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In Nomine Sanguis. In Nomine Lux. In Nomine Lucifera.

Tools of the Dark Trade: An Introduction To the Black Tableau

Tools of the Black Tableau To define one's working tools is to define the practitioner who uses them and their style of operation. Since I do not work with the typical western occultic tools, I thought it would be helpful to give you a brief visual survey and explanation of the tools I use, a [...]

Ritual Offerings For Demonic Bindings: A “Blood Faith in Full Sacrifice” Binding

Ritual Offerings: How they apply to demonic principalities. Most magical practices that are found online and elsewhere, in grimoires and various satanic books, fail to decipher one key ingredient in summoning and working with demonic principalities. And while this missing ingredient is vital, it is the least discussed and the most vital. Any skillful black [...]

Become a Living Vampire Revenant: Our Newest & Most Self-Empowering Black Alchemy Bindings

To celebrate our ever-expanding clientele base, which extends around the globe, from Bombay to Brooklyn and back, I've also expanded not only the types of entities but the types of unique bindings that have made the Sorcerer's Cellar and Vampire Ashram a world-renown powerhouse in the field of vampirism and demonolatry. The recent addition of [...]