Rebuttal to Recent Creepy Hollow Negative Reviews Posted on their public Forum Site:

Having been alerted by concerned clients of mine, I took the liberty of finding the following negative-based reviews from some of the Creepy Hollows members as posted on their Forum Site. Normally, I ignore speculative opinions about the credibility of any seller, metaphysical or otherwise, yet I take exception to the extreme and baseless slander displayed on this site, and one assumes with the knowledge and approbation of its owners, which is both cowardly and petty. Hence, I am offering a direct rebuttal to these slanderous allegations that have no basis in fact whatsoever. And while I cannot control the content of another metaphysical site, one would hope that slanders of this type are not a new witch-hunt aimed at those outside the Creepy Hollows universe, small and smug as it may be.

Here, therefore are the posts that recently appeared, along with my rebuttal:

(CH Reviewer) I just saw that they (Vampire Ashram) are associated with a seller (Sorcerer’s Cellar) that’s not welcome here on CH because of his…..behavior and conflicting information of certain spirits races. Alone by that association I personally wouldn’t trust them, aside from the fact that the vessels I got from said seller feel pretty much empty.

(My Response): The behavior alluded to is a conflict of opinion that occurred years ago. As to conflicting information of certain spirit races…. I have no idea what any conflict amounts to, or why it would be important. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion about spirits and/or spirit races. Censorship for its own sake does not make that person’s opinion more or less valid that the opposing party.

As to vessels this person claims to have purchased from me, note that I refuse to bind entities to vessels, and furthermore, had this been the case in the past, I have always offered a 30 day money back guarantee and have always honored it. If someone feels the vessels they received many years ago were weak, then they were entitled to request a refund. This is not the case and no refund request was ever made that was not greeted with a refund. None. In fact, CH members years ago posted nothing that was not glowingly positive, over the top, in your face awesome reviews about my work (see below about the owner’s intolerant censorship).

As for being “not welcomed” on a site I never sought to, or would, join in the first place is hardly meaningful or relevant.

(CH Reviewer): Also reviews can be bought or just made up.

(My Response): Yes, reviews can most certainly be made up. Amazon’s own tabulation tracking shows that over 60% of all reviews there are bogus. Yet, as a counter: Anyone may check my ratings on eBay, which is still current. With over 3000 sales, I maintain a 100% positive rating. Nobody makes up bogus reviews on eBay with that many sales and that many reviews, especially given the fact I’ve been on eBay a very long time. It is virtually impossible. While on Bonanza, I maintained over 635 positive reviews, and not a single negative one. Besides which, reviews are only one facet. Does the seller offer a 30 day money back guarantee? Because that’s the only thing that matters. After all, will you lose money adopting a spirit-entity that doesn’t manifest? That’s the hardcore issue. And the one frauds and the like refuse to provide, because they’d be out of business in six months time or less. And results depend upon a risk-free guarantee. I provide that and always have.

Oh, and speaking of reviews, why not ask the two owners of Creepy Hollows about all those positive reviews of my work and bindings that were posted by CH members themselves years ago, page after page of them? What’s that you  say, you can’t find all those glowing pages of positive reviews posted on CH by their own members? Oh, well that’s because the two owners in their petty tirade against me obliterated them all in one fell swoop years ago because I refused to be intimidated by their antics over differences of opinion. None were negative; quite the opposite, they were all embarrassingly over-the-top positive. And they censored them all, erased them, obliterated them. Petty. Yet of course, I’m unprofessional according to their medieval standards of fair play. Had they been negative, even a single one of them, they would have framed it in gold. Let’s not just concern ourselves with bogus reviews but obliterated ones that arise from professional jealousy and spite, shall we? And know too that all things are righted in the afterlife, when the dayside world no longer shelters hypocrisy and nit-witches fare no better than others. To slander me is to slander Lucifera who does not forget and whose reach is beyond any sorcerer’s ability to flee the realm of death.

(CH Reviewer): I have strong skepticism of white people who make money on additions to the concepts of yoga/ashrams/Ayurveda that diverge starkly from more broadly established traditions.

(My Response): Okay, so are black people or Indians okay who make money on concepts of yoga/Ashrams, etc? The Hare Krishnas were making boatloads of money from a legitimate and long established Bhakti Yoga tradition that began with airport panhandling and petty larceny, that ended in murder, white slavery, gun running, child molestation, and criminal activities on a wholesale level never seen before in the West. Read the book, Monkey on a Stick and you’ll see these are events that shut the crusade down. Why pick on white people? I make money because I offer a service via a book, titled Vampire Arveda Yoga, the Lost Art of Kundalini Yoga. I cannot produce the book for free, pay the model, the photographer, the editor, the publisher, and the vendors their share without making money. The reviewer’s ignorance of what he or she calls “broadly established traditions” amounts to wholesale ignorance. Anyone with a smattering of knowledge on the dark Goddess Kali, on the thugee devotees who are assassins, and the darker aspects of graveyard meditations with corpses and the like is woefully ignorant of the darker and deeper aspects of yoga censored from supermarket shelves. Shiva would be arrested for drug dealing were he to cross the border. He consorts with demons as a matter of course, and none would call Shiva a white dude pimping yoga for profit.

(CH Reviewer): He’s business man, no real Metaphysical seller… Knew as ” SC “on Bonanza and other sites.. He work with lawyers and deposit names and logos

(My Response): Yes, guilty: I’m a businessman, so are the owners of Creepy Hollows, and what of it? (*Also, does not a Metaphysical “seller” imply that one is also engaged in business?) And of course, the logic is irrefutable: since I am a businessman, ergo, I cannot be a metaphysical seller, meaning that Creepy Hollows also cannot be a metaphysical seller since they profit. This is simplistic La-La land thinking of the metaphysical fascist sort: God forbid you make money. Because if you do, well, you’re just not a true metaphysical seller. The assertion is its own refutation. I work with lawyers because fraud on Bonanza forced me to. I had to secure a legal documentation of identity theft which Bonanza ignored, so I threatened to sue them, and was barred for doing so. Those are facts. Legal recourse is often the last means available when fraud on a site such as Bonanza occurs. Other sellers also stole intellectual property from me, hence the need to protect my intellectual property, which is an all too common happenstance. I don’t do it merely because it adds any supposed legal appeal..but to protect not only my own reputation, but the public at large from crime and the ethical apathy of sites such as Bonanza.

(CH Reviewer): He also has not just the website but also a somewhat active Facebook page and a rather colorful Instagram presence, both related in some way to the store and vampire aesthetic and identity.

(My Response): Not true, I do not at present nor have I ever in the past hosted a Facebook page. Nor have I ever Instagram’d anyone. I don’t use Instagram. I don’t have a Facebook page. These are bogus claims. Any Facebook account that mentions me in any way may be a client or other, and I do not have any active participation in Facebook at present. Period. The review is bogus.

(CH Reviewer) Unless you have found serial filings associated with him beyond this one? I don’t remember any from the last time I poked around, although he does seem to have more than one alias, which (much like cultural appropriation) isn’t usually a good sign in someone you intend to purchase from in a very trust-dependent market.

(My Response): First, I do not have any alias. My legal name is Lucien Mars. That is not an alias but a public record. The reviewer is alluding to the name Christopher W., a name that was legally and permanently changed by court order years ago. If one must know why, (although it’s really none of the reviewer’s business)  then they need go no further than the fact that the name Christopher means “Christ in Me,” a name that is a farce since I only conjure dark arts entities, including Satan himself, and more specifically vampires and demons. Nor am I a Christian. The name was legally changed by court order to reflect that fact, and would not have been granted had I been engaged in any fraud or other criminal maleficence, since legal name changes require a law enforcement background check prior to a court order being approved.

(CH Reviewer): Yeah, imho he’s a fraud. But very good at PR.
He went more and more into the vampire business, including transformation.

(My Response): You are entitled to your opinion, but it would be more persuasive if you had even a shred of evidence that I have ever cheated anyone, or have failed to honor a 30 day money back guarantee, which I have always honored. To further state that I went “more and more” into the vampire business, including transformations, is simply ridiculous. I have been doing vampire transformations under Lilith for almost a decade, both privately and publicly on sites as diverse as eBay, Etsy and Bonanza.

In Conclusion

And of course, it must go without saying that Creepy Hollows and their two owners, Magnolia and Ash, are their real, full and legal names, and not something of an alias themselves, perhaps closer to Mazzola and Cash, which would befit a slightly greasier and more money-grubbing persona, as the reviewers themselves have described businesspeople in general. One might just as easily suppose they live in Sherwood Forest and ride to work on unicorns as well. And naturally, they too must have a 30 day money back guarantee, yes? Or perhaps it’s simply a case of the dubious small-minded pots calling the kettle black.


Ave Lucifera. Ave Sanguis. Ave Lux.