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In Nomine Sanguis. In Nomine Lux. In Nomine Lucifera.

ESV: Extrasensory Vibrations & Why They’re Important

Let me preface this discussion with what ESV is, and why the lack of it means you don't really have a spirit-entity. So many people purchase bogus vessels filled with nothing more than hot air, either because the conjurer is inept or simply a common crook to begin with. Approximately 80% of the vessels I [...]

A Model of Vampire Transcendence From One Who Received Lucifera’s Blessing

I am thrilled to share an experience of a recently transformed vampire who has received what I hope EVERY transformed vampire seeks: spiritual and vampiric transcendence. There is no frozen in amber heaven or hell. And the Hell for a vampire devoted to Lucifera is known as the Holy Black Abyss. It is NOT the [...]

Lilith & Lucifera: The Two Eternal Goddess Powers of Vampire Ashram

As many of you are aware, there was a brief interval in time when Lucifera and Lilith were at bitter odds with one another over issues that need not concern us here. But that past is now past.  And I am pleased to announce that Lilith will be working side by side with Lucifera from [...]

Magic Square of Saturn, Saturnian Gnosis & Common Misconceptions

Lucifera, the Kamea of Saturn & Her Sacred Number The issue of Lucifera as it relates to her planetary correspondence and number, not to mention her sacred title as the Devil and Supreme Goddess of Vampires, can be found hidden in plain sight within the Kamea of Saturn. A Kamea represents the spiritual forces placed [...]

Benediction To The Devil ~ Mantra of Blessings to Lucifera

House Keresian Sacred Benediction & Black Rosary of Lucifera The following is a sacred mantra of Blessings to Lucifera. It can be used once per day or evening. It is to be incorporated at the completion of reciting the two scrolls as given elsewhere that are contained in the altar coffin during worship on the [...]