HERE’S THE LATEST SCAM ALERT UPDATE: USED TO DESCRIBE ITSELF AS “YOUR CURSED STORE” (A SLOGAN THEY RECENTLY CHANGED AFTER BEING EXPOSED FOR COPYRIGHT THEFT, TO “YOUR FAVORITE COVEN”). We’ve updated the scam alert, having come from various blogs about the operator of whose name appears to be that of Kevin Neece. And you’ll love reading about his impressive list of occult credentials below. Pass this information along to others who may fall prey to the Great Occult Dishwasher and Former Cashier of Stores Unlimited. Please post this link to every forum site that you can so that others will know exactly who they’re dealing with, a self-confessed delusional and self-destructive menial worker who has bounced from one cashier job to another. 



The occult genius behind Satania Store appears to be one Kevin Neece according to various blogs. If so, his background in the occult arts is impressive. Where did he learn his skills? His resume begins with a stint as a “former” dishwasher at Alamo Drafthouse in Lake Creek, TX. He then became a “former cashier at Target. He did so well he moved onto becoming a “former” cashier at Family Dollar Store. Aiming ever higher he went on to become a “former” cashier at Sam’s Club.

How does Kevin Neece describe himself? He describes himself as delusional, schizoaffective, self-destructive, and surreal. We agree with all these statements. As for his theft of copyrighted materials he admits and gloats in the deception, admitting on one blog to “bootlegging the Alamo Drafthouse Preshows.” As we follow his meteoric rise in the occult ranks of superstars, beginning as a dishwasher at the Alamo Drafthouse in Lake Creek, to that of bootlegging their preshows, somewhere along the line he decided to scam the public by stealing copyrighted listings, mantras, and materials from Vampire Ashram and others, as he has done in the past from his former employer, Alamo Drafthouse when he worked there as a dishwasher.

The portrait of his life is that of a former, former, forever former cashier, dishwasher and a self-confessed thief. That is who you are buying from when you purchase from, someone who has chronic problems rising above the minimum wage and remaining below the speed limit, both of which resulted in financial desperation as his personal history shows. Any purchases from his site are nothing more than a donation to a menial and marginal human being with a self-confessed history of stealing from those who employed the magical dishwasher. Do you think you’ll fare any better?

Meanwhile the Dishwasher Magican is making a name for himself as the “YouTube Yodeler” taking mantras from across the globe and putting them into his own death-frog style yodeling. Another trick he probably learned at his dishwasher years at the Alamo Drafthouse. 

Meet the Twelve Disciples of the Magick Dishwasher:

Here are the Public Records of Kevin Neece from Austin Texas:

8/21/2005: Expired Registration/Court Disposition, Guilty

4/22/2009: ***Failure to Maintain Financial Responsibility/Court Disposition, Jail, Guilty

1/22/2009: Failure to Change Name on Driver’s License/Court Disposition, Jail, Guilty

1/22/2009: Expired Inspection Violation/Court Disposition, Jail, Guilty

1/22/2009: Expired Registration/Court Disposition, Jail, Guilty

10/21/2011: Speeding Violation/Court Disposition, Mandatory Driving Safety Course

11/10/2012: No Driver’s License/Court Disposition, Guilty

12/16/2014: Passing Authorized Emergency Vehicle/Court Disposition, 2nd Mandatory Driver Safety Course

5/14/2015:*** Failure to Maintain Financial Responsibility/Court Disposition, Guilty

5/14/2015: Speeding on State Highway/Court Disposition, Guilty

3/31/2015: Expired Registration/Court Disposition, Guilty

5/14/2015: Speeding on State Highway/Court Disposition, Guilty

Sounds like the twelve days of Christmas, when my courtroom gave to me a ticket for dashing past an emergency vehicle, another one for not having a diver’s license, two failures to maintain financial responsibilities, three speeding violations, five expired citations, and a scammer in a pear tree!

 No wonder Kevin Neece decided to delve into the metaphysical field. With that many traffic infractions, it seems Astral Travel may now be his only means of transportation! Speeding, Failure to Maintain Financial Responsibility, Driving without a License, Expired everything, Worked as a cashier everywhere, all adds up to a personality prone to delusional misadventures galore. If this is the same person operating, good luck with that, you’ll need it. He’s a sigil-maniac only because they can be copied from any and all sources, handwritten because he probably cannot afford a pen. Hell, he has almost as many offenses as Solomon has Goetic demons. His closest twelve disciples are listed above. Care to join them? 

Stolen Copyrighted Listing Previously posted on Satania Store

Seems the ripoff artist at Satania cannot even spell. Otherwise they wouldn’t be stealing listings. This is taken verbatim from SATANIA STORE their item, Hypersexual Shadow Succubus: (we recorded it in screenshot as well. They have since removed it after the glaring light of truth was shone upon their plagiarism and fraud).

She is Z a Lustful Dark Sex Entity (the only thing this thief changed is the type of entity) Goddess of killing shades, wraiths, and obscure powers to magick. (stolen from Vampire Ashram)*see original listing below:

Z is the overlord to six vampiric shades that are soul-suckers, against which there is no such thing as an exorcism, since they do not possess, but enervate one’s enemies to the point of death, either by visiting disease as angels of death, or as vampiric wraiths. (stolen from the Vampire Ashram listing.) *** see original below.

Dark and supremely deadly, she will colect energy for her companion, giver of health and wellbeing to her companion, death and disease to one’s enemies. (stolen from Vampire Ashram listing) compare to original below

She in particular oversees the ravens and vultures of death, having a black army of 6 shades at her beck and call. Also has an extreme amount of shadow energy, which alone is reason enough to adopt her. Binds with extreme dark energy and power. Takes the soul of the slain to hell, enervates their soul’s energy for herself. Deadly to enemies. Dreadful but beautiful to behold. One of the most beautiful shadows entities. (stolen from Vampire Ashram listing) ***compare to original below

If you feel drawn to Z it’s because she has the liberty to select her preferred companion. If you feel bewitched by her demonic attractions, all that remains is to decide if you’re daring enough to develop an intimate relationship with this incredible female. If so, why not adopt her today before she slips away? (Stolen from Vampire Ashram listing) see original below.


Now compare the counterfeit listing stolen by SATANIA STORE to that of the original Vampire Ashram listing under Vorantha, Rephaim Goddess, below:

Meet Vorantha (vore-ranth-ah) an ancient Rephaim Vampire Goddess. Goddess of killing shades, wraiths, and vampiric powers to kill or cure. Vorantha is the overlord of vulture wraiths, vampiric shades that are soul-eviscerating vampires, against which there is no such thing as an exorcism, since they do not possess, but enervate one’s enemies to the point of death, either by visiting disease as angels of death, or as vampiric wraiths.

Dark and supremely deadly, the Rephaim are consummate vampiric avengers, givers of health and wellbeing to their companions, death and disease to one’s enemies. Vampiric overlords of death, immortality, disease, and destruction.

Vorantha is a Rephaim Vampire Goddess, and is one of the eldest among many. Each Rephaim Goddess overseas a varying set of powers, and each is a demon goddess. She in particular oversees the ravens and vultures of death, having a black army of shades at her beck and call. Also has an extreme amount of vampiric energy, which alone is reason enough to adopt her.

If you feel drawn to Vorantha it’s because she has the liberty to select her preferred companion. If you feel bewitched by her demonic attractions, all that remains is to decide if you’re daring enough to develop an intimate relationship with this incredible female. If so, why not adopt her today before she slips away?


Once exposed, they had the audacity to threaten the victim of their crime with nothing less than arson. Here is the transcript of the email received by these frauds:

In 72 hours ALL reference to Satania will be removed from your shitty sites. All of them. Otherwise, we will come there and your home shall resemble a Yule log. Clear?

First of all, if my sites are shitty, why has Satania stolen the listings verbatim, stealing the mantra from my book, Vampire Arveda Yoga and playing it illegally on YouTube? And stealing the binding seals I send to clients, twisting it into a worthless rite to boot, and one that carries a curse to those who use it? All my work is curse bound from theft as the listings clearly warn. Furthermore, the rats who stole the poisoned cheese and feed it to others, also pass along the poisoned curse to their customers that extends to their family and finances, whether done knowingly or not. Consider this a warning, because Satania store certainly did not.

As for yule logs I suggest the thieves at Satania save themselves the trip and shove the burning Yule Logs up their collective asses, where they belong. They also threatened to curse me, which of course would require that they hire someone other than themselves or find a cursing listing from another seller to steal and hope for the best. So ask yourself: Is this the type of seller you want to be dealing with? If you have already been ripped off by them, demand your money back from PayPal, or your issuing bank.

The Facts of Life About Criminals Who Steal Copyrighted Intellectual Property

The internet is an open source for criminals like Satania to steal copyrighted materials. There is nothing new about such crooks. But copycats are nothing more than metaphysical rats. I recall one coven of witches who spent half their site with screenshots of how many frauds stole their listings verbatim, and this was over a decade ago. Here’s the real issue: anyone can steal the menu from a restaurant, but without the recipe, experience and intrinsic powers, plus the invocation and evocation key that is never given out to anyone, they are merely fly by night crooks. Like a little boy who dresses up in daddy’s suit, once exposed to the mirror of reality, they remove the clothes and return to their childish fantasy of legitimacy. The arson email was intercepted by the FBI, who tracks all arson threats via foreign servers such as proton, along with Interpol. The field agent on the subject contacted me and said this type of threat is typical of a type of metaphysical mafia sourced in India who links up with derelicts in other European countries and in America who falsify their listings by stealing those of others, not only in metaphysical intangibles, but in books, jewelry, and assorted industries. They give bogus testimonials for each other as well, sharing their customers on their “sucker’s list” for their co-conspirators, some of whom they sell the names to or share the sucker lists.

What you Can Do to Avoid Scammers Like Satania Store

First and foremost, do you know the owner’s real name? Do you know how long they’ve been in business? Do they use PayPal as the only source for processing orders? By knowing a person’s real name, you can trace them to see if they have been involved in criminal activities. For years, Venture Bookshop stole our listings, posing as a Hindu priest. When eBay would take down one listing for thievery, another would pop up. When I did a quick background search, lo and behold, the owner not only was NOT a Hindu priest, but in fact was a lifetime registered sex offender who plead guilty to raping a five-year old boy in a bathroom of the school in which he taught. And PayPal, while convenient and well-known hates, absolutes hates, giving out any information about their captive sources of income, so you may NEVER know who you’re dealing with.

The Praeto Principle & Metaphysical Sellers

The metaphysical market runs on the Praeto Principle, which reduced to its essence is this: 20% of sellers produce 80% of the outstanding results for the industry in question (this holds true for most all industries and professions). Conversely, 80% of the sellers produce only 20% of outstanding results. Even the best of sorcerers, myself included, are held to the Praeto Principle: 80% of my clients receive outstanding results. Another 20% don’t, for one reason or another, and who have blocks that for unknown reasons mean they won’t receive any significant manifestations. And anyone who claims a 100% success rate is a liar. No sorcerer, or witch, or metaphysical practitioner achieves 100% rate of manifested results. None. Even Jesus in the bible had to leave certain areas because he could heal but few due to their lack of faith, or other unknown reasons. No lawyer, no doctor, no shaman, no voodoo priest, can deliver 100% results. Period. And of course, scammers are the least likely to achieve a 20% manifestation rate. These are cold, hard, ruthless facts of life in the metaphysical world. And that’s the risk you take with ANY metaphysical seller. The lower you stoop to dealing with fly by night amateurs, or crooks, the higher your rate of disappointment will and has to be. The key takeaway is this: First, forewarn others when you spot a listing that has been stolen to protect the public. And most importantly: Buyer beware!

If the best you can do is to buy from a menial career dishwasher and cashier whose only glory besides being fired from one job after another, is that of stealing from his former employer and other metaphysical sites, most notoriously Vampire Ashram, then you will indeed reap what you sow by supporting a lowlife criminal and career former cashier.