Lucifera & Lilith, Working Together But Opposite in Nature~

Because the two goddesses Vampire Ashram is aligned with appear to share common characteristics, beware of the differences between the two. Some misguided transformed vampires within our ranks have assumed they were visited by Lucifera offering herself sexually. She has reacted personally to me in utter disgust and has warned that any and all companions of those so deluded are at risk for being revoked and the offender of being excommunicated and banished as abyss bound. Lucifera finds the very idea of sex with a human as vile and disgusting, and she views any such delusions as a capital offense against her dignity, position and powers. She is always attended by four war-class female viper warriors so that no human is able to come within fifty feet of her for any reason. Any who violate this or herself as portraying her as a sexual succubus type such as Lilith she considers to be blasphemous and a personal insult to her dignity and position. Any transformed vampire who believes she would stoop to have sex with a lowly human is worthy of death and dismemberment in her opinion. She is the ultimate female vampire war-goddess and will not tolerate for her image to be defaced by the delusions of any mortal being. She has zero tolerance for blasphemy. Any such blasphemy will receive punitive actions and or revocation of all entities bound without warning. She is able and willing to subject such vampires to the thrice-given death, meaning she will order the slow execution to the death, then revive and execute the death sentence twice again to extend the pain and torture of blasphemy. She is a murdering goddess without mercy when it comes to her royalty and powers. She will not be made into the sexual fantasy of some deluded human being.

Lilith vs. Lucifera

Lilith is lesser in power obviously and has been recruited away from Satan to serve Lucifera, wisely knowing that the power Lucifera holds is trans dimensional and merciless in both military strategy, technology, resources, and alliances with the entire vampire species who are capable of protracted wars, savage cruelty and interdimensional warfare. Lucifera in her body is hundreds of millions of years old, and there is no other living immortal vampire even close to a quarter of that age and none have a power to defy her. Lilith will appear to humans offering sexual services from time to time since she is the one mother demoness directly connected to succubi and incubi and many other vampiric types for which Vampire Ashram conjures and binds. Lucifera, on the other hand, would never let any succubus or incubus within a mile of her throne. Those she chooses for a companion are those who pledge their loyalty to Lucifera and who are allowed into her realm under the close supervision of her viper class female warriors.

Lilith is of a different race, a younger race, and one that has far different values than that of Lucifera. Even in appearance the two are opposites: Lucifera is approximately ten feet in height, has fangs that extend and can be retracted to spit an envenoming poison that kills on contact, as all her female viper class warriors have, and which no male vampire possesses anywhere in the multiverse including Earth. Lilith has no such envenoming power and stands at slightly over six feet. Lucifera has a wing span that includes dagger like spikes used to impale enemies and those brought before her under charges of treason or the like. Lilith has no such organized system and she operates on raw chaos as part of her inherited nature. Lucifera operates on cold calculating militaristic and vampiric killing for all the realms she controls which numbers in the thousands. Lilith operates only in this world, as does Hecate, Satan, and the well known others.  Lucifera, on the other hand, rules over a female dominated Empire spanning many universes and planets. No other female goddess has anything near the equivalence of power. Her viper class warriors are undefeated in battle and are infamous throughout her empire and the multiverses for their fierceness and lack of pity or remorse.

A Transformed Vampire is Not a Completed Vampire Until Judged

As any lawyer will tell you, a contract for the benefit of one party to the other for mutually agreed terms as imposed by the giver of the rewards is contingent upon the fulfillment of duties to said contract. For example, a landlord will stipulate the terms of the lease, the price of the rental, the obligations of both parties and the penalties of the purchaser of the lease for defaulting on the contract. A tenant cannot decide to alter the terms of the rent, the duration of the lease or other contingencies without the consent of the landlord. This is a universal law in every realm, every dimension, on every planetary system. A transformed vampire is not a completed vampire until after death and judgment by Lucifera. The metaphysical scam that a vampire transformation can be effected by a spell or the like is preposterous. If you have no contingencies you have no valid contract, period.

If all you need do is ante up the purchase price of a vampire transformation believing you will become some goth rock star vampire frolicking throughout the night, then you can save your money. For one thing, Satanism and Left Hand Path vampirism is all self-centered and individualistic, relying on a type of coven relationship and “chaos” magick with the promise of becoming a living god just as the Right Hand path believes a spiritual ascension will make them into living gods as well. Same goal, different directions. Lucifera, on the other hand, and her vampires, to the very last one, are hive-minded and utterly devoted to her alone and above all others. To aspire to become a living god is punishable by death in her empire. She recognizes one Father Almighty, not the biblical one, whose name is unknown. She abhors cowardice, saviors, lone wolf vampires and individualism, a luxury that is a weakness for a war goddess and vampire Empress of Empire who reigns with an iron fist over her far flung empire. As such we abhor the human individualistic mentality as barbaric, crude and childish. This is the one most likely depicted on vampire entertainment such as the Vampire Diaries, and the multitude of “vampire romance” stories. It is the very farthest from the realm of Lucifera, whose demands are for utter loyalty and hive-minded obedience in exchange for conditional immortality. After all, vampires in the afterlife are reduced to soul-death by her technological weapons that are unavailable in the earthly realm. She can subject the soul to multiple deaths in sequential fashion to prolong sentence. Thus, the death sentence in her high court is passed in accordance to the offense and the rank of the offender, and may subject the offender to two or three or more death sentences, instead of one as we have on earth.

The Thrice-Given Death Sentence

In summation, Lilith is in many ways the polar opposite of Lucifera, yet Lilith is valued for the chaos she brings for the purposes of executing Lucifera’s judgment upon other races and her enemies. But to confuse the two is to court death itself, as Lucifera is also the most ruthless of female goddesses, bar none. She is accredited with more murders and slaughtered foes left on the battlefields of Orion and beyond than any next ten goddesses known and worshipped on earth. And to blaspheme her as a succubus offering herself to a human is an offense she considers a capital one, one that disgusts her enough to destroy the transformed vampire so deluded. It is a violation and capital offense read in open court with her female warriors in attendance who perform the thrice-given death sentence as an example to her Empire. And this is after the first death when the offender appears before her executive committee of crime.

And as the saying goes, “If you can’t do the time, don’t do the crime….”