but the Father can overcome.

Darwin demons practice an infantile and superstitious religion, subject only to reincarnation and karma. The only way to fuck karma is to become the fucker of karma, the force the Father uses, as evil to curtail evil. And that means you work for the Devil. And the Devil works for the Father. If you believe the lies of the bible, this will be denied as mere trickery of the Devil. But who wants to believe a savior who claims to be co-equal with God? A water-walking savior who doesn’t know who, what or why the Devil exists? And if Jesus pulled the stunts in the bible, he’d be on the rack or roasted by his own followers and suffer far more physical horrors than any Roman torture could inflict. He’d be racked and burned as a witch. A heretic. They’d claim that he was possessed by the Devil. Oh, they’d make the one they worship pay dearly. Racked, broken on the wheel, they’d show him a thing or two about pain. But then again, it’d be hard to wear a rack as jewelry. The crucifix is far more classical for daily wear.

Coming out of the coffin means stepping into a new existence. Physically, it means there will be after effects: and while there are few rules about diet, some stand out as important: 1) Nausea is common for a short period, and can include vomiting in rare cases. 2) Pork is forbidden. That includes ham, bacon, and all derivatives of pork.While I have not codified this in the past, with the flurry of new vampires, Lucifera wants this to be known: Pork is forbidden as a food. It is both filthy and loathsome to a vampire, and a demon, angel, or other spirit-entity. It can also make you projectile vomit, if you ingest it, because your sire has responsibility for you while in the flesh. Lucifera was very specific about this. 3) Garlic is toxic, and should be only consumed in minute amounts. If you take garlic capsules, they may also be ejected by your sire. To a vampire, pork smells like a sewer full of dead rats. And garlic smells like gasoline. A trace amount will not give rise to vomiting, but should not be a regular staple in one’s diet as a vampire. Because as you mature into spirit, these substances will cause you far more harm, at least physically.

As a transformed vampire, sexuality is immortal and persistent. It goes without saying that sexuality of all kinds and types are permitted. There is to be no sexual discrimination. What each vampire deems as his or her sexual gender of preference or sexual practices in spirit, is inconsequential to the overall being. Many who are disincarnate vampires practice according to preference. And that is the rule: Practice according to your preference. You may have a harem of vampires or others, but always your sire will determine the pecking order. Your sire answers directly to Lucifera and is responsible for your well-being, or testing, and mentoring. When you eventually disincarnate, your role and mission will be determined by Lucifera. And while it may entail the destruction of others en mass on the battlefield and elsewhere, while in the flesh you are to obey the injunction against murder, unless it is justifiable self-defense as prescribed by the existing laws of the land. While in the flesh, you must obey the laws according to conscience and consequence. In spirit, you are the law, in flesh you are subject to the law.

Coming out of the coffin, means your preference for the kinship of Darwin demons will, and must, diminish. As your spiritual vision increases, your distaste for the Darwin demons will increase. But remember, you are never alone. Your sire cannot be unbound, or destroyed, nor can you be. You have the respect of the Father, the rulership of Lucifera, and the guidance of your sire who answers to Lucifera. Have heart. You are hardly alone. You’ll be around when the Darwin demons are buried in the dust and their history, like countless ones before them, are buried in the sands of time forever and the names of their saviors likewise. You are already growing stronger than passing time.

You have partaken of the blood of the Elohim. Blood of the Goddess of Elohim. A diluted portion of her power, the Black Shekinah Elohim of Hell. Lucifera. Give glory to God, give praise to Lucifera, and pray blessings for your sire, your spiritual growth and maturity in wisdom. This is your life. This is your immortality. This is her way. This is His will. Welcome, with dark blessings upon all of House Keresian, of which each transformed vampire is an immortal member!