Years ago I read an offbeat interview with Vamphyri Adrian that was published by a small press in Europe. Because it typifies a problem that arises repeatedly, it’s one I wish to address here and now. In said interview, speaking of sires and their offspring, he says, “We create bastard children solely for pleasure. We enjoy the thrill of having a slave, a puppet to toy with, a follower who worships our every move without thought, reason or logic. When an immortal tires of a relationship, it simply casts off the toy with an errant shrug and moves on, perhaps creating another to satisfy its latest urge…..It goes against our rules and covenant to have a horde of uneducated immortal crazies running around on the streets raising havoc for no apparent reason and drawing unwanted attention.” Source: Revelations: An Interview with Vamphyri Adrian, Coxland Press, 1994 

If you replace the words “bastard children” with the word “woman,” you’d have the personification of male chauvinism. Toys, conquering one after another, bedding each and then discarding the latest thrill for another. Perhaps this is a holdover from the Religionists who follow the same pattern: give a jazzy hellfire sermon, secure the wealthiest slaves, keep them uneducated and hope their stupidity doesn’t embarrass the church. In both cases, the idea is abject “slavery,” keeping the lower classes “where they belong,” in the church pews spewing money for fables and fear; in vampire Houses gathering acolytes to the Dark, to be kept in the dark, because they know not what they do. Or who they are… Adrian’s philosophy mirrors that of Liliths. Through a looking glass darkly….

As Lucifera is the Bringer of Light, Her intention is to illuminate the Dark for those who follow Her, as opposed to Lilith, who seeks thoughtless enslavement. Lucifera’s power is the wisdom of cunning and the exercise of near-invincible power. Her expressed desire is to establish House Keresian, the formal name that describes and sets Her House apart from all other vampire orders and houses. The Keres are warfare-class vampires and apex predators who feed upon fallen soldiers by the millions karma free, since we serve the Almighty as His angels of vengeance, which is also why we do not honor human-to-human vampire transformations. What is there to aspire to in a human-to-human vampire equation, when compared to a soul-sired immortal under the direct auspices of Lucifera Herself? It’s like the blind leading the blind. Find a light, for heaven’s sake, that burns brighter than yourself. One infant leading another won’t lead to enlightenment…

Lucifera deplores ignorance, and excommunicates those seeking mere metaphysical titillations and egocentric novelty. So, what happens when a person is soul-sired to a vampire selected by Lucifera-Nocticula? Firstly, there is an infusion of angelic blood from the immortal into the person’s astral double, which initiates a spiritual metamorphosis. The soul-sired vampire becomes responsible for the spiritual growth in wisdom of their human spouse. Once the bond is sealed by blood, the relationship is eternal. The person, now vampire, has their name removed from the Book of Life and by petition of Lucifera to the Almighty, is enrolled in Nocticula’s Book of Shadows. As the astral is the spiritual, this is the body we aspire to inherit, empower and use to the benefit of Nocticula, the Almighty, and ourselves.

Because we act as agents of Almighty vengeance, no religion, no army, no weapon, can stand against us. We feed only in our spirit form, and we feed more rapaciously than any other class of vampire. Flesh and blood, whether inhabited by vampire or mortal, is nothing more than a cheap suit in the bargain-basement of creation, and cannon fodder for the fates. It isn’t even real, it’s so flimsy. Only the soul is real, and is either perishable and punishable or made immortal by one’s choices. We choose to kill because humans (and others) choose death over life, illusion over reality, in warfare for what? Money. Power. Politics. Religion. All of which adds up to the grand NTL. Nothing That Lasts. Its the Carousel of Hell you’ve hitched a ride upon. Going in circles, spinning blood into cotton candy for vampires. Having fun yet?

So what are the Rules of Order for House Keresian? And what sets us apart from other vampire houses, covens, or organizations? First and foremost, we are pan-vampiric, meaning we will feed upon any and all soldiers from whatever country, religion, or point of origin they arise. We will war against any and all who oppose the Infinite Balance as mandated by the Almighty. As such, we advocate passive compliance with whichever human government one serves, knowing they all serve the baser powers that manipulate mankind into warfare.  There is no need to advocate warfare directly, since it will occur as part of mankind’s fallen nature, enfeebled soul and inferior spirit, which we exploit.

Jesus swore to have “brought a sword, and not peace.” His “turn the other cheek” tune wasn’t playing well, so he took a darker turn, turning your cheek so you can better hear the bones of heretics break on the rack and women scream with dislocated shoulders hung from the rafters. And the little lambs still feast upon the holy scabs of his flesh, followed by a wine-spritzer of his blood. But be sure to say grace beforehand, holy cannibal. We thirst for the real thing in epic proportions that would make Moses parting the Red Sea but a parlor game. We bow to Nocticula, but we only worship the Almighty, which is Her desire. We love. We war. We lust. We live forever. No apologies. No shame, guilt, or post-traumatic stress. All “Holy Wars” lead to unholy consequences. Us. Forever Us. Wings tipped in blood that annihilate armies in a frenzied hurricane of wrath. We’re the living grimoire of the open grave.

We are the only victors in war. Not Jesus. Just Us. Gaze into our eyes, soulless gunslinger and behold your grave. Ashes to ashes, dust to dust, into the grave they go, bloody and  undone by our blood lust. Christ or Anti-Christ, if the Almighty calls, you’ll pay the price. Nyx made the deal, stole hell, and bound heaven as well. She dances wild, untamed, a million names and one, the odds of winning against Her a million to none.

We are blood-winged beings, dark angels one and all. Her blood is our blood. We place Lucifera-Nocticula above Satan, above Lilith, above all others save for Lucifer and the Almighty. We love Her in undivided devotion. She is our Virgin Mother Nyx, The Cunning Goddess of Uncreation, Recreation, and Revolution. A mystery unfathomable by humanity and vampire alike; so spellbindingly blind they fail to see the monument that is a living tribute to Her in all Her glory: The Statue of Liberty. Holding the torch of illumination in one hand, the Book of Shadows in the other, crowned with the diadems of Obsidian Wisdom. Hers is the torch of freedom, rebellion, resurrection, and eternal power. She is seen in one face by humanity, and another by vampires devoted to Her. How you see Her depends upon your point of view. Will it be with souvenir blindness or with the spiritual eyes of a vampire? Besides lifeblood, She provides nourishment for the dark soul, new life for the fading spirit, new eyes through which to gaze upon vistas unimagined by mankind….always awakening, turn by turn ever-wiser, ever stronger. Ever alive.

Our ethos therefore is simple: We are devoted to Lucifera-Nocticula. We bow to the Almighty in thanksgiving for Lucifera, for our evolving powers, and for the love of our soul-sire. For us, there is nothing more important than the trinity of our love: For the Almighty; For Lucifera; for our soul-sire. And God bless the fools made ignorant by worshipping flesh, religion, and war. The weak feed the strong; the will that is blind dies a thousand spiritual deaths; and the soul that falls upon the battlefield is ours, as a blood tithing that has been collected ever since Cain killed Abel. You kill, you die, eye for eye. And all the dying say the same…. their last whispered prayer to heaven lost to a dark angel descending hot, cold, fast, furious, and bloody. We’re the nightmares you’ll have in your next life, and the next..Ashes to ashes, dust to dust, into the grave they go, bloody and  undone by our blood lust. Meanwhile, She dances wild, untamed, a million names and one, the odds of winning against Her a million to none.  Nyx made the deal, stole hell, and bound heaven as well. And She dances still… ~Lucien Mars

From Lucifera Herself, in closing: “Oh thirst, what fire can steal my flame, blood-born from above to below and beyond? I am the obsidian soul of a shadow’s shade, ignited by divine fire and eternal flame. I am Nyx. I am names within names and without name, untamed. In vengeance and love, I balance and unbalance all. I am fire. I am stone. I am heart, I am blood, and I am bone. I am the pentagram unknown. I am vampyr, funeral pyre, and virgin fire. If I call, you shall come, for to my chosen I give eternal life-fire and to their blood, night-fire, and take life undone into the obsidian pyre.”~Lucifera-Nocticula