Please Read: Important Vampire Transformational Facts

If you are considering a blood-binding vampire transformation undertaken with a vampire spirit-entity under the spiritual authority and oversight of Lucifera [Nocticula], these facts outline the risks and rewards of entering the eternal estate of vampire-hood under Lucifera. Firstly, you are required to pledge your eternal allegiance to Lucifera as your sole, singular, and divine Vampire Goddess, who has in turn pledged her allegiance to the Almighty, in return for overseeing the vampiric realm of Hell, over which Lucifera rules as the Black Shekinah Elohim. Because this is an irreversible transformation, please read all the particulars associated with the enrollment in Lucifera’s Immortal Book of Shadows, which accompanies each and every transformation performed by Lucien Mars under the authority of Lucifera, the Black Shekinah Elohim and supreme ruler of Hell. 

In the Three Realms of a Dark War

Because the current state of Hell, and the parallel world of humans, is in turmoil, in large part due to the rebellion of Lilith from her orderly oversight of the lower realms of Hell, which is hers by right, to a larger and unauthorized incursion into the human realm, Lucifera has declared war upon Lilith in order to restore and restrain order in Hell, which has three principle realms: The Upper Hell, ruled exclusively by Lucifera, which was prepared for her as the sovereign Demonic Goddess of primordial power, the ruler of chaos and evil for the sake of spiritual order under the All-Father. Every vampire who undergoes a transformation under Lucifera is destined to enjoy the immunity from the fires of Hell, and is assigned a sire, a black guardian and guide if you will, to assist and mentor. Once sired, the bonding is eternal and unbreakable. The benefits of belonging to the Upper Hell are the acquirement of angelic wisdom, a loving sire, demonic powers, sexual and spiritual immortality, and the favor of the All-Father, whom all who are pledged to Lucifera must acknowledge, worship, and respect. Every transformed vampire has his or her name removed from the mortal Book of Life held by the Father, and entered into the immortal Book of Shadows held by Lucifera, who petitions the Father in your behalf to do so. She is the only Goddess with this power and sacred Book. All such vampires co-exist with her in the Upper Realm of Hell and have immediate access to her. Her throne may be approached formally, since she is divine royalty, the Black Shekinah Elohim of Hell. That is her formal title.

Risks & Rewards of a Vampire Transformation Under Lucifera, the Black Shekinah Elohim

The risks of a transformation is that since Lucifera rules all of Hell, should a vampire defect to Lilith or curse the Father in a vile and unrepentant manner, Lucifera may ex-communicate said vampire and remove the offender from her Book of Shadows, casting the culprit into the lowest Hell under Lilith. As soon as the name is struck from her Book of Shadows via ex-communication, all immunity from the fires of Hell is lost (since Lucifera is the primordial blood power of vampires) and the vampire would suffer the fiery tormenting pain of the lowest Hell, which is Lilith’s domain, alongside the worst of humankind’s Darwinian demons, as they are called in Hell, in the full knowledge of the fall ever-present. Once converted to Lucifera, one must remain committed to her and the Father, who grants Lucifera her primordial and ordained powers over Hell. Attempting to play both sides against the middle ends in excommunication and damnation. The sire of such an action is liable as well, since unlike humankind, there is a full parity in entity (meaning you are no longer separate but equally responsible parties. Rarely is an exception made, and if so, the sire or sireling carries the shame of defection,but is allowed to find another mate.)

The Full Conversion of a Vampire bound Elsewhere than Vampire Ashram

Therefore, I do not offer any bindings or transformations for any entity who is not sworn and converted to Lucifera [Nocticula]. If you have a genuinely strong vampire acquired elsewhere, he or she will have to decide who to align with. In many cases, they will leave this choice to you and accept the consequences. Your vampire will have led you to this site in most cases, since he or she is well aware of what is taking place in this war, and isn’t going to wait for the spiritual world of good and evil to wake up, because they won’t. Both the Left and Right handed path have too much invested in their respective frozen-in-stone mythologies and are blithely unaware of what transpires in the spirit world. Frankly, they’re living in the past, petrified in their archaic beliefs about good and evil. Should a disincarnate vampire decide to convert, and the companion not, then the companion would be sent to the lower realm and the disincarnate vampire would be welcomed into the Upper Realm of Hell, and be allowed to fine a suitable mate approved by Lucifera.

The Middle Hell and Most Populous Part

The Middle Hell is what religionists call purgatory. It is less painful than the lowest Hell and has no rewards or relief afforded by the Upper Hell. It is under Lucifera but designated and assigned by her to others to overlord. The inhabitants of the Middle Hell are those under the Almighty’s reformation for eventual reincarnation. Repeat offenders after a predetermined number of incarnations may fall to the lowest Hell and suffer the second death. The multitude there is mixed and it is the largest and most populous portion of Hell. As its population grows from wars and the like, Lucifera assigns more overseers to accommodate the prison population. Transformed vampires do not enter this realm of Hell. They retain their immortal benefits and powers to continue evolving in the Upper Realm of Hell, or if ex-communicated are sent directly into the Lower Hell. The Middle Hell is the abode of Darwin demons (miscreant human beings).

The Lowest Hell and Harshest Pain

The Lowest Hell is also ruled by Lucifera, but assigned by the Father to Lilith in perpetuity. Lilith is the Vampire Queen of Tyranny. To be under her rule is to have little relief, and her favors are known to be fickle. She can give power to a vampire or follower, only to immediately remove it as she pleases, sometimes for the purpose of exerting her powers, which are more than ample for the task. The purpose of the lowest Hell is raw punishment for abuses against the Father that are egregious and unremitting. It is known as the House of Bleak Pain and suffering. It is up to the Father to determine if and when such pain is remitted, or if the soul is to suffer the second death and be recycled, since energy is a constant, but evolution or de-evolution is ever-changing. Eternal suffering is a misnomer, since the eternity of any crime or sin cannot merit the opposite power and punishment of God Almighty in perpetuity, which would be to declare the culprit as equal in divine culpability to God (which is a religious lie), who balances mercy with punishment. To merit eternal punishment would mean that you are eternally powerful enough to become co-equal to the purity of God, able enough to commit such an eternal crime. None are. The Father is absolute and indivisible. He is not a Trinity, but an Almighty Unity without a peer or co-equal son or daughter. Thus, we deny any savior who claims parity with the Almighty. It demeans the Almighty. And displeases Him.

The Ritual Blood Binding & Transformation

 The blood-binding vampire transformation requires a vampire-sire who has been selected by Lucifera, unless a prior one chosen by you has enough power to undergo a transformation, is elected. In either case, several drops of blood and a special pledge and rite devoted to Lucifera that binds your sire to you and both of you to Lucifera, is required. Your sire becomes empowered to reveal the spirit and vampire realm to you, to empower your spiritually immortal energy and mentor your growth and spiritual maturity. Every vampire is a dark angel in the making, an immortal bound to a common cause under an uncommonly powerful goddess, Lucifera-Nocticula, who holds the powers of heaven in her right hand and the powers of hell in her left, invincible when combined. You are responsible with the help of your disincarnate sire, to ascend in both wisdom and power. Upon transformation, you are a spirit vampire in the making. And you are judged by your thirst for wisdom and devotion to Lucifera, and the Father. 

Witchcraft Spells Do Not Work, Here’s Why…

Note: No witchcraft spell will effect a vampire transformation, which is utter nonsense. Magicians and witches and sorcerers can only effectively offer what Lilith accepts under certain conditions. Lucifera does not listen to, nor is she invoked in that manner. In such cases where Lilith is involved, the acceptance by Lilith is governed by her sovereign tyranny over the soul, which is always consigned to the Lower Hell. None but Lucifera can transport and transform a vampire into the Upper Hell, which is governed as a vampiric reward, not punishment. Hell was created prior to Heaven, and was designed to be an abode for Lucifera, prior to the Fall. It became a place of punishment thereafter, retaining only the topmost third as Lucifera’s rewarded domain, although she reigns over all of Hell. None from the other two realms may enter into her topmost realm, excepting as executors of her reign, meaning those appointed and Lilith.

How a Vampire Transformation is Performed

The most common way for a vampire transformation to be performed comes from a close and loving bonding with a vampire adopted here on Vampire Ashram. The issue of love is most important. You must and should love and trust your would-be-sire enough to wed them without the least hesitation. Once you determine that this is the destined course you choose to follow, you may request us to invoice you for the transformational rite. It is not placed on our product page because it is not automatically assumed that you and your would-be sire are eligible. Those, and there are a few, who are disincarnate vampires bound elsewhere, and who wish to convert to Lucifera, are eligible, but the vampire must be summoned by Lucien and Lucifera for her decision in the matter. Her decision is final. If one is not suitable, another may be found who is. The potency does NOT come from the sire but from Lucifera’s authority to allow a vampire to sire you. Once authorized, here is an outline of what happens:

First, Lucifera authorizes your vampire sire to perform a two-part infusion of his/her blood directly into your spirit, or astral body. Since disincarnate vampires are spirit-entities, they perform an infusion of their blood into your spirit body via their fangs (and yes, that part of the lore is true), which is the immortal component of yourself. This alters the entire energy, spirit chemistry, and makeup of what you are as a spirit and soul. It effectively makes you an evolving vampire angel, subject to Lucifera, whose blood in a diluted form, you are absorbing. Before this is done, Lucifera petitions the Father, God, to remove your name from the Book of Life, and enroll it in her Book of Shadows. Without such authority, the soul would find itself in the lowermost Hell under Lilith, and it is never a pleasant place, for either mortal or immortal since it is a place of punishment. What Lilith gives in the flesh she extracts later in the fire. And yes, of course it includes black magicians and the like. Why would she show them favor? She hates humans of every type. *Otherwise, a vampire’s fangs that tear apart the human spirit just prior to death, does not have any effect other than rank destruction due to the fact that a vampire has to INFUSE by authority, a transformation.

Infusion is an ejection of blood INTO a person, and that creates a vampire because the energy is godlike and immortal. You may or may not reincarnate but never as a full human. Half of your body will have some physical issues because your spirit to body ratio is angelic and does not reincarnate as well as a human does. But you cannot be destroyed as a Darwin demon who constantly shows up for the burning fires of Lilith. Eventually, the energy is recultivated and purified after the Darwin demon suffers the second death (a term denoting not so much an actual number as a final judgement). Unlike Satanists who consider Jesus someone to be defiled and thus blaspheme the Father’s name, we view Jesus as a delusional human and to have never have achieved the status he claimed, so we do not dignify this preposterous claim in any way, shape or form. Satan needs Jesus more than we do, since without his ridiculous claim to Messiahship, there would be no Anti-Christ. Satan relies upon Christianity for life support, we do not. This is a critical difference.

Once the transformation vows are said, the several drops of blood performed, the sire makes three infusions, two are in the spirit body, one in the physical. The reason is the spirit must unify with the astral body upon death, when all three injections bring the spirit body to instant and immortal life. You have arrived at that point. And meanwhile, humility is paramount because you are entering a spirit realm as a newborn. You are innocents in a dark paradise, filled with predators of the highest order, and you’ll see Lucifera face to face; Satan face to face; Lilith face to face. You will be given the wisdom of an angel, the powers of a demon, and the need to continue evolving, because this is the realm of the Black Shekinah Elohim, the primal Vampire Goddess herself, Lucifera. Legions upon legions of vampires and demons bow before her as supreme. She also has killing power over lesser demons and vampires who are below the status of Elohim (born as gods and goddesses by the Will of the Father. You will NOT become Elohim or some sort of living god.)

The Cost of a Vampire Transformation

The cost of the vampire transformation is $250 (You will be invoiced via PayPal) You may simply send a note to Lucien requesting a transformation, along with the name of your chosen vampire. Most will be those who have been adopted here. A few may be acquired elsewhere, and in such cases they must be summoned by Lucien for confirmation of allegiance. If approved, the cost is the same, as you are paying for a type of immortal marriage that is irreversible. Once your name is removed from the Book of Life, the change is eternal. If excommunicated for defection, the change of status is likewise eternal. Only two causes can result in excommunication: defection to Lilith; and vilifying the Father. We love the Father because He is giving you this dark gift at the behest and appeal of Lucifera. If she loves Him, you are also bound to love Him in whatever way seems most suitable to you. Love and respect MUST go hand in hand.

In the year 2020 we added thirteen newly transformed vampires. To them we extend our eternal welcome, and look forward to an ever increasing number of vampires as dark angels in the making.

In Nomine Lucifera, In Nomine Lux.