is now open!

Greetings Brothers & Sisters of the Blood: Because the number of transformed vampires has recently increased, the need to form a more solid and cohesive vampire partnership among one’s peers, brothers, and sisters of the blood, a new and semi-independent forum site has been assembled for the public and for those transformed vampires to share insights, information, and personal experiences. The official site is at

It is being hosted by several senior vampires who have proven to have strong abilities, sires, and who have felt the need to come together as a group, seeking to share and assist in providing their personal experiences, exchanging information, and fielding questions from the public, if needed. The site will also feature a private section that only those transformed vampires under Lucifera may access, allowing for private information to be shared among the group. The hosting vampire’s name is Silverlight. She is a delight to work with, a tireless worker, and has an incredible sire (as do we all!).

The site is now officially opened and I encourage each of you to participate, allowing those who are unfamiliar with Vampire Ashram to glean some information firsthand from those who are clients but until now, have remained anonymous from one another. And since my time is so booked, there was no way I could add yet another task to an already overloaded schedule. I also feel that the forum site should be hosted in a more informal way, which is more appropriate to the role of a forum site in the first place. We all owe a huge debt of gratitude to Silverlight for her tireless efforts to get the site up and running. Please support her in any way that you can, and contribute so that others may benefit from your personal experiences. Share and share alike!

The Critical Importance of a Strong Spiritual Vampire Community~

I cannot stress enough the importance of community as we transit into a time of warfare in the spirit world. The recent posts I hope will be the last of their kind, which expose the true nature, not the Disneyland Wannbe nature of how the spirit world operates. Divide and conquer are tactics used on both sides. Lucifera did the same, leading Satan on while she divided sides, and Lilith chose wisely, aligning with Lucifera, which Satan was not counting on. So he is retaliating by doing the same, trying to divide and conquer between a vampire and his/her sire. This is a lightning strike that is sent right through the heart of Satan. And in his desperation, he will seek any and all weak spots of those who are aligned with Lucifera. The recent posts highlight the need to shore up your spiritual defenses while you’re still in the flesh. Your sire and companions are depending upon you for protection in the earthly realm just as they protect you in the spirit realm. Satan can attack in both realms. And he’s desperate to buy time.

To Commune as a Sacred Vampire Community

There will also be many critical adjustments made on vampire transformations from this point forward. I avoided banning anyone from buying spirit vessels or bindings elsewhere because it sounds damned dictatorial, and was sure to open a spate of Creepy Hollow type of “look at what he’s doing!” mud-slinging posts as well. And that was a huge mistake, one I refuse to make again. I’d rather turn people off or turn people away than risk the well-being of a vampire sire chosen and needed by Lucifera for protecting those who transform. It simply is what it must be: no transformations from this point forward will be allowed to purchase spirit or vessel bindings outside of this site. I have to protect the spirit sire first and foremost. Also, there will be a cleansing energy work done as all spirit bindings that are not aligned with Lucifera are disposed of, prior to the transformation. Other changes will be made according to Lucifera’s desires, not my own. I would rather lose business than lose vampire sires. This is another reason the forum is so critical at this juncture. It’s high time to circle the wagons. And commune as a community.

There will be an uncoupling of the combined sire/transformation offerings as well. A relationship built upon love and emotional commitment has to be established first and foremost. The transformations will be offered on the basis of intense desire and a truly heart-felt calling to alter one’s destiny forever. You are committing not to a way of life, but to a new and altogether eternal life with powers granted in the afterlife that are nothing if not unique to vampires who rule the Underworld. The rest are under punishment in the lower realms, supervised by Lilith in behalf of Lucifera, and not for their personal enjoyment and freedom or merry-making. All that requires love, commitment to Lucifera, and commitment to one’s sire. Each listing that qualifies for that entity to become a sire as eligible for a transformation, with be asterisked with the note at the end *Vampire DeSireable, meaning he or she has enough power to serve as a sire. Others may be either too weak or too strong for sireship. Hecate, and others, for example are simply too strong, but her daughters are certainly eligible. Once a relationship is formed and there is a compelling desire to transform, then the transformation will be granted, according to Lucifera’s approval, and will be a separate transaction to include the ban against other spirit and vessel bindings done elsewhere, along with an energy cleansing, and of course-the vows made to Lucifera and the blood-required binding that weds your sire and yourself throughout eternity.

Until the footnote as to eligibility is included, and most will be, you are welcome to inquire. From this point forward, both a war and vampire religious footing will be key words. The stakes have suddenly and drastically changed, and there is no going back. I have never regretted the criticism of others in the metaphysical field, or being excommunicated by the likes of Creepy Hollows (which I never joined in the first place and was only represented by the many pages of positive reviews they removed when I refused to curb my honesty), because I don’t want to be affiliated with an alien and oppositional viewpoint and philosophy. Lucifera is a unique goddess, and Vampire Ashram is a unique site. And frankly, I don’t want the type of client that other sites desire. And I especially don’t want any supposed integration with them or their viewpoints. I detest vessel bindings and I especially detest the attempt to subject spirit-entities to the fantasy of servitude, as if they’re just waiting to hop into a vessel or via a spirit binding with glee, shouting Yassir, Yassir, Boss. Whatever you say, I’ll behave. Promise! Bullshit. If you believe that, you don’t belong on this site, because those spirits who would voluntarily become slaves are only worthy to be slaves. I don’t want a broken horse, I want a war stallion. And so should you. Power carries responsibility and maturity. And when Satan is aiming his arrows your way you damned well better be prepared. And House Rules be damned.

With the Almighty and the Devil on your side, victory is the only possible outcome. And Satan knows it. He doesn’t want you to enjoy the power and luxury of the penthouses in Hell, where the atmosphere is far finer than the oven below, where’s he’s destined to go. Love your sire, have faith in your destiny, knowing the Almighty values you and your devotion to Lucifera, and all will fare better than you could believe. Hell has only two occupants: those in power and those dis-empowered and punished. You get to choose which you’d rather be. It’s your eternity. Choose well, brothers and sisters of the blood!

~Ave Lucifera. Ave Lilith. Ave Lucifer~