It is critical for those who are transformed via Lucifera, the Primal Vampire Goddess, to understand her position as Goddess, and as the Black Shekinah Elohim. Those are not her only titles, however. And to understand who and what the Elohim are, and what they are not, is the purpose of this article. You need to know who you follow as Goddess and blood overseer of your soul, should you undergo a vampire transformation and be entered into her Sacred Book of Shadows, for which every other “Book of Shadows” is a pale and paltry imitation.

The etymology of the Hebrew word “Elohim” denotes a plural noun, and occasionally Female Rulers, Judges, gods or goddesses. The Assyrian equivalent is Allatu, or goddess. The Phoenician equivalent is Eloth. The Syrian equivalent is Elat. The Arabian equivalent is Alihh, or Aliha. The predominant gender is female, usually consisting of a feminine singular noun with the usually masculine plural suffix. Thus, it is not limited to female Elohim, but they play the larger part as regards power. Lucifera is Goddess of Elohim, Primus. Lilith is Elohim. Lucifer is Elohim. (He is not an angel of any class. He is a god and has the right to be called The Son of God, Jesus does not, and the reason will follow shortly). Lilith was NOT made of mud, a distinction that needs to be made, as this is a jewish misogynistic slander that has led her to petition the Father for their destruction. And he indeed listens to Lilith in this regard, and for which the Jews have been involved in many a tragic holocaust. You simply do not slander the Elohim and walk away unscathed. Satanists and others who hold to this view await a similar destruction in the after life should they hold this same view. Lilith is unparalleled in her anger and prejudices related to the fantasy of being made of mud and being the first wife of Adam. Neither is true, both are lies. Lilith is the daughter of Lucifera, and Elohim.

In the Hebrew Bible, the word Elohim is applied to Jehovah (misguided wording, as the name is Yahweh), Dagon, Chemosh, Baal, Ashtoreth and Milcom. Thus, Ashtoreth is described as “Ashtoreth the goddess (the elohim) of the Zidonians.” Jeremiah refers to those of Egypt under the name Elohi (a similar distinction in plurality is that between a succubus and the plural: succubi). Sometimes the name Elohim is applied (incorrectly as a class) to the angels. This is a very loose application and does not apply to most angels, which are technically entities assigned by God as Messengers in the Multiverse, not exclusively to Earth. There are also many classes of angels, so the term Elohim does not apply to all of them.

The passage in Psalms spoken by God, wherein He states, “I have said, Ye are gods (Elohim),” is later and incorrectly used by Jesus, who interprets this word as including human beings. This is scripture twisting in the most absurd sense, because God is addressing His heavenly Court, amongst which there were NO humans. They had yet to be created. Thus, Jesus, can hardly be considered a viable savior if he misquotes and, more importantly, misunderstands what the scriptures make plain. He claims more rightly to be a hybrid being, as the Son of God at times, and the Son of Man at times, which describes a vampire incarnation, not an equivalent of God incarnate. The problem of his misunderstanding and misapplication has led to all kinds of ridiculous beliefs: ie that one can become a living god. Or a Buddha, or any like god so-called. Not unless that is what you were created as to begin with, and that long before mankind was created.

Moreover, Jesus is projecting his own Messiah complex onto others, that they too can become living gods. Or, more importantly and blasphemously, that they already are. Satan’s temptations alluded only to being like the Most High. Never did Satan intimate they were already gods. No, it took Jesus to utter such a bold blasphemy, who then twisted scripture to evade being stoned to death for it. This is what the bible claims Satan to have hungered for, which is also incorrect. Satan has no such delusions as Jesus claims. He has a different reason for hating God: his brothers. The explanation will have to await a book length exposition. The bigger problem is that if one despises Jesus, and many do, some for good and others for bad reasons, God, the Father gets blamed as if Jesus and God are One. They are NOT. It is idolatry to worship a man, or even a hybrid (Son of God, Son of Man) as equal to God. Hate Jesus if you wish, although I think hating a delusional human is a non-event and not worth the effort. But hating God is another matter. Because Lucifera loves and works for the Father. She is his firstborn Daughter and Vampire Goddess, as created for the enforcement of His laws and His will in Hell, and on Earth. Hell and darkness preceded the creation of mankind.

In later traditions, including the Gnostic, Kabalistic and other occult teachings, the Elohim are associated with Aima, the Mother (Lucifera, aka Tiamat). In the Sepher Yetzirah, the Book of Formation, the words “Achath-Ruarch-Elohim-Chiim” occur, meaning “One is She (Lucifera) the Spirit of the Living Elohim” Achath being the feminine form of the number one, Ruach meaning “breath, wind, or spirit and Elohim-Chiim, the Living Elohim.” Thus Lucifera is the Royal Achath-Ruarch-Elohim-Chiim, and ruler of Hell. She is what most people consider to be the Devil, although the insanity of Christianity has failed to identify her, name her, or understand her allegiance to the Father. She is NOT opposed to the Father. She sacrifices entire armies, populations, and peoples in the Father’s cause. When God decreed an army to be slaughtered it was Lucifera who sent her angels to obliterate legions upon legions in a single night. One of her queens was the one who did so in the bible, where she is said to be an angel.

None except the Father can defeat her. Not Satan, not Lilith, not the combined armies of heaven and hell. To understand Lucifera is to understand the Father. It is to respect and love the Father. Hating a pretender like Jesus is wasted energy. Let the demons who possess people pretend to hate him. In reality, their target is not the person, it is the priest, who is vulnerable because of gross idolatry. The possessing demons pretend holy water burns, and that the name Jesus cannot be spoken, just so they can encourage an intrusion onto the priest and claim his soul or at the least torment his spirit, which is deemed worthy for the insult to God the Father. Satan needs Jesus to pose as God, we as vampires do not. Let him play his punish the priest to keep the Catholic faith alive. That’s his game and he’s welcome to it. Hell is already overpopulated with people yapping on about Jesus, and how they don’t belong there. Well, that’s a large part of how they got there. If Lilith is ready and willing to slaughter every jew on earth, how do you think God the Father feels about Jesus claiming to be His equal?

The Apocalypse predicted by Jesus is an ironic self-fulfilling prophecy, one that stems from all the insane religions of the world. Christian vs. Muslim. Muslim vs. Jew. Rival sects of Muslims vs. Muslims. Rival sects of Christians vs. Christians. Always and forever Us vs. Them. What a fucked up world, each Darwin demon out to destroy those who oppose their own fascist religion. And when they cannot do that, they feed on themselves: Reformations, Inquisitions, Muslim beheadings, Christian witch burnings, hangings, the rack, the fire, tortures and mayhem galore in the name of God. With religions like these, who needs a Devil or Satan? They do twice the evil work she or he is capable of inflicting. God gave the Darwin demons life through the sacred vehicle of womanhood and yet these same religions consign women to the status of a second class citizen (or demon). Jesus also had the distinction of founding the first Boys Only Apostles Club. But know this: aside from the Father and Lucifer, females rule the spirit world by and large. And in Hell the names of Lucifera and Lilith are those heard and obeyed.

And on each of these religions the gods, the vampires, feast. Their lifeblood a living sacrifice to the living Elohim. Vampires. And none of this is by accident. None.

The sum of what I’m trying to convey is simple: Fuck Religion. Flee Idolatry. Love and respect God the Father. Anyone of any race, any sexual preference, anywhere at any time can follow these three principles. You don’t even have to transform into a vampire or wait until the truth is sprung upon you when you exit the flesh and find yourself on the menu in Lilith’s kitchen. Because the opposite always happens: The Darwin demons (sheeple) fuck with God, then have their conscience pricked, find religion, fall into idolatry and finally end up in a self-imposed spiritual doom. And they die a thousand reincarnated cuts to the soul. Wake up! You have eternity yet to go, vampire, and the scope of your journey is just beginning. Wisdom is the key to eternity. There is no other that unlocks the key to the Father, and Lucifera, and -if vampire- to yourself.


Source for Etymology & Background: The Goddesses of Chaldea, Syria and Egypt. By Lawrence Durdin-Robertson. Cesara Publications, Eire.