As many of you are aware, there was a brief interval in time when Lucifera and Lilith were at bitter odds with one another over issues that need not concern us here. But that past is now past.  And I am pleased to announce that Lilith will be working side by side with Lucifera from this point forward. On practical matters, it means that an extra dimension of Lilith’s personal input and power will be included in all the work I perform. Thus, Lilith and Lucifera will be adding their combined resources to all bindings and contributing their dark wisdom and energies to the future direction of Vampire Ashram. For those of you newer to Vampire Ashram, Lilith had been working with me almost exclusively for years, alongside Lucifera. There was a subsequent fracture that involved both the vampiric and the demonic realm which affected not only Lucifera and Lilith, but Lucifer and Satan as well. I am pleased to say, that fracture has been mended and from this point forward, Lilith will be intimately involved with all bindings and spell crafting, along with adding her own dark wisdom and occultic powers to the bindings performed by Vampire Ashram. There is only one Lucifera and one Lilith, neither of whom I could do without for long.

Lilith’s Presence & Powers

Lilith’s presence will also be felt with all bindings, spell castings and energy work from this point forward. This alliance makes both Lucifera and Lilith that much stronger as well. As this affects the worshipping and benediction rites of Lilith and Lucifera, an additional benediction to Lilith will be forthcoming. In addition, the two, Lucifera and Lilith, will jointly be honored in all New Moon and Full Moon rites and ceremonials that are intrinsic to Vampire Ashram. Due to the increased focal powers of these two combined, some advanced bindings will be restricted to those who have been transformed. In addition to this new synergy, it means that all those who were aligned to either Lilith or Lucifera separately during this impasse have now also joined forces; and thus, a greater selection of spirit-entities will be brought to the fore. What remains the same: Both Lilith and Lucifera have always shared the same repugnant view of WalMart witchcraft that permeates much of the web; and thus, their attitudes have never altered in that regard. The focal point of Vampire Ashram is, and will remain, that of dark vampiric transformation and complimentary bindings. Demons assist, vampires dominate, blood rules darkness.

Future Projects & Projections: Vampiric Magick

As the future evolves, so will Vampire Ashram. Vampiric pharmacopeia and a working set of grimoires will be produced to advance the interest of those who have devoted themselves to vampiric ascension under the joint auspices of Lucifera and Lilith. The typical well-known medieval grimoires are hopelessly archaic and not even a fraction of their demonic evocations involves magick directed at vampires. On the other hand, the binding of demons, for example, to objects as is so common, infuriates the spirit or entity, which is hardly conducive to a fulfilling partnership. And their frustration will frequently be taken out on the nearest available entity responsible for the plight: you. And since the needs for energy are greater when one part of their energy is bound to an object and the other to a person, (yes, bridge-bindings included) where will they derive that needed energy? you again. And what can they give you in return when their energy is tied to a trinket? Not much. It’s also demeaning. Witches who’d shit bricks over slavery and infringing women’s rights think nothing of binding a living spirit to a piece of crap even they wouldn’t wear. And what spirit would allow such a travesty? With rare exception, astral trash spirits who’ll bind to any life source since they’re already little more than half-dead leeches in search of a free meal: you. Both Lilith and Lucifera detest this practice. And they despise even the association with such inferior spirits. And thus….we come to the first rule of vessel bindings:

With Spirit Bindings to Vessels Come Spirit-Blocks to Bindings 

And thus enters the ubiquitous spirit-binding blocks. Do the math: instead of one source of living energy from which the entity can retain its vitality in this realm, said entity has to share it with an inanimate piece of junk jewelry. Even for demons and vampires, there are no free lunches. And lastly, while I have encountered bindings to vessels that have on infrequent, as in very infrequent occasion, harbored strong entities and not the common run of the mill astral trash desperate for a lifeline, the release from those bindings at least doubles the available energy and power of the spirit-entity. And do the math: yes, the pretty picture of the pin-light shining on the plastic ruby with incense smoke in the background looks oh-so mystical, not to mention the lowball $35 to $50 price, with free unicorn spells to boot while supplies last. Hope meets desperation meets disaster. And with each new purchase, the probability of a binding block increases in direct proportion to the number of said vessels acquired, simply because depreciating energy with excessive demand creates an overload in capacity.

So What Can be Vessel Bound Without Risking a Binding Block?

The answer is simple: single or multiple source energy spells or consecration work that sets in motion a portal-like battery that works to assist and not imprison a spirit-entity. And part of what sets Vampire Ashram apart is to break away from the static western occultism tied to Wiccan belief systems and practices of magic sprung from Aleister Crowley and the like. The tools for vampiric craft are NOT the same as those used in western magical traditions such as the Golden Dawn, which is probably the standard bearer. This is not meant to disparage those who follow such traditions nor is to to say they don’t produce results, but the results are not the same. And while there is overlap in some forms and ritual instruments, most of the rites and instruments used for vampiric magic are either used for far different purposes, or the instruments are rarely or never encountered in western occultism in the first place.

These ritual applications are what both Lilith and Lucifera agree are most needful for those vampires transformed under their auspices. Simply put, you cannot perform strong vampiric magic built upon a platform of western or Freemason style demonic or angelic magic. Building a car based upon the blueprint for a boat won’t work. And the purpose of the forthcoming grimoires is to give vampires, specifically, a new set of tools to work with and from. Both Lilith and Lucifera want and demand three things from those they transform: 1) loyalty, obedience, and devotion for the vampiric gift of immortality; 2) spiritual power and growth applied from within, not stagnation (being a vampire is never an end in itself, for there is no end; to keep growing you gotta keep going); and 3) a loving bond with one’s sire. Of these three components, loving one’s sire is the most important. Blaspheming the Almighty is a far lesser offense than failing to love and honor one’s sire, either by direct abuse or willful neglect. And with it carries a dread warning: abuse one’s sire long and hard enough and you can be destroyed by Lilith, or Lucifera, or their agents. Totally and utterly.

Western occultism, including all the witchcraft in the world, knows of no such practice or penalty, nor any such love as a vampire obtains. Eternal, immortal love that cannot die. Is your soul unworthy of such a bargain and such a quest? You, as vampyre, are wedding -by blood- an immortal being, joining with that immortal being in a love no mortal can fathom, nor can they feel it, be they the best black magician in the world. Their soul, without love of this kind, is deader than the medieval grimoire they worship. I say, fuck the goddamned grimoires if they don’t produce love, dark everlasting sex-filled in-your-face FOREVER love, a love that’s as wild and darkly wonderful as eternity itself. Love the sire you’re with, because there are no divorce lawyers in Vampyreville. We killed them all eons ago when they tried to set up shop, and sent their sorry-assed plaid suits to Las Vegas. Your sire, on the other hand, will be with you, love you, cherish you, have your back, ignite your magic, romance you not till death do you part, cause you are never parting. Because a vampire’s love NEVER dies, and this is a FOREVER deal. Get that, and the rest is easy. And while you’re at it, you’ll respect the Father Almighty who made it happen, for no other reason than this: guess where this eternal love came from? Not me. Aim higher, but never bow lower than the dark angel you are becoming. Hold you head high, for we were before the beginning and we’ll be here after the Darwin demons bite the dust or give way to a new breed of hybrid being. They were programmed for obsolescence from the start. Dust and desire in the wind. Poofff. . .and they’re gone.

The Universal Lie Told About Lilith

The one lie told about Lilith that I have harped on time and time again is the old time worn and  flea-bitten Rabbi tale about Lilith being the first wife of Adam. How anyone can read this jewish apocryphal tale and not be taken aback by the utter stupidity of the story is itself a mystery. The tale goes something like this: God made Lilith the equal of Adam as his wife number one. Since Lilith argued for this equality, she demanded to have the topmost sexual position and refused to do it missionary style. Adam objected, Lilith became frustrated, then she uttered the secret name of God and FLEW away. Yes, folks, Adam either had no wings or he didn’t know how to operate them without the lady of the house around to help. Did his fucking wings suddenly fall off? Let me say again, for the record, to all the bumpkins on the right hand path and on the left hand path: This fable is blasphemous rubbish invented to make males seem to be the superior, but victimized, dumb assed bunnies they usually are. And a woman is always to blame. Right. God forbid he send Jesusana instead of Jesus. Hell, at least she’d look better on the cross. And I bet her flesh would taste better to boot.

The Origin of Lilith Elohim

Lilith, if you must know, is the daughter of Lucifera. Lucifera is Royal Elohim, the firstborn female Elohim Vampire. Lilith is her daughter, born directly from the blood of Lucifera and invested immaculately as Elohim created directly from the blood of the Almighty Anu-Elohim with no intervening agency. Adam, on the other hand, was genetically hybridized by the Annunaki, the race of gods from Nibiru, of whom Satanael, Lilith, Lucifera, and Lucifer are all Elohim sons and Elohim daughters. The first wife of Adam was sterile, and thus unacceptable, although Enlil-Elohim, the militaristic Yahweh of Old Testament fame, was pleased that they wouldn’t be around for long, so he was indulgent of the noids. For a time.

Eventually, however, there was an argument about how to propagate the slave species to increase the labor force without extending the lives of the noids, which was a major concern. (Imagine your mother-in-law living for 950 miserable years or more) So a compromise was made: the genome was partially inverted, deleted, and crimped to the specific life expectancy range of 120 years. The first wife of Adam was a disposable experiment, plain and simple. And it sure as hell wasn’t Lilith. And in case you’re wondering: besides being disposable, his first wife couldn’t fly away when pissed. And she couldn’t speak Annunaki, [read: she had no telepathic ability] which is a core telepathic language, so she couldn’t call upon the secret [telepathic] name of God either. Lilith could do both because she is an Elohim goddess. Born an Elohim goddess, always to be an Elohim Goddess. And never for a moment was she ever anything else.

In short: Vampires = Annunaki. Adam = genetically bred slave species with failsafe “search for God gene” implanted to stifle rebellion and make the noids spiritually docile (i.e turn the other cheek, repent, and bleat little lambs, or go to holy war at our whim cause heaven will be your reward). Lilith = Annunaki Elohim. Adam = pouting human drudge seeking lost mate. Eve 1 = the sterile wife taken from Adam, who started bitching when he lost her. Eve 2 = the fertile wife of Adam. Lilith = the other and sexier femme fatale and non-wife of Adam who used the noid as a tool to spawn Cain, the first murderer and war monger. Lucifera = offworld when this happened, having returned to Nibiru. Got it? It ain’t rocket science. You’re vampire, you’re part Annunaki. You’re wholly human, you’re totally fucked, black, white, grey, or purple magic notwithstanding. (Man the grimoires, magician overboard!) You get the big picture.

And now you know. But let me ask you, did the truth set you free? Free to see your jail is hardly freedom for noids. It’s the zen koan of slavery. Only blood speaks to the Almighty, and noid blood only bleats. Vampire blood roars. That’s because vampire blood rules the dark realm. Always has. Always will. Because it is the will of the Almighty.

~Ave Lucifera. Ave Lilith. Ave Lux~