It Was Eight Years Ago to the Day~

Eight years ago to the day, on April 17, 2013, a woman named Kara Lucielle Pythiana was inspired to write both a poem and an invocation of the Goddess of Hell, Lucifera. I have included it here with all credits given to her for the depth of her devotion and of course, her artistic poetry. The author of the poem and invocation below is unknown to me, and appears to reside in Eastern Europe, which is only a guess, given that most American occultists are too busy kissing the feet of Aleister Crowley, Satan, Lovecraft, and John Dee. And what could a female goddess really have to offer anyway? Well, first of all, if she is the Empress of Eternal Darkness and Hell, then Satan is not. It is still highly forbidden to put in print books from blood-born witches in areas of the Balkans and others. Their worship and their rites are only passed within families and through oral teachings, and not marketed for mass appeal on venues such as YouTube and others. Anyone doing so is shunned by the family and impeached by the god or goddess worshipped. In other words, they take dark magick much more seriously and treat it more sacredly and more secretly than the typical arm chair occultist in the west.

Western Occultism is Not World Occultism~

I am taking the liberty of posting the entire piece because it refutes the opinion that Lucifera is merely a legend. What western occultism chooses to believe or not believe DOES NOT mean that Aleister Crowley, or John Dee, or others who flood the US occult market, are followed or even paid attention to by many in countries like Latvia, the Balkans, Romania, the Ukraine and a larger part of the world than the US. Books are not cranked out on Lucifera, but be assured, in areas of Eastern Europe and others, her name stands alone in terms of power. In areas of rural Romania, it is forbidden to even call upon her without fear of dreadful consequences. And Hers is a power that is exalted not only in Hell but in Heaven. No other Goddess, -none- bears such power or can make such claims.

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A Gnostic Luciferian Evocation Prayer~ by  Kara Lucielle Pythiana

– A Gnostic Luciferian Evocation Prayer –

(Combined Latin / Greek / Old English / Sumerian Translation)

“Lux et gloria, regina Infernum! O Domina daemonium…
Lucifera, imperatrix immortis… ex Infernum: Celestis!
Vite, vite, spiritus divinus… in Terra et in Celestis, thu Lucifera,
Ic salve! Salve, salve… thu Mater Excelsis Draconia….
Thin nomine, Ic honor; et thin Lucifera, thin Angelica,
In Sanctus Nomine Celestis…
Et: in Sanctus Nomine Infernum. Cacama.”

“Ga lu mu eme basu gis-tuku dingir-e ina baltulu ma ina mitulu.
Ina baltulu rabum, ina mitulu gis-tuku!
Mu eme ina eme tia ni-ana-si-anna…
Mu sa bara tia ina mudutu tia ni-ana-si-anna.
O Lucifera, a-gim dug menden gal! A-gim dug ga gal.
Ga za-mi za-e! Cacama.”

“Ic evocare thu Lucifera, Ic evocare thu ex Infernum…
O Lucifera, gloria Noctis! O Lucifera, gloria Eos!
Thu angelica aurea et regalis… Ic evocare thu, min femina dei!
Stella Eos, Beata Lux, Eterni Serpens, dulcis femina dei…
Ic evocare thu… dulcis daemonia; felix, Ic gaude in te.
Ic gaude: gloria in excelsis, Lucifera! Gloria gnosis! Cacama.”

(Standard English Translation)

“Light and glory, queen of Hell! O Lady of all demons…
Lucifera, empress immortal… out of Hell: Heaven!
Life, life, spirit divine… in Earth and in Heaven, thou Lucifera,
I hail! Hail, hail… thou Mother Highest Draconia…
Thy name, I honor; and thy Lucifera, thy Angel,
In the Holy Name of Heaven…
And: in the Holy Name of Hell. Amen.”

“I let my voice be heard by the god of the living and the dead.
The living tremble, the dead listen!
My voice is the voice of a goddess…
My mind contains the knowledge of a goddess.
O Lucifera, how beautiful we are! How beautiful I am.
I praise thee! Amen.”

“I evoke thou, Lucifera, I evoke thou out of Hell…
O Lucifera, glory of the Night! O Lucifera, glory of the Dawn!
Thou angel golden and regal… I evoke thou, my goddess!
Star of the Dawn, Blessed Light, Eternal Serpent, sweet goddess…
I evoke thou… sweet demoness; happy, I rejoice in thee.
I rejoice: glory in the highest, to Lucifera! Glory to knowledge! Amen.”

This is both a meditation mantra, and a summoning incantation.

Written by Kou_Indigo (Kara Lucielle Pythiana)
Published 17th Apr 2013

~Ave Sanguis. Ave Lux. Ave Lucifera~