Rebuttal to Recent Creepy Hollow Negative Reviews Posted on their Forum Site:

I am responding to the following slanderous reviews from some of the Creepy Hollows members as posted on their Forum Site. Normally, I ignore speculative opinions about the credibility of any seller, metaphysical or otherwise, yet I take exception to the extreme and baseless slander displayed on this site as perpetuated by the two Walmart Witches who run it. Hence, I am offering a direct rebuttal to these slanderous allegations that have no basis in fact whatsoever.

Here, therefore are the posts that recently appeared, along with my rebuttal:

(CH Reviewer) I just saw that they (Vampire Ashram) are associated with a seller (Sorcerer’s Cellar) that’s not welcome here on CH because of his…..behavior and conflicting information of certain spirits races. Alone by that association I personally wouldn’t trust them, aside from the fact that the vessels I got from said seller feel pretty much empty.

(My Response): Everyone is entitled to their own opinion about spirits and/or spirit races. Censorship for its own sake does not make that person’s opinion more or less valid than the opposing party. As to weak vessels, the facts are these: I don’t bind to vessels, and when I did I never received a complaint from this bogus reviewer: Years ago CH members posted page after page of glowingly positive reviews about the strength of my bindings, their over the top power, about my work (see below about the owner’s intolerant censorship). Page after page of testimonials to these facts. As for being “not welcomed” on a site I never sought to, or would, join in the first place is hardly meaningful or relevant. I never wanted any association with their Metaphysical Disneyland site.  Furthermore, try posting a positive review of me on CH and they’ll disallow it,and probably ban you for trying. Why? Because they are cowards, fearful of being exposed for their disinformation and wimpy bridge bound vessels and a hundred free and meaningless spells delivered in a “charging bag” that in reality is nothing more than a sleeping bag and coffin for the comatose spirit (if any spirit is even bound at all).

(CH Reviewer): Also reviews can be bought or just made up.

(My Response): Yes, reviews can most certainly be made up. And speaking of reviews, why not ask the two owners, Ash and Mazola, of Creepy Hollows about all those positive reviews of my work and bindings that were posted by CH members themselves years ago, page after page of them? What’s that you  say, you can’t find all those glowing pages of positive reviews posted on CH by their own members? Oh, well that’s because the two owners in their petty tirade against me obliterated them all in one fell swoop years ago because I refused to be intimidated by their antics over differences of opinion. None of the reviews were negative; quite the opposite, they were all embarrassingly over-the-top positive. And they censored them all, erased them, obliterated them. Yet of course, I’m unprofessional according to their medieval standards of fair play. But they don’t like to play fair, and they don’t. Let’s not just concern ourselves with bogus reviews but obliterated ones that arise from professional jealousy and spite, shall we? Especially since these two Walmart Witches won’t allow an opposing opinion that might shatter their little Disneyland fantasy. If a site will only allow negative reviews, what does that say about the site? The same thing it would say about a trial in which only a handful of witnesses for the prosecution are allowed and the hundreds for the defendant were banned from testifying.

(CH Reviewer): He also has not just the website but also a somewhat active Facebook page and a rather colorful Instagram presence, both related in some way to the store and vampire aesthetic and identity.

(My Response): This is an absolute lie, I do not at present nor have I ever in the past hosted a Facebook page. Nor have I ever Instagram’d anyone. I don’t use Instagram. I don’t have a Facebook page. These are bogus claims. Any Facebook account that mentions me in any way may be a client or other, and I do not have any active participation in Facebook at present. The review is bogus.

(CH Reviewer) Unless you have found serial filings associated with him beyond this one? I don’t remember any from the last time I poked around, although he does seem to have more than one alias, which (much like cultural appropriation) isn’t usually a good sign in someone you intend to purchase from in a very trust-dependent market.

(My Response): First, I do not have any alias. My legal name is Lucien Mars. On the other hand, I suppose Ash and Mazola, the two owners of CH are their full legal names? No? Really…then what are their full legal names? Here’s a good guess: his name is Creepy and hers is Hollow. They are the ones who hide behind an alias, not I. So take the reviewers advice and be leary of those who wear masks to hide their identity. And those wearing glass masks shouldn’t throw stones, especially when their self-serving slander is so obvious.

Miscellaneous Negative Reviews and Their Bias:

The remainder of the reviews left regarding my work tend to fall into several comments:

1) Namely that I recommend masturbation to spark a connection with an entity. For all succubi and incubi, that is their preferred method of initiating a sexual encounter.  A male incubus will penetrate and be felt, but the rules are the same: tactile stimulation initiates an encounter. This is the typical practice for all such encounters, not something I invented to scam a person or for self-satisfaction as an end in itself. The assumption is childish. If you cannot spark an encounter, you won’t have one no matter who does the conjuration. Moreover, anyone who has surveyed any black arts grimoires in depth will find that menstrual blood, semen, sodomy, and various sexual acts of all kinds permeate the rites. If a movie is rated XXX don’t take your children, or expect a succubus named Mary Poppins.

2) A few people did not get manifestations and got their money back. First, NO sorcerer gets 100% manifestation rates for a variety of reasons. None. Nada. Zippo. Anyone claiming to do so is an outright liar. Even Jesus couldn’t pull off miracles everywhere he went. Nor can Satan. However, the number of clients who protest about Creepy Hollow’s lack of any manifested presence would fill a textbook the size of a bible. A large majority of my clients came from their disgruntlement with CH and the utter lack of any manifested presence whatsoever, and guess what? They haven’t gone back. The kettle in this case is calling the thimble black.

3) When I do provide a manifestation, which is over 90% of the time (which I’d stack up against any conjurer anywhere), here’s the response from a CH member: One of his beings visited me, and she was quite powerful, but power isn’t everything. The last time I felt like that, I later realized I was being slowly leeched off of and psychically attacked. I’m not at all saying this is what was happening — but the similarity in feeling was enough for me to pull on the reigns and request a refund less than twenty four hours later. 

My response: *This person admits to a powerful being manifesting, then confesses that they aren’t sure of the entity’s intent: “I’m not at all saying this is what was happening.” So, what to do? The logical thing would be to speak with me first and give the entity the benefit of the doubt for more than 24 hours.  Instead, this person requested an immediate refund (even though I was not obliged to provide one since the entity obviously manifested). Try doing that with the Walmart Witches that run CH or almost any other sorcerer and see how accommodating they are. Who should be complaining here? Seems if it’s anyone, the entity has the right to complain. Oh, that’s right, my manifested conjurations are so weak….I forgot…

In Conclusion

So let’s see, I don’t provide acceptable manifestations, but when I do they’re also unacceptable because they’re too powerful. That’s both Creepy and Hollow and most of all, Shallow. And confused by the irrationality of the critique. And further damaged by the fact that the Walmart Witches running CH won’t allow any positive reviews of my work,which would so overwhelm the bogus negative ones, that they fearfully avoid a comparison. The one-sided negative-only reviews allowed of another seller highlight their self-confessed pettiness and unprofessional behavior. What else about CH is new? This is how they’ve always operated.

I also get flack because I refer people to a psychic: Yes, guilty! And proud of it! In fact, it’s damned strange that other sorcerer’s don’t: what are they afraid of having revealed? That the tinkerbell fairy they purchased from CH with two-dozen free spells doesn’t exist? Wouldn’t you want a second opinion on whether or not your three-headed gargoyle is real or not? And real or not, wouldn’t you want to communicate with an independent party who can explain why the spirit-entity chose to be with you? I advocate a second opinion from a separate professional who offers unbiased guidance, not from a bias site such as CH who’s willing to distort facts and censor the truth to suit their self-serving agenda.

My review of the policies of Creepy Hollows: 1) They spread outrageous myths, in particular that you as a human have power to make any and all spirits get along regardless of whether they are naturally opposed to one another. That claim is pure bullshit. God couldn’t stop the war in heaven (should have consulted CH, as they miraculously can). Humans cannot prevent wars on earth, so how in the hell are these two able to stop spirits from fighting among one another, or destroying one another? They cannot. The myth is a lie. It’s against all know principles of reality in both the physical and metaphysical realm. Only their thinking is magical, not their facts. Posting signs about House Rules for their spirits to read is total ignorance and should raise a red flag to anyone who has a modicum of common sense and metaphysical ability.

*** The most damning issue is that Creepy Hollows will NOT allow a positive review of me on their site. There were literally page after page of glowing positive reviews that they expunged in a petty tirade years ago. As such, these two Walmart Witches aren’t worth the time invested to read their bogus reviews. If a site will only allow negative reviews to be posted, they remain what they have always been: fearful distributors of disinformation and distortion at the client’s expense.

Ave Sanguis. Ave Lux. Ave Lucifera

And to Hell with Creepy Hollows.