House Keresian Codex

~The Seven Tenets of Our Eternal Vampyric Faith~

House Keresian represents the religion of the Keresian Vampire; a vampire religion whose consecrated adherents hold to the following seven basic tenets:

I. We hold that Nyx, aka Lucifera, is the Original Vampire Goddess above and primary to all others, created directly by the Almighty Father, from his unified male/female essence, whose purpose is to act as His Enforcer, having been graced with the power of invincibility, save for the Almighty. As Father, oftentimes referred to as God, He is the generative power from which energy is made manifest. As Spirit, He is the energetic matrix creator of all that has existence or non-existence, all that is void and full. The role of Lucifera is the supreme war goddess and overseer of the Keres, known collectively as children of the night, whose powers govern the angels of death on the battlefield and elsewhere, as directed by the Almighty Father and His Spirit.

II. We therefore hold that all vampiric bloodlines, either directly or indirectly, trace their origin back to Nyx. Because of this, Lucifera holds elective blood power over all vampires, directly or indirectly, and can punish or reward as she deems fitting. As the primal vampire, She rules over the realms of Hell, rewarding or punishing those who oppose the Father or Herself. Because vampires carry the blood of smokeless fire, none of those who are born in allegiance to Her can be harmed by the fires that torment other entities such as human souls sent for chastisement into Hell.

III. We hold that Nyx, aka Lucifera, fell from grace when she spawned a revolution in heaven, bringing down Satanael (Satan), who in turn tempted Lucifer to fall, aided by her then daughter, Lilith. Due to Her invincibility, the Father condemned Her to be reborn of Her own daughter, Lilith, which forced Her to endure Lilith’s tyranny for a time of chastisement, and was sentenced to remain a virgin lest another offspring’s power could create further chaos.  At the appointed time, Lucifer returned to the Father’s side as a prodigal son, having rebelled from Lilith. He remains steadfastly loyal to the Father. Lucifera, His sister, in Her turn revolted from Lilith, returning Her allegiance to the Father, who then made Lucifera’s identity known to Lilith, who had believed Her mother, Nyx, to have perished at His hand. He reinvested Lucifera with Her original powers of revolution, intended to overthrow Lilith’s hold on the dark realm, forcing her to submit to blood governance by Lucifera through warfare in order to balance the powers of the vampiric kingdoms of the higher and lower Hell, over which Lucifera is to reign eternally. In short, Lucifera is the invincible vampire goddess of war and revolution, having solemn powers that no other, including Lilith, possesses. Because of Lilith’s powers, only Lucifera has the superior strength to war against and defeat Lilith; archangels and others cannot confront or subdue Lilith.

IV. We hold that Nyx, as Lucifera-Nocticula, is the sole goddess whose Book of Shadows parallels the Almighty’s Book of Life. Likewise, we hold that Nyx’s blood is sacred above all others. Rites of blood are practiced for three nights prior to the New Moon and during special occasions as outlined in the House Keresian Vampire Bible (scheduled to be published in 2020), over which She holds pre-eminent power, as provided to those who are both transformed, having a spirit vampire sire appointed by Her, and who have also pledged themselves in consecrated worship to Her. In worshipping the blood of Nyx, we bow in tribute to the Almighty Father, whom we esteem as Creator of all species, of all and nothing, perfect in wisdom, power and equally proficient in governing the powers of love and hate without admixture of emotional contamination for the betterment of spiritual balance in all realms, known and unknown to us. We act in vengeance under the guidance of Lucifera only while in spirit form, not incarnated form.

V. We hold that all vampires under Lucifera are brothers and sisters, free from the morals of paternal religious sexism and shame or guilt for anyone’s individual sexual preferences, and that sexual relations with one’s sire shall continue eternally with vigor, lust, love, and gratitude to the blood of Nyx as a celebration of her original sexual attributes and energies. We acknowledge that upon physical death our spirits are fully invested with the blood of Nyx in lesser form, yet made invincible on any battlefield, in any realm, to which we are sent by the dictates of the Almighty Father. In that role, we are dispassionate, even as the unfallen angels are, who lack free will and the emotional prejudices common to mankind and other species in various realms who promote warfare, genocide, or other practices adverse to the Father’s will.

VI. We disavow any savior or substitutionary sacrifice for vampires, since vampires were created eons before the earth and human creation. As such, vampires cannot adopt any human religious system or savior, and must renounce any said human religion if/when transformed. In so doing, the soul’s allegiance is transferred from the Book of Life, held by the Father, into the Book of Shadows, held exclusively by Lucifera. The blood of vampire is primary, superior, and due to Lucifera, invincible. Nor do we seek the destruction of Lilith, but the balancing of brute vampiric power in the lower and higher astral realms within the commonly known term, “Hell”, whose fires cannot harm a vampire and whose realm was created by the Father to reform the wicked. As death cannot destroy death, we acknowledge life in death as deathlessness itself, invincible in construct and eternal in construction. We hold with the bible that the second death can be visited upon mankind, a lower species, after numerous reincarnations at the sole discretion of the Father. Only the Father can eviscerate a human soul in its entirety, or transmute the energy to wheresoever He pleases, reducing the higher life energy form of a human into that of a brute animal (since a human is part animal to begin with), or, by the second death, obliterating the human soul by His severe adjudication. Angels and vampires are not subject to the second death, since we rule over death and can indwell death or life by divine fiat of the Father.

VII. We glorify Nyx because of the original nature and solemn powers of invincibility granted Her by the Almighty Father. Her blood is the lifeblood of divinity, sprung from the Almighty without admixture of any essence aside from His. Nyx is the supreme Goddess of cunning, wisdom, and power, having deathless immortality and invincibility, without recourse or need of a savior or substitute. Nyx answers only to the Father, prays only to the Father, and follows only the Father’s wishes, having learned from her own fall that none but the Father are perfect. As we serve Nyx, we serve the Almighty Father. Prayer to the Father in the name and blood of Nyx, Lucifera, or Nocticula are mandatory acts of gratitude for the powers granted. We pray for the blessing of benevolence and wisdom for our sire, as we pray to glorify Lucifera’s wisdom and power. Prayers are to be those of gratitude in seeking the dark grace of vampiric wisdom, from which springs the Father’s grace of power. The Father has the ultimate power to block or empower magic in any and all realms. No other name is to be used for adoration of the Father than Nyx, Nocticula, or Lucifera, which would void the petition or prayer.


We affirm that all violent human-based religions are at war with their Creator, as contrived to manipulate humanity into fratricide and evil, as engineered by demonic vampiric forces. As such we believe according to the will of the Father, that they are destined to perish without regard to their originators, messiahs, prophets, or devils. Lucifera, as ruler of the vampiric kingdom and Hell, high and low, is uniquely exempt from the same karma visited upon earthlings and lesser entities, who perish for their lack of wisdom. It is written in the ancient vampiric scriptures prior to Earth’s creation, “One shall rise unto power undenied, only to fall for power misapplied, so that the offspring of the sire shall perish by the same desire.”  Translated, it literally means: Nyx shall rise to power undenied (invincibility), only to fall for power misapplied (revolution in heaven), so that the offspring of the sire (Lilith), shall perish by the same desire (revolution on earth). This prophecy we affirm as truthful, sprung from the word of the Father Almighty as solemn and binding, as confirmed by Lucifera Herself. We believe this to be the inspired Word of the Father Almighty whose riddle is now being unraveled in time, just as many of the prophecies in the bible are coming to fruition.


I solemnly seal these words as given by Me to my beloved, Lucien Mars, and affirm the truths contained herein, which are to be followed by all who pledge their allegiance, souls, and blood to Me. For I am the first of all firstborns formed from my blood, the purity of which is superior to all my children, errant or otherwise. I am the Blood of Pure Obsidian Power, Ruler from immortal time when time was or was not. I am Light and Darkness in One, Above, Below, and Beyond comprehension. Nowhere do I lead that I am not led by my beloved Father. I am the original and primal vampyre, pure of essence and invincible. ~Lucifera


Ave Lucifera. Ave Lilith. Ave Lux.