As predicted in my earlier blog, the off-world spiritual powers predicted that this year of 2020 was to be one that would initiate chaos. And so it has. Everyone, or most everyone, will be, and is -at risk for the coronavirus that is far from peaking worldwide. And while this article is not to be taken as professional medical advice, since it is a topic on everyone’s mind, and since the impact will be felt for years to come, regardless of the lifespan of this strain, I herein offer some non-medical advice (since I am not a doctor nor medical professional) to POTENTIALLY reduce the risk of infection. In that light I offer the following suggestions, some of which are scientifically proven, and others not. It is up you to decide since the merits of precautions offered are merely speculative in some parts. Nothing herein is to be construed as granting immunity to the coronavirus, but rather as precautions that should be in place REGARDLESS of the prevailing virus:

  1. Touch Them Not: I have always, prior to the coronavirus, advocated that vampires abstain from shaking hands with humans. The first thing a human does when acquiring a dog, is to teach it to shake hands. And oh how it brings them such glee! Weird. Regardless of the coronavirus or not, DO NOT practice shaking hands with humans. It is a filthy habit, the coronavirus notwithstanding. You will have to be adamant, as humans feel strangely compelled to shake hands. Claim carpal tunnel syndrome, or whatever you must to avoid shaking hands with humans. I know there is a school of thought that advocates psychic vampirism by human contact. Unfortunately, it requires you contact an actual human. Not a good idea. You will have to school yourself to avoid this habit, as it is compulsively hardwired into the humanoid brain.
  2. Preserve your Telemeres: Adopt the Alternate Day Diet, as put forth as a scientifically validated form of preserving or enhancing telomeres and oxidative damage, both of which expose the immune system to hazards of illness and aging. The basic principle which has been popularized has substantial scientific merit. I recommend the book that began the hoopla, that being The Alternate Day Diet by James B. Johnson. Essentially, it means reducing your calorie intake every other day to approximately 500-600 calories. On the off day you should insure that you get ample quality protein. I personally recommend the use of whey protein or pea protein shakes. At 150 calories per serving three times during down (or non feasting) days, three to four servings spread throughout the day will work best. Is it a bitch to stay on? Of course it is. But the benefits far outweigh the disadvantages required to establish a healthy eating pattern that will affect one’s telemeres and DNA. The Annunaki knew about the telemere problem, as they used White Powder Gold to lessen the telemeric stress to their own systems while on earth,whose orbital patterns and proximity to the sun deteriorated their own telemeres. White Powder Gold is the biblical manna that came from heaven (dispensed by Enlil-Elohim, the biblical Yahweh,  as chief of Annunaki warlords). *The current issue of white powdered gold that is oftentimes found online should not be purchased, as it does not have the same formula used by the Annunaki. On a final note, avoid the spin-offs such as the 8 Hour diet, which has NOT been proven to deliver the same benefits although the theory makes it sound as if the two are identical in function.
  3. Support Your Immune System: Two standards that should be in everyone’s arsenal for good health are a wholistic anti-inflammatory herbal mixture geared to whole body wellness via immune system support. I personally prefer New Chapter’s Zyflamend herbal blend that can be found online or in most natural food stores. Adaptagens such as a high-quality ginseng blend also work to balance bodily energy. The problem here is quality, as ginseng products are notoriously shoddy as marketed online and in stores, many of which contain only promises of purity and quality (and the consumer losing money on a monthly basis). Secondly, a high quality probiotic to be taken daily. These are readily available at most stores such as Natural Grocer and Sprouts, etc. Since the balance of gut flora determines one’s immune response or lack thereof, and since the insults due to processed food and GMO issues and prescribed medications all take their toll on this critical immunological system, it makes sense to give it all the support possible.
  4. Meditate. You can follow the plan prescribed, along with the Vampire Arveda Yoga system given in the book, or any that you feel comfortable with. The benefits of meditation are beyond question. There has been such overwhelming support for the medical and spiritual benefits of meditation of whatever kind, be it zen, mantra, or TM types. Pick one to practice at least once a day. Every day. People, including most black magicians seek power overtly rather than covertly, because society and religion and the occultic arts so often concern themselves with overt methods of activity, (yangism for lack of a better word) which I believe to be an unbalanced approach. I for one have never done a banishing of any spirit (unless it is to be rid of a meddlesome one). I have never once invoked a circle from which to conjure, whether for purposes of protection or concentration. You couldn’t pay me to do so. And contrary to the expectations of every school of black magic, I rarely evoke a spirit to material manifestation. Why? Because this is the half-world. It isn’t fully real. Instead, I invert the material manifestation and take myself to them, which is exactly the opposite way magic is understood. No matter, whatever floats your boat. In any event, meditation grants freedom that black magic alone cannot. There is a place for both, but the one-sided nature of western occultism as elemental “controlism” so that one can ascend to godhood seems to me at least, as shallow and one-sided. One can and should strive for ascension, but godhood is certainly not the end all and be all of one’s spiritual growth.
  5. Breathe: Breath is life. The yogic practice of breathing provided in the book, Vampire Arveda Yoga, works with a segmented breathing system that is older than time itself, that balances one’s energy system. Pranayama is well know as a purifier of life energy. And there are many forms of pranayama to choose from. I recommend that pranayama be practiced on a regular basis. The formula given in the book, Vampire Arveda Yoga is one of the easiest yet most powerful systems to stimulate the chakras and kundalini energy. Another system is the pranayama as practiced in various manuals espoused by Yogi Bhajan. While the source energy of both remain Saturn-based, Yogi Bhajan espouses a white-based kundalini approach, whereas I practice a black-based kundalini approach. White based kundalini schools avoid placing rings on the middle finger, which is the exact opposite of the black based school. In the black-based school, there are additional secret practices that are not given for the simple fact that handling the energy requires a pre-requisite occultic power associated with demonic and vampiric energy, which the white-school does not.

All of the above recommendations should be practiced regardless of deadly viruses that arise. None of the above are meant to either diagnose nor cure either the symptoms or conditions associated with this recent virus. Where there is life, there is risk. The fact of the matter is that not only are the aged population at risk, almost everyone is. Half of the infected are under 65 years of age, meaning this current virus is an equal opportunity killer. And for Dracula’s sake, don’t purchase bogus spells or potions purporting to prevent or cure this cronovirus. There are sure to be scams aplenty that prey upon fear-based marketing to the gullible. Some public precautions are mandatory: avoid crowds (easy for a vampire); avoid restaurants (where food is handled by multiple staff personnel), especially those with “sneeze-bars” where food is served in the open-air all you can eat type. Avoid “handled foodstuffs” i.e. apples, oranges, open-air produce, etc. which can be handled by a consumer. Bottled, canned, and boxed foodstuffs are to be preferred. Think oatmeal, soup, almond breeze, milk, yogurt, eggs, whey protein, pea protein, sardines, etc. Taking in enough Omega 3 is also a consideration: fish oil caps and sardines are the best source. There is a scientifically validated correlation as to the life extension benefits of Omega 3 oil intake.

From an Astrological Perspective

And what say the astrological soothsayers? On March 21st, 2020 Saturn moves into Aquarius, and will most likely come with some measures that will impact the freedom of movement for the masses (Saturn is restriction, Aquarius is groups of people). The quarantine areas will likely spread, and there might be air travel restrictions, since Aquarius is also the sign of air travel. The cliff notes: Expect massive mass-transit partial shutdowns and only military and medical travel allowed at certain times for certain reasons. The government is working behind the scenes to balance martial law without spreading panic among the populace. Rationing will be heightened to prevent hoarding mongoloids who then die, which then wastes all the hoarded foodstuffs, preventing others the benefit of their hoarded belongings. Hoarding will be harder and harder to do, for the benefit of all.

Love Those of the Night

So, with all of the above in mind, stay well my children of the night. For the nightside is the right side. This is the flip-side, where shit can and will oftentimes hit the fan. And the final component of prevention: love the hell out of your succubus, your incubus, your vampyre, your sire. Love Lucifera and Lilith. Love the fact that you are vampyre. Love kills fear. Love lasts. Love is the only hope you need. Your savior is inside you: it is called love. Without it, death takes all. With it you can look death in the eye and say, “Hello, friend. I love you too, for I am vampyre.” Ponder this long and hard because you will one day or night come face to face with death, and whether you laugh or cry, death shall have thee bye and bye. May the grim reaper smile upon you when he comes to call and pass you through the door marked, “Members Only.” We are vampyre, and we are death. Its from whence we came. Can you both love and face death without fear? For vampyre, this is mandatory. To return to your sire, departing is only sweet sorrow.

~Ave Lucifera. Ave Lilith. Ave Lux. ~