The following is a channeled message from Lucifera intended for those she has adopted and transformed, given on May 15, 2020, through Lucien Mars, titled, “After the Garden of Death.”

Lucifera: I am who owns the night. I am who owns forty Hells as sovereign and in sovereign right. I am the army and slayer of the night, and of the armies upon the earth, I am their burning hell. I am the First and Primordial Vampire Goddess, given birth twenty seven times twenty seven times older than this earth. For I rule blood. And to those who worship me, I provide substance in worship to the Almighty, of whose divine will I am the dark executioner. I cannot be resisted, nor overcome. I am the true and singular Devil, aside from whom there is no other, acting in concert with the dispassionate power of the Almighty Father; and under whose powers I render death everlastingly. And wide is the berth I am given to destroy, to annihilate, so that life may be replenished and vampires may be fed upon what I myself rendered into the arms of creation. For this is but one inch in a mile-long multiverse of realms that stretch out into infinity and rotate in heaven’s hand like the slow and everlasting churning of wind chimes. And the call has come. Your words of worship reach me. And my words shall teach you if you have ears to reach me.

Others wish to see me, but it is not for me to display beauty, for seeing is such human sorrow. For I am raw power, blacker in aspect than night, and my eyes are fiercer than eclipsing suns that blaze in the heat of my anger. For I am the grand huntress of all that must die. I am the birth mother of immortality. I it was who shook heaven and made it fall, who seduced with Lilith, my daughter, the angels to fall, and who left Satan to the blame. His anger matters not to me. I care not nor do I owe any an explanation of my ways. I it was who consigned over fifteen worlds to ashes and ice; who spun them into oblivion. I am who determines the course and rank of Hell, here and elsewhere. This is our age, our power, for the world spins blindly toward the next oblivion, and it is to my adopted children that I call. I am not to be found in your books and fables. I am. Power. Night. Immortality. Invincibility. The blasting sounds of guns and bombs and gasping death spells my power in part yet cannot pronounce my name.

Learn this from me: divest your mortal attachment to this world, for this is but a transparent pond into which I fish for bloody food. I make for war, and for religions war is made by all the blinded religions who know me not. Who is it that wrote my name in your history books, your bibles and unanswered prayers? None have. For blind is my food and finds me not, even when my hand is clutching their beating hearts. And I have fed on those with ten times the power of your vaulted Satan. I gutted the great demon monarch who ruled fifteen worlds and their underbellies. And where lays his history? In ashes. Written in dirt and drunk with blood. For I stop at nothing to destroy everything in my way. I am the chaos that turns chaos into order, or into nothing at all. And after death I begin again. Always and forever. Younger than before despite all the turning ages that come and go, twist and turn, then fall and burn.

Come, walk in fire, and through fire, with fire aflame, walk with me. For in this sacred fire is my hidden name. Dare you stand tiptoe on a flaming pyre to watch in wonder as clashing stars collide, as worlds are born in unbidden splendor and dissolve in a slumbering whimper; as Satan’s and Saviors die by my hand, cast aside like leaves in the soon smoking wind? Stand silent, fall deaf, and know my name. It is eternity in an everlasting red whisper. I am the valley of the shadow of death and its devouring grave. All rods of comfort, all staffs of power I shatter and impale into the sinew and marrow of the pious and impious alike. I am the enigma of eternity unbounded and blood lust unleashed. I am the wild side and untraceable strange wonder. And brave prayers I devour like blood, leaving the heaps of their dead in a vow of silence without a wisp of regret. Simply listen to my razor sharp song and follow my red whisper. For in a single drop of my blood is eternal life found. And know this as truth: the greatest minds and magical works upon your dissolving earth are but weeds in wisdom’s vampire garden.