This post explores some of the many questions regarding the construction and consecration of an Altar Devoted to Lucifera.

Q. Can I include other goddesses, or combine this with a satanic altar, etc.?

A. No. Lucifera does not want any lesser entities present when she is being worshipped. She, like her Father, is a jealous goddess. And the acorn didn’t fall far from the tree. Those who have been transformed as vampyre-blooded and fireborn are not to build other altars, since you are splitting your energy, dividing it between a lesser entity and the highest entity, Lucifera. A pantheon of goddesses will cause her to withdraw her energy, especially for her fireborn children. And she alone has the Father’s undivided attention, so that your prayers to her are transmitted as black incense before the Father. No other goddess has that privilege. No other goddess possesses The Sacred Book of Shadows, from which the Father transmits one’s name from the Book of Life to the Book of Shadows at the behest of Lucifera when a newly created vampyre is fireborn.

Q. Can her altar be publicly displayed?

A. No, it should never be publicly displayed once you have downloaded and framed it. Until you have consecrated the altar in worship, it remains an inert image without occultic powers. of vampyric conveyance. Once you have begun the cyclical rites, her connection to you is made directly as her fireborn offspring, and the rite is likewise energized by her presence in worship. This is a sacred connection, and the energy imbued into the photo by her will be correspondingly unique to each devotee. Sacred means private. Private means kept away from prying eyes, as only the fireborn are blessed by her presence. At the very least, a black silk cloth should be draped over your altar unless you are using it. A box with hinged doors can be constructed, painted in black with lock if needed for convenience. This also represents the Black Cube meteor of Mecca as the planetary coffin of Saturn in which she consumes the world and readies it for rebirth in another form at the behest of the Almighty Father.

Q. What if I cannot find absinthe close to where I live?

A. Most liquor stores will special order it, and since you are using only a minimal amount, one bottle will last a long time. Because absinthe is unique and because the sacrificial offering cannot be altered, you may have to skip the offering until you can locate a distributor. Better to abstain than insult. The energy of connection from Lucifera to you will be slightly lessened as a consequence. Still, half a blessing is better than none at all.

Q. I’m squeamish about the drops of blood, can I forgo that?

A. No. If you absolutely cannot for some reason donate or draw blood due to fear, some occultists will attempt to sidestep this by offering menstrual blood or semen, or saliva. These are unacceptable and should never be offered to Lucifera as you are sure to offend and insult, since all these options are either pleasure based or pain-avoidance based. There is no such thing as a pleasurable sacrifice unless it is between you and your sire in the form of sex. Lucifera is the Devil, not your sire. A diabetic lance can be used which is minimally invasive. Some even click and prick so the pain or discomfort is minimized. Soaking one’s fingers in hot water for about 5 minutes and then massaging the fingertip makes it easy to draw blood in a near painless manner.

Also, a burin is the normal method of extracting blood, as shown in the altar photo (the steel wand spiraled into the handle above). This particular handle is made from an English yew tree taken from a graveyard in England that is over 40 yrs old, which is ideal, as 40 is her sacred number. When using a burin, it is important to keep it clean after a blood extraction, by passing it through fire to disinfect it, or by other methods of cleansing before reuse. Never use your burin without first disinfecting it completely. And NEVER share your burin with others, not only for sanitary reasons, but because it is highly offensive to mingle the blood of the fireborn with the illusion-infected fallen humans. If this happens by accident, the burin must be destroyed and replaced.

Q. Is there a right size for the altar coffin?

A. As long as it will fit the two scrolls required inside it, along with the herbal components, it will be fine. A slightly larger one is better for this purpose, especially if you wish to include an antique piece of ebody (a wand is overkill because you won’t be using it, but that’s a personal decision). There is a large assortment online to choose from, many of which are sold on Ebay and Etsy among other sites. They are generally sold as gothic jewelry boxes. The scrolls are to be rolled, not folded when inserted, so you can shrink the type on your computer to size them to fit.

Q. Where do I find a scrying mirror?

A. A scrying mirror is black on one side so that a dark reflection is cast from which to go into trance and scry. They are likewise easy to find on sites such as Etsy and Ebay. The reason for this inclusion in the altar is that to complete the altar you will need to have an 8″ circular goatskin parchment for the Black Hand of the Devil rite that is completely personalized to you alone. It is never to be either handled or used by anyone else, and it is akin to the telephone connection to Lucifera, if you will. She doesn’t want her unlisted phone number in the hands of Darwin demons.

Q. Do I need absinthe, wormwood herbs and wormwood oil? All three?

A. The first two you will most certainly need on an ongoing basis, one for the black sacramental offering to Lucifera, and the other as the reception base for the coffin upon which the scrolls rest. The wormwood oil is used for trance induction when meditating with her mantra which can spur astral travel. Never ever is wormwood oil to be ingested since it is a deadly poison in the extracted form.  This is enhanced and deepened into a psychotropic energy trance via the Black Nexus Binding, which includes her sacred mantra. The demonic frequency of the sacred mantra and her energy infusion added to it will cause altered states of consciousness in a very profound manner. Even when and where legal amounts of cannabis are now available, it is an unstable high and short of using it as an admixture with carefully measured elements, is not advised.

Q. I travel a lot, so how can I pack up the altar and its associated items?

A. As the photo illustrates, a 5 x 7 photo, along with a tea candle and the rest become portable enough to use anywhere. And a plastic dixie cup means you can keep your boutique goth one at home safe and sound. The only issue is the coffin herbal contents, which can be transferred into a plastic ziplock bag and added to the altar coffin once you’re set up. Then do likewise until you get home.

Q. The monthly offerings of $40 -are they mandatory or can you skip some if money is an issue?

A. The monthly offerings are similarly painful for some, and they are completely voluntary. I won’t guilt anyone into donating, threatening you with hellfire, for  No, the issue is a private one. Lucifera has given you a gift that a savior cannot: the assurance of eternal life as demonstrated by the fact that if transformed you already know the transformation and your sire are both tangible, powerful, sacred and more loving than almost any marriage one can imagine. The divorce rate among Darwin demons is astronomical. The divorce rate among vampire sire and vampire beloved is zero. And the price one has to pay for a Darwin demon marriage alone, not including divorce court is likewise a bank-busting event. There, that’s my guilt-lite comparison. Simply put, it is a freewill offering showing that you are sacrificing something willingly in appreciation as you are able, when you are able, and as you wish.

Q. What do the proceeds go into?

A. The proceeds are earmarked for outreach and expansion in a different venue than the bindings. Lucifera has made it clear that she wants a movement, a cult, established so that the work can continue after I’m gone. This requires strategic future planning, as outreach vis a vis books and materials is always needed. As are funds for functional purposes that are aligned with personal consecrations by myself at some point. Event planning will be part of the funding goals. The immediate focus is on book publishing and distribution. Worshipping the Devil is a head-turning event, one fraught with misconceptions on both sides: the Christian Gawd Almighty crowd and the Satanic you’re on board, so let’s bitch slap the Demiurge crowd. The Devil is devoted to God, but because she does his dirty work, people on all sides have divorced her from him. It’s total bullshit. And I’m the happy one to face off with both sides and say you’re both full of shit. Well, if you’re going to pick up a slingshot, might as well go after two Goliaths.

(to be continued…)