It is under the immediate directive of Lucifera that our newest addition to the Sinister Assembly has been added: The Chaldean Goddess Vari. Why is Vari so important? For vampires who worship Lucifera, Vari is next in line for your worship. In fact, the Vampire Trinity is composed of God, The Almighty Father, Lucifera, Empress of Hell, and Vari Creatrix of Blood. These three forces are the three pillars of vampires: The Father whose spirit flows via the electrical current of blood, the spirit fire that fuels all of humanity: some for food, vampires for nourishment. So it is, and so it shall always be. Effectively, we worship these three as our Vampire Trinity: We worship the Father in the Name of Lucifera and the Name of Vari. All else is secondary. We deny the mythology that a male named Jesus Christ created mankind. Furthermore, we view his saviorship as lacking in dignity, as none, no, not one apostle was a female. Yet, it was Vari, a female, not Jesus, a male, who created the very blood that flowed through his veins. For this reason, we bow before God our Father as in truth, and not paternal misogamy. You must either believe that a male savior created mankind, or that a vampire goddess did so. Or believe them both to be fabrications. But some spirit being surely did. And the being’s name is not Id, or Ego, or Viagra.

On the background of Adam, it is written by Massey, “In the Semitic languages, Assyrian and Hebrew, Adam signifies “blood”, simply blood, as the red.” Who was the co-creator then of Adam? It was none other than the one whose namesake mankind became, and was made by blood, for vampires, by vampires. Massey continues by saying, “In the Mangaian account of Creation, the Great Mother, Vari, is said to have made the first man from pieces of her own flesh, flesh being blood that has taken form.” Vari, your spiritual mother, gave you birth by the sacrifice of her blood. It is re-sacrificed in women as the monthly menstrual period, in men as the emission of sperm. Thus, she created a full circle of life, reproduction, birth, and death. She created most of humanity as food for the gods, the Nephilim and for the goddess of vampires, Lucifera. It was under the direction of the Father and Lucifera that Vari created blood, the ruler of life. Blood as food, blood as fuel, blood as reproductive fire, erotic fire, and life eternal via vampiric blood that is not given to humanity. Your blood Mother is Vari. This is the Cold Hard Truth: Females Rule the Spirit Realm under God, the Almighty Father. Your Creatrix is Vari.

Contrary to the Christian myths, Massey goes on to say, that “All men derived from the motherhood at first, and in that mythical creation the man was really created from the woman.” Yes, created in fact from the vampiric goddess Vari. Of course that is contrary to the male dominated Christian myth. The Father, God Almighty, was the first mover, but it was Vari, the Chaldean Vampire Goddess, who was tasked with creating mankind.

The time has come for Vari to be again summoned, as the cycle of creation is drawing to a close as we all come under the Iron Age of increased technology but dying spirituality. Vari is calling her chosen back to bond with her. To BE, as a vampire, to BECOME, to reunite your soul, your blood, your spirit, with that of your immediate Creatrix, Vari. Therefore, now meet the true Vampire Goddess/Creatrix. Your immediate maker: Vari, chosen by Lucifera at this point in time to be re-introduced and to secure her blessings by a special bonding of her in blood and prayer and appreciation. She empowers every vampiric, every demonic, every spiritual path.

I am proud to offer a special bonding of the Chaldean Goddess of Blood, Vari, which will include a special Bone of Adamu Blood Token, to be sent with instructions on worshipping her. This special Bone of Adamu Blood Token is to be used for making occasional blood offerings of a drop or two during phases of the New and Full Moon. She accepts no other offerings except prayers made in the Name of the Father, The Name of Lucifera, and the Name of Vari. Your blood is her blood, sacrificed for your creation. She empowers, loves, bestows blessings, favor, vampiric conquests of enemies, metaphysical abilities and occultic powers of every imaginable kind. Would you expect anything less from the Mother whose blood flows in your veins? Those who ignore her remain as food for reincarnation to be sent to battlefields in ignorance and in opposition to God the Father, whose First Commandment is the Most Important: Thou shalt not kill. Vampires are tasked with destroying those who do so. The karma of ignorance is death eternal and continual. And this is the TRUTH. The myth in the bible is a lie. Vari, not Jesus, created mankind under the direct order of God the Father, under the direction of Lucifera. Yes, two out of three supreme vampire goddesses are what make up the Vampire Trinity as expressed in creation on earth.

Vari is therefore the physical creatrix of your very being. This is truth. This is life. This is blood, Adamu, in you. In Babylon the first human was created by her, as the Talmud states, “Adam’s body was made of the earth of Babylon.” Vari used spiritual technology and combined matter with spirit, linking the two by her sacred blood, which she sacrificed to create. THAT is the reason blood has always been the soul of spirituality. And why sacrifices are made to her: blood sacrifices in war, on the damned cross, on everything that vampires, under the Will of God act and have our being. He balances life and death and eternity.

Vari can be bound to all vampires, as the giver of blood power. Only Lucifera holds the key to empowering Vari’s blood by her own, which is superior to that of humans. Vari can be bound to humans as well, although her powers are not the same as Lucifera’s, whose blood is the highest and most sacred. Vari’s blood is used by vampires for incarnation when desired; and although it is lesser, it is the will of Lucifera that Vari be worshipped for the flesh that is granted both for vampires and human souls to incarnate within. Without Vari, no vampire could hunt on earth, and would be in straits for survival. Vari provides a vampire with the food of the fallen in battle.

Vari is the Goddess of Eros by blood. She is the supreme Mother Goddess of blood sorcery, witch blood, and occultic powers fueled by blood. Without her blood, no births, no deaths, no flesh would be. You would not be. She is the co-creatrix of the human race, and the foundation stone for providing her children, the humans, as sacrificial food for vampires. Praised by the blood by which we are fed. Praised be Vari. Praised be Lucifera. Praised be God Almighty. If vampire, your food is received because of her. Its as simple as that.

For a limited time, Vampire Ashram is offering a binding to this sacred goddess and creatrix, along with a Bone of Adamu Blood Token. For full details, see her listing under the Sinister Assembly.

The role of Vampire Ashram continues to evolve in accordance with the guidance of Lucifera for the benefit of vampires. More and more, we will be moving toward a formal system of Vampiric education and services devoted to Lucifera and the Vampire Trinity. For now, know the Truth, for the Truth and God are always One. Whether mankind likes it or not. It’s time to stop trying to make God in mankind’s image, and especially that of the male image. God is always greater than gender. Ave Lucifera. Ave Vari.

The Three Primordial Parts of the Trinity are God, Nyx, and Vari. Welcome to the truth. Now you know. As vampire, this is who created you, who ascended your blood, and who feeds you by the blood of the fallen. This is indeed the Trinity of Blood.