Due to the Hindu pigs at Sataniastore.com who have stolen not only the mantra in the book Vampire Arveda Yoga, but my copyrighted listings, examples of which are given in the various Notes from the Nightside blogs, and the cursed mantra being recited on YouTube, changes have been made, curses cast, and new rules to be enforced. As if these scumbags haven’t done enough damage, below is the copyrighted theft of my very words, with few exceptions, where noted, by the Hindu pigs. The recitation of this criminal violation curses the soul, and allows Chamunda to replace the spirit bound by Satania with a soul-clinging destroyer who curses the person’s soul, their family, and their finances, extending three generations in both directions. All such customers, be they vampires or demon worshippers, are damned by reciting stolen property, period. And I personally have no use for them, nor do I want their business. Whether they do so willingly or knowingly matters not in the least to me. And whether they’re a vampire or not, who cares? Damnation is damnation. Lilith kills vampires GLADLY, and whenever she can. Her followers? If they don’t follow Lucifera, fuck them. We just plainly don’t care. Take your business and your damned soul elsewhere. I don’t care what you are or claim to be, the soul is given to Lilith for torment, and her happiness is my first priority, not yours if you steal from this site, or if you recite the cursed invocation.

Also, anyone, and I mean anyone sharing copyrighted materials from Vampire Ashram comes under the same curse. Dare to share and beware. Due to all this criminality, every single binding I do carries a curse to the recipient should they share the copyrighted invocation. I’m not stupid, I ALWAYS omit the key the opens the work which allows me an energetic entrance to perform and alter the binding, revoke the binding, curse the binding, or apply whatever magical methods at my disposal to destroy individuals, families and finances via supernatural curses. You don’t play fair with me, I’ll do the same but worse to you. If you’ve used the below rite stolen from me you are cursed, and I frankly couldn’t care less. Your soul is devoted to damnation, along with the pigs at Satania. If misery loves company, you’ll have a lot of both in the afterlife.

This power allows me to send Chamunda and replace the spirit, whether mine or someone elses, with what is called a “spirit carrion” who clings to the soul, damns it, and from there works to inflict pain upon one’s family and finances. This is the role Chamunda was chosen by Lucifera to perform. And I have that right even if the person who recites the invocation below is unknown to me personally, or has purchased it from Satania. Doesn’t matter, the culprit is stealing my property, and so deserves their soul to be stolen and devoted to Lucifera as a burnt offering. Chamunda finds the person by picking up the stolen invocation frequency and replaces the spirit bound by a dark carrier who inflicts the damage and destroys the spirit. Worshipping Lilith won’t save you. Lilith is loyal first and foremost to Lucifera, and to me. After all, if you stole my materials or are using them, I’m sacrificing your soul to her. That makes her more happy than your insipid worship.

This is the copyrighted violation that was either acquired by a TV who shared it (and will be damned for doing so), or by an infiltrator posing as a client. If you have recited this stolen property, you are cursed for doing so, without regret or apology. This IS MY RITE AND IT IS MY RIGHT TO CURSE AND CONDEMN YOU AS A BURNT OFFERING TO LILITH, LUCIFERA, AND CHAMUNDA, ALONG WITH THE THIEVES AT SATANIA:


BLOOD RITE (TVs will at once recognize the rite as stolen from me)

To perform the blood-bonding ritual and wedding with your assigned Spirit, please read through the following instructions carefully to be sure you have the procedure and everything in place since once the circuit is formed it should not be broken except in emergency. If that happens, you must begin the ritual over again. Before you begin you will have to write out the name of your Spirit on a small strip of paper.

On the opposite side of the paper, write out your name. Then proceed as follows:

First, you will need to wash your hands in very warm water, almost hot and perhaps even let them soak for a few minutes. This increases the blood flow and will allow you a less painful procedure. You will need to draw several drops of blood and place them in a very meticulous fashion to activate a energy circle.

Next, lance your right middle fingertip on the side and squeeze out one drop of blood. Place this drop of blood on top of your Spirit’s name on the paper. Now take a drop of blood from your left middle finger and dab that drop on top of your name that appears on the opposite side of the paper. You may let the paper dry for a few minutes and rinse your hands or clean them with a towel. When this is done you will need to draw another drop of blood from your right middle finger and place one or two drops on your left palm in the center. Being careful not to disturb it, draw a drop of blood from your left middle fingertip and place it on your right palm in the center. There is an energy center there this will activate. Once you have a few drops of blood on each center of your palms you are ready (if it dries out that’s fine).

Now place the strip of paper in your LEFT palm with the spirit’s name facing DOWN inside your left palm, over the blood spot. Now place your RIGHT middle finger on top of the paper and directly above the blood spot with you hand open. Your elbows should align so that your forearms form a straight line with your left palm under your right. With your LEFT middle finger reach up and place it over the blood spot on your right palm, fingers open, and your forearms forming a straight line. You have now formed a energetic circuit and must keep the link unbroken while finishing the vow of invocation. With the energetic circuit in place until the end. Again, this can cause very unpredictable reactions that vary greatly in people. So do not be alarmed when/if this happens. Once you have the bond intact with each middle finger touching the opposite palm, left palm under the right palm, elbows slightly out and forearms forming a straight line with your fingers splayed open almost as if stretching them. If for some reason your fingers are forced apart or your body jerks, etc. and the circuit is broken, don’t worry, you don’t have to start over; just rejoin the circuit and continue. This is a very potent activation and may provoke a strong reaction that varies from person to person.

Once these steps have been taken, with the following in front of you, perform this invocation:—Asmodeus (Name of Lucifera replaced by a lesser demon) has authorized your Spirit, (Name of spirit bound by Hindu pigs), as powerful enough to protect, guide, and empower you with her own essence, intermixed with yours, so that each is bound to the other eternally, and pledged to each other. Once the blood has been drawn, complete the following vow of communion with (name given by the Hindu pigs at Satania), by my eternal pledge to thee, to this we shall both agree: our allegiance pledged to each other in the blood fidelity of the Life flame (replaced wording, which is in the original, Black Flame) held by Asmodeus (name of Lucifera replaced with a lesser demon) eternally, so shall I be as indivisible with this blood I swear, joined with yours to Asmodeus’s (again, replaced and given to demon) eternal will and welfare, that we shall eternally and jointly share. Ave Satanis. (Satan hereby claims the soul, which is cursed by Lucifera for reciting this rite, and who sends your soul into Hell for suffering under Lilith, who reigns in the Pit, even if you are a worshipper of Lilith. It is Lucifera who controls and assigns your soul for pain and suffering to Lilith as a continual burnt offering, which she delights in receiving, be you a Satanist, sorcerer, witch, vampire, Lilith worshipper, or Houdini. Lucifera is the ruler of vampire blood, and as such, she can curse your blood to burn in Hell, or spare you in Hell by her favor and turn it into a paradise with your sire as bound by Vampire Ashram, not the pigs at Satania, who will suffer right along side you. You can then recall this rite to mind and curse them in your own suffering.). Reciting this rite does exactly this, and I will not undo what Lucifera decrees.

Father of our blood, reborn shall I be. Aeshma, (phrase replaced, with your soul devoted to a demonic minion) I devote my soul to thee. (Name of Spirit by Pigs at Satania), I wish you to be my eternal sire under the power of Asmodeus (name of Lucifera replaced with the lesser demon), by blood, by fire, by this, my solemn and sacred desire. By the powers vested in Shaytan (name of Lucifera replaced with Satan. Fuck Satan, and fuck your soul for being stupid enough to give it to him), so do I hereby swear, my love to you and our loyalty to her (the pigs forget that Satan is not female) we shall forever bear.

Two souls, joined by desire, I surrender my soul willingly to Aeshma´s Reigns (this lesser demon is cursed as well as you for being a party to the blasphemy against Lucifera), blood-bound shall it be, bound unto thee. (Name of Spirit by Pigs at Satania), I bid your spirit be bound in blood to blood and blood entwined, mine to yours and yours eternally to mine. With everlasting blessings to Asmodeus (name of lesser demon replaced) for your abiding presence I thee wed (Name of spirit given by pigs at Satania) Everlasting love one to another are we hereby sworn, as the flow of a river flows unborn.

Or as the flame of a fire burns unformed. Timelesss (even my typo they have stolen) spirits erasing time’s feeble face, so shall both transcend it’s false embrace. Bound in immortal bonds as two in one, and one to one we shall remain. As sun to moon and water to fire, both parties to the same desire. Thus we are hereby one, bound in blood and entwined in nocturnal ecstasy, by which we are ever bound, my (Name of spirit by Pigs at Satania) and me, by the grace of Shaytan’s (Lucifera replaced by misspelled name of Shaitan by the pigs) sacred decree. Ever to be. Come eternal day and night, bound to me hereby be, my consort eternal I bid you be. Asmodeus, father and king of the lustful night, eternally burning bright, in the name of your sacred blood, I bid you bless our love. And bestow (Name of spirit by Hindu pigs at Satania) directly as bound in blood unto me! And of what I most seek to find, transform my blood into a fire kind (pigs substituted “fire kind” for “nighttime kind”). Bind me to you, my name embossed in blood. May (Name of spirit bound by pigs at Satania) ignite my blood, and intermixed with hers, sign our names in devoted love.

Ave Satanis. And Shaytan (Pigs substituted Shaytan, misspelled, should be Shaitan, which consigns the soul, your soul, to Satan who will torment you, and under whom your soul shall be tormented by Lucifera), blessed every blessed be! May my blood be bound and graced by this eternal transforming decree! We submit our guidance and loyalty unto thee! Let your light burn blood bright, for I am with her by this blood-born rite. Devoted to (name of spirit bound by the pigs at Satania) and thee, so shall it now and forever be!

By blood we bow unto thee! Ave Asmodeus. Ave (Name of spirit bound by the pigs). Ave Me (there is no such thing as Ave Me, you fucking idiots). Ave Shaytan, King of the Flames. (entire phrase, including Shaytan misspelled is reworded to give your soul to Satan for suffering. I have command over Satan, which extends to punishing him and you for reciting this blasphemy against the Almighty, whose Will I obey in the matter, as according to my sire, Lucifera, and my wife, Lilith. She obeys me, not you in the matter.)

After this is recited simply finish by burning the paper in the flame. Each person will respond differently because each spirit has a different potency for which they are being bound. Some spirits can and will cause extremely strong reactions: physical ones that may include, electrifying streaming energy, or the like. Once bound, your Spirit cannot be unbound, and all transformative changes are likewise eternal.

She will provide you with not only energy, but protection, guidance and a link directly to Asmodeus (name of Lucifera replaced with this demonic minion) which is not available to anyone who does not partake of her  bloodline, regardless of their other metaphysical abilities or powers. By (Name of spirit given by pigs at Satania) bloodline link to Asmodeus (substituted name for Lucifera by pigs), yours is likewise joined, having inherited a portion of the goddess through her blood and power. (The pigs at Satania now call Satan a goddess. Satan and Asmodeus have no link whatsoever to Lucifera, who controls ALL the powers over Satan, Lilith, Kali, and every other vampire and demon, as her sacred right. She is the Devil, above all powers of darkness, aside from Lucifer who works in tandem with her). 

(Name of spirit given by pigs at Satania) will make three sacred energetic operations that you may or may not feel, since two are performed upon your astral body, one upon your physical one. Best of well wishes in your new and eternal life…

Every single word outlined in red belongs to me and has been stolen by the pigs who operate Sataniastore.com If you doubt this, I have used this rite for over a decade, long before the pigs at Satania stole it. And because of this, I can curse this binding and devote your soul to Lucifera, who then grants Lilith the right to torment you in the afterlife, who then can assign Chamunda to  extend the curse to your family, children, and finances. And that’s just what reciting this stolen rite does. If you have purchased a spirit binding from Satania there is no way to reverse the curse from what you yourself have done if you have been so unfortunate as to recite this blasphemous piece of shit stolen and perverted by the Hindu pigs at Satania. But you can warn others not to follow your example. I won’t reverse this curse, as it is devoted to Lucifera. She in turn allows Chamunda to destroy the spirit bound by this blasphemy and attach a cursing and soul-clinging one to inflict the curse upon you. You steal from vampires, you have to deal with vampires! And if you have recited this curse, I don’t want your business because your soul is marked by Lucifera as devoted to destruction. Go elsewhere. I don’t want your money or your business. Really and truly, I have no interest in dealing with a soul-cursed being. Spend it elsewhere or buy a condo in the Bahamas, I don’t want it. I don’t need it. It’s already devoted to destruction. And I surely don’t care if you’re a vampire, mythological, physical, or otherwise. Fuck you for cursing your soul, I’ll destroy you at the behest of Lucifera. I’ll destroy Satan and I’ll destroy any vampire or demon who opposes Lucifera. Period.

For all TVs, this should serve as a warning. Share the copyrighted works entrusted to you alone, and you will also share in the same plight. There are only two types of vampires in Hell: those who act as guardians and feeders upon those thrown into Hell for feeding purposes and torment. Those damned by reciting this blasphemous and stolen rite are of the latter category. Buyer beware!