Just Arrived! Custom Designed “Ankh of Nyx” by Lucien Mars, Inspired by Lucifera/Nyx

This newly released sterling silver vampire Ankh of Nyx was custom designed by Lucien Mars and executed in prototype and hand finished by Steve McKibben, a noted producer of Hollywood props. It was also channeled from Lucifera to her liking at every step of the production. In truth, the design is due to Lucifera, without whom this Ankh of Nyx would not have been possible.

The Construction & Consecration of the Ankh of Nyx

So let’s describe this stunning Ankh of Nyx. This is an incredible Vampire Ankh for a number of reasons. The first of which is the sheer size. The Ankh of Nyx is 3 1/2″ without the bail. The integrated bail adds another 1/2″, amounting to an overall length of 4″.  The width at the widest point is 1 3/4″.  The thickness of this piece is approximately 3mm, making this truly a statement piece. It is also extremely hefty and solid, weighing in at slightly over 35 grams of sterling silver, and is so marked on the rear as to purity. The castings are all made locally by a professional silver casting company who will be producing them in limited quantities as desired, meaning that it may take three weeks for delivery, depending upon how many are in stock at the time of order. (*Right now, only one is available for immediate delivery). If out of stock, you will be notified the moment your Ankh of Nyx arrives. It will be sent via priority mail with a detailed consecration prayer and empowerment devoted to Lucifera. In addition, prior to shipping it I will be adding a special personalized empowerment spell keyed to your name to be blessed by Lucifera.

Hidden Mystical Symbolism Included in the Ankh of Nyx!

Let’s take a closer look at the Ankh of Nyx. You may not notice at first, but the symbolism of this particular Ankh is not haphazard. First of all, it features the symbol of eternity rendered in a vertical figure eight that sits atop a blade of blood consecration. A rite is also included that will instruct you how to consecrate this Ankh of Nyx with a specific mixture of your own blood to personalize the piece to you alone, should you desire to do so. Next, you will note the double vampiric fangs that form the shoulder of the Ankh. Now, if you look at the same fangs and imagine them instead to be the wings of a bat, indeed, that is what you will see, with the third bottommost point of its tail being formed from the bottom of the “infinity circle”, along with its ears that can be seen on either side of the junction where the lines of ankh cross.

The symbolism represents the nocturnal bat taking flight throughout eternity on the fangs of a vampire, fueled by blood. In addition, the integrated bail allows you to include your own desired necklace and will accommodate a large or small chain. Please note: The Ankh of Nyx will be shipped with a simple ball and chain necklace, and not the one shown in the photo. It is suggested that you upgrade it to one that you find most suitable in size and finish. Numerous ones can be found online and elsewhere. It will also be shipped with a velveteen pouch for storage with the Vampire Ashram sigil embossed and included.

The Guarantee of Authenticity of your Ankh of Nyx

On the reverse of the Ankh of Nyx you will find the copyrighted title “Ankh of Nyx” assuring you of its authenticity. It is purity marked .925 for the sterling silver. In addition the Vampire Ashram sigil is also included, as shown in the pictures.

Professionally Artisan Finished & Antiqued

The Ankh of Nyx has been hand finished and antiqued by Steve McKibben to lend character to the artifact. Once the piece is cast, it then is burnished to a brilliant lustre as you can see from the pictures. Steve’s remarks when he saw the proposed design was one of simple exclamation, “Wow! That’s badass!” And I’m inclined to agree. It’s an eye-stopping Ankh for all these reasons, one you will treasure for a lifetime (and beyond).

Restrictions on the Sale of the Ankh of Nyx

PLEASE NOTE: ONLY those who have been transformed as approved by Lucifera and whose name is on file are eligible to purchase this Ankh of Nyx. All other orders will be canceled. It is not a question of money, or offering more for the piece. It is Lucifera’s desire that ONLY  those whom she has authorized as transformed with a sire bound by myself under her approval are eligible to purchase this Ankh of Nyx. In addition, only one Ankh of Nyx will be sold per person, so the number of Ankhs per person is also limited to one. *Should you by some misfortune, lose the Ankh, another can be provided. This Ankh of Nyx is NOT being reproduced for commercial purposes of mass marketing. It is therefore STRICTLY LIMITED to those who have their names enrolled in Lucifera’s Book of Shadows, and are therefore under her domain. This requires a full vampiric transformation with a sire designated and approved by her and on file with Vampire Ashram. No other sales are permitted.

The retail value of the Ankh of Nyx is $420, however, since all those purchasing the Ankh must be approved and transformed vampires, the net cost to you is $350 (*net after the 20% discount) plus $12 priority shipping, boxed, with consecration rites and pouch. *Costs to overseas vampires will be based upon weight and international postage. If overseas, you must let me know, as additional postage charges will be needed. You will be billed according to the country located outside the United States. *If the spot price of silver rises, this will be reflected in the posted price, which may vary due to the fact that silver is a valuable commodity that is subject to market fluctuations.

The same listing and direct order via PayPal can be found under Products for True Blood Club Members, under the “Exclusive TBC Products” tab. In addition, partial payments are welcome in a minimum payment for a third down. This can be invoiced and completed within three months time if you prefer.

***Also Please Note: The price of the Ankh of Nyx may vary due to the time of casting which is pegged to the spot price of silver plus the wholesaler’s normal markup. These are factors I cannot control, so please be mindful of the fact that sterling silver is a commodity that will fluctuate, and be priced accordingly. 

In Nomine Lucifera. In Nomine Sanguis. In Nomine Sanguis.