Keys of Interpretation for The Principalities of Power & Satan

The origin of the Ordines Descendens is considered apocryphal due to the fact that it is not listed in the known works of John Dee, whose work in the Enochian language and his sigil work remains the most exhaustive. And because the grimoire was purportedly hidden in the false bottom of a trunk which was purchased from the estate of John Dee, it’s pedigree is considered apocryphal, and there may have been some alterations in the latter hands of one Jeremiah Hobbs, who added his own notes. Most importantly, it follows the medieval formulary of “commanding” these entities into manifested presence. This is NOT the same as binding them which Dee never did, at least not intentionally. Instead, he became obsessed by them, which is always possible, since the circle of conjuration meant to avoid such workings is far from foolproof. Black magicians are able, if skilled enough, to work with the Ordines Descendens and conjure these dark lords of Hell forth, but that is NOT the same as binding them, which requires a higher principality than those being conjured, namely Lucifera. It is her solemn voice that commands compliance. Also, the grimoire gives the hidden name of God, which is largely irrelevant to working through Lucifera, whose connection is absolute and direct.

It is obvious that Dee would have hidden or destroyed the grimoire, and he probably fought the urge to destroy the work vs. his inherent appreciation for the power and knowledge this grimoire brought to bear on the Lords of Hell (Tartaras) which depicts the Black Cross, or inverted order of heaven. Using four Watchtowers with four prevailing powers, that of Air, Water, Earth, and Fire, and then subdividing them once again, gives with geometrical precision the corresponding Lords of Hell and their names, which a skilled black magician can then use to summon them to manifestation. Acting as agent for Lucifera, these are conjured into manifestation, and furthermore, into binding, which is radically different in both effects and the power inherent in binding said principalities. Invocations by black magicians are required on a frequent basis vs. a direct binding of the same powers to an individual. This presents a greater amount of risk for greater rewards, as these are raw beings of supremely dark energy and infernal might. Trying to command them ends in the demise of the perpetrator such as the so-called King Solomon.Viewed as one’s superiors to be respected is the rule that governs their response to you.

Keys to Understanding Satan

Satan himself is somewhat of a wild card since he is radical and unpredictable, capable of miracles, mayhem, and wisdom coupled with raw divine power. He also holds occult powers of demonic possession in cases of idolatry, i.e. the Catholic Church, the Jewish Torah followers, and Muslim followers (although to a lesser degree, as Lilith is the scourge of Muslims and Jews) as allowed by God the Father. These powers of possession are aimed at destroying the priests who practice idolatry by violating the foremost commandment: Thou shalt have no other gods before ME, which Christianity violates by making a god of Jesus. God did NOT say ‘thou shalt have no other gods besides US, as in the trinity and it’s insanely pagan blood-drinking, flesh-eating doctrine of holy communion. These religions all spring from the Torah, and the fountain is poisoned by various idolatries, for which Satan promotes to his own ends.

Satan’s Greatest Illusion

Satan was created to be the Advocate Tempter, thus his temptations to Jesus were atypical and usual, not profound. He tried much harder and had far less success with Job than with Jesus. He defeated Jesus (with the help of the Devil) by eventually appealing to his martyr’s pride, combined with a Messianic delusion, which led him to the cross, setting up an idolatrous pagan religion that would bear the most evil (not to mention tax exempt) seeds imaginable: Inquisitions, witch burnings, wars, both civil and religious worldwide, both internal and external to the religious zealots themselves. But this is not the way Satan began. His power to tempt became the power to rebel against humanity, for many good reasons and not a few bad ones. The hatred Lilith holds for the jewish race rubbed off on Satan, who then also sought to destroy them, having launched Christianity for that very purpose. Christianity allowed Hitler to use the sublimated hatred toward the jews to launch the holocaust as predestined by God as their punishment for turning their backs on their beloved “Messiah.” They became god-killers and easy targets. Once you see the end game in slow replay mode, all becomes quite clear, if not somewhat ugly. You see, the greatest illusion Satan created was that he was defeated by the same Christ he created. Should make you a wee bit spiritually seasick, to hear the truth, or deny it, no matter. The damage is done. It’s a wicked game the gods play. And its played by their rules, the Elohim, not yours. Your free will is that of a flea will to the Elohim, and vampires move on. And vampires grow strong. And when earth is no more, more we shall be as we were before. Forever. And forever more.

Satan & the Sumerians

Satan was better known by the ancient Sumerians as the creator of humanity, although this was done under the agency of the Almighty. The race of Adamu (humanity) was germinated by the wisdom and occult powers of Satan, who violated the tenets of the Almighty by offering wisdom (and specifically sexual wisdom and tantric powers that opened the kundalini energy gates prematurely) to liberate Adam & Eve (Adamu and Eva) when they were yet infants and incapable of formulating the consequences which culminated in the Fall. Satan was known as Enki by the Sumerians, which is why the Yezidi people who live in northern Iraq, still worship God as Satan. The issue of this premature wisdom giving (kundalini awakening) by Satan split the camp of Vampiric Elohim in two: those Vampiric Elohim who view this as fostering insubordination and idolatry by boosting a power humanity was ill-equipped to handle, since God created Satan, or Enki, to work in the capacity as His agent, not as God. Because of this, the vampiric Goddess Lucifera moved against Lilith, who had strayed along with Satan from their path of obedience into an exalted sense of power that is at odds with God the Father. Satan has a healthy fear of Lilith due to her ancient Elohim nature, and a greater one for Lucifera due to her sheer invincible powers and her ability to foment divine revolution in any realm and among every Elohim power: in heaven, hell, or on earth, at the discretion of the Father. As such, she is the defacto Devil, not Satan. She represents the violence of the Father’s wrath and is worshipped in his name. She insists upon allegiance to God the Father as the singular and all-source of all that is, of nothingness and everythingness. She answers to none but the Father.

Satana, or Sanat the Peacock Serpent

As regards Satan, the use of the mantra in Hindu, “Satanama” is considered a high mantra due to the origin of it: SA means birth, TA means life, NA means transformation, MA rebirth (reincarnation). There follows the belief that God opposes Satan who wishes to liberate and not enslave humankind. This same belief in the static nature of gods such as Satan can also be applied to Krishna, who is a vampiric god of lust and blood (blue-blooded Elohim as his appearance indicates), and not the benign dancer with virgins in fields of paradise advocated by many Bakti oriented Hindus. He too assumes a benign role until one begins to see the results from the famed Hare Krishna movement. In fact, one astute vampire house periodical uses the Hare Krishna mantra to invoke the forces of vampiric blood lust, which resulted in the demise of the Hare Krishna movement via gun and drug running, petty larceny on a grand scale, child abuse, kidnapping and murder. (*read the book, Monkey on a Stick, for a complete overview)

As all of this relates to God the Almighty Father and Lucifera, we hold the truth to be self-evident, that the Darwin demons have incurred a curse by this “liberation” of their mortal innocence: it was a tragic mistake to let the Darwin demons have the powers they possess, and thus we advocate for the Father, not for the premature liberation offered by Satan. And not because the Father wishes to enslave, but to empower all beings according to their speed of spiritual evolution. Jump-starting the Darwin demons was simply a very bad idea for all involved. This is the major issue of divine warfare between Lucifera and Lilith. Yet Satan is one of us, and not a Darwin demon, so he is given a different perspective of respect for his powers. And of course, we do not advocate the jewish religion, or the idea that the jews were the chosen people of Yahweh, which is more akin to what satanists consider the demiurge. After all, the jewish religion created the Christian and Muslim ones by osmosis and Darwin demon theology, which in turn became the curse upon judaism. The muslims and Christians both either turned a deaf ear to Hitler’s programmed holocaust, or actively supported him. The Tibetans also joined in the fray, claiming the jews would reincarnate into more Aryan enlightened creatures via New Age thought combined with equal amounts of religious New Age all-is-one nonsense. One could easily envision the pope and the Dalai Lama agreeing to share a coke at halftime during the Super Bowl in this La La Land of spiritual insanity.

Satan as Liberator & Illusionist

Satan is a potent liberator and has the power of ascension when used judiciously and with full knowledge of the downside: he can prematurely liberate, and does, for his own practical purposes unrelated to “kundalini awakening” which has resulted in the coming Apocalypse foretold by Jesus (due to be a self-fulfilling prophecy), due to the Darwin demons spiritual insanity. The Darwin demons are, in short, a self-destructive and suicidal (fallen) race that no other race wants living in their multiverse. Lucifera is not here to save humans, nor is the Father. Their path has been determined and it is fatal. The Darwin demons don’t really believe in God, nor the Devil, which makes them spiritually blind. Those who do, believe -all too often- in an immoral and self-righteous freedom to fuck over others (i.e. “holy” wars etc.) with the bill sent to the savior on a stick (or via New Age-ism and a rainbow of grimy eastern gurus), so they can glory in doing it endlessly and go feasting in heaven in the hereafter. That’s the very definition of insanity, not to mention demonic pride of the basest sort.

Others who avoid religion also avoid God as the supreme creator and destroyer. In other words: the Darwin demons are spiritually insane, and that’s exactly what premature kundalini awakening creates, but in a more permanent way. They worship a water-walking, wine-making savior on a stick who takes all their sins as a divine debit card with no upper limits to their vile undertakings (because he vicariously did the same, which means he had to also enjoy it, which is the essential component of sin and the sole motive for doing so), so they can freely sin with the false notion of absolution, which kills the conscience completely and irrevocably in the worst possible way. And that is also the magick of Satan, that he has done this very thing, so that whether you are a Christian or a Satanist it amounts to the same idolatrous issue. And give Satan credit, it is an ingenious plan built to entrap all participants. Until you thoroughly understand the dynamics of such a power, you cannot even conceive of his angelic powers that can destroy and create worlds, saviors and religions in an endless and ingenious cycle of the serpent swallowing its own tail. If you don’t see through the facade, you will never see his true face. Nor God’s. You cannot think as a Darwin demon to decode how all this is done. You’ll have to dig a lot deeper and throw all safety nets to the wind. You must begin to think like vampire, like those who are willing to tell you the unvarnished truth.

Thus, when working with Satan one must bear the burden of this awareness. He is Elohim, he has his own reasons for why he did what he did and I am not here to either explain them in detail or exonerate him. As vampire, he is a member of the Elohim family, and that includes the Vampiric Elohim. The Darwin demons will be lost without a trace over time, which is eternal, and none will miss them any more than one would miss the dinosaurs. And that means you, as mortal, have to decide how to cast your vote and pledge your spiritual allegiance. I view Satan from a much longer term than a human would, and thus I work with him, knowing he has to conform to the Will of the Almighty. And because Satan has chosen to work for Lucifera, I abide by her decision. And I have no personal reason not to work with him, provided he is not seen in the light of being “God with a capital G.” Trading one idol for another would be a meaningless spiritual move. That said, there is much to be learned from Satan, much to respect and admire even, but with the line being drawn at confusing him with the Almighty.

The Power, the Illusion & the Price

Also, should any desire a binding of Satan, such bindings must be approved by Lucifera. And knowing the essential spiritual elements behind the Darwin demon religions, which he helped create, as outlined briefly above, is of course mandatory to an understanding of Satan’s great powers, but also his greater rewards or downfalls, as the case may be on an individual basis. He was created by the Father, he remains loved by the Father, and should not be viewed from the limited perspective of Darwin demon theology, nor the antinomian perspective of a hedonistic and unbalanced spirituality. The history of humanity will have come and gone before any final peace is achieved in the realms of heaven. And space does not allow for a fuller vindication of his powers, or short-fallings as outlined above, to provide a comprehensive background, but it should alert one and all to the consequences of this great Elohim power called Satan. He is the great illusionist, and also on the opposite side of the coin, the great bestower of powers for those who see through his illusion. Like the Leprechaun, catch him in the act and his powers will be placed at your disposal. For a price. And that price is spiritual enlightenment, to see directly through all else into the eyes of God. He is destined to provide this because he is after all, his Father’s son.