Lucifera, the Kamea of Saturn & Her Sacred Number

The issue of Lucifera as it relates to her planetary correspondence and number, not to mention her sacred title as the Devil and Supreme Goddess of Vampires, can be found hidden in plain sight within the Kamea of Saturn. A Kamea represents the spiritual forces placed in mathematical symbology as it relates to the seven traditional planets. In this case the originating planet is that of Saturn, known and hated or admired as the Demiurge according to the various spiritual paths and personalities. A common misconception is that the Devil is Satan, as expressed in the magic square, or Kamea of Saturn, shown above. Note has been made of the prevalence of the number 15 when the rows are added in any order. The resultant energy of this number is the 6. Thus, each of the sides is equivalent to 6+6+6, or 18, which brings us back to the number 9, which is the number short of perfection, which is 10. And hence, 666 is commonly (and mistakenly) associated with the Devil and with Satan. Satan, however, is not Saturnus, or Demiurge, the Creator and ruler of the world. Satan opposes Saturnus yet must yield to His Almighty powers.

Lucifera, however, has the paradoxical position of being both the hidden goddess and the visible apocalyptic goddess, the goddess of vampires and the goddess of blood. Technically, Lucifera has no number as is related in mystical terms to “the hidden god(dess)” represented as the ruler of Nibiru, the unseen planet beyond the common seven planets. She is the Wild Planet related to Wormwood in the Book of Revelation. At the same time, she has an expressed number under the Demiurge, or Saturnus, as 40. Forty is the number of the Devil, whose attributes are the imperial ruler of Hell, planetary pole shifts, and Chaos. Forty is the number of tribulation, as expressed so often in the scriptures. So, where does her number come from or appear in the Kamea of Saturn?

The Sacred Number 40 in the Kamea of Saturn

If you begin the calculation at the number 1, and moving in a counterclockwise, add together all the numbers on the outer cube, or Kamea of Saturn, they add up to the number 40. Furthermore, this represents the Serpent and the Returner to One, in other words, the Ouroboros. She is the Serpentine Goddess of both Chaos and Vampirism and Apocalyptic Wrath. Lucifera is the mystery of the unknown God(dess) and firstborn daughter of the Almighty Creator. Her number in a mystical sense, is related to the number 8, the number of eternity. She is the sickle of destruction and rebirth, the catalyst of change, the alpha and the omega of life, death and everlastingness. She divides predator from prey. She is Vampyress above all other vampyres, whether aligned with her or not.

The Age of Aquarius & Saturn

Another common misconception is the dominance of powers that Saturn exercises over various planets and signs of the Zodiac. The common correspondence with Saturn is that it has the closest affinity with the sign of Capricorn. This is treated as gospel, but is in fact, a fiction. The Age of Aquarius is the Age of Saturn. This clearly contradicts the mystical association, as the number of the Devil in the Tarot is likewise askew. While Capricorn and Aquarius are the two most influential of signs related to Saturn, the planetary powers, represented at the four corners are likewise  divided into four principalities and two levels of power, two above Saturnus and two below Saturnus, as octaves of power and frequency, and they are as follows: Capricorn corresponds to Saturn in the two lower corners of the Kamea, on the right being Lilith, and the left being Satan. The two are wed by the Will of the Almighty to the lower frequency of Saturn. Aquarius, on the other hand, corresponds to Saturn in the two top corners of the Kamea, as Lucifer on the right, and as Lucifera on the left. As higher octaves of Saturn, they are the rulers under Saturn of the highest and first order. They are the prime radiants of firstborn powers. They respond to the Saturnian-Uranus energies of Aquarius, over which they rule in the Age of Aquarius. In royalty, they are the king and queen of Saturn, but unwed to one another.

The Age of Aquarius is the age of Saturn’s power to consolidate, destroy, and transform. In Indian astrology this relates to the Age of Kali, as the Age of Iron, an elemental metal, along with lead, related to Saturn. It is an age of devolution and slowness of spiritual growth on one side, yet it is also paradoxically the leap forward in technology and nuclear power, and the age of mystical evolution and transformation via a return to vampiric powers, as it was in the days of Noah prior to the Flood when the Nephilim ruled and were subsequently destroyed by Lucifera as Tiamat.

The serpentine goddess, Lucifera, is returning to One, gathering her vampiric offspring to her bosom before destroying the sheep-minded by burning the world in Apocalyptical fire. The world, in slang, is to be divided into the demise of the Darwin demons, and yet the chosen are to be reborn under the transformational powers of Lucifera, Goddess of Vampires. The predators are to feed upon the prey, as they always have. The figure 8 shall always remain unbroken.

Altogether these principalities of Saturn are represented in the number 4: Lucifer, Lucifera, Lilith and Satan. Added to the prevailing number of 6 that repeats itself in the Kamea of Saturn, we arrive at perfection, or the number (6 +4 = 10, or 1 + 0 = 1) 1. Lucifera also divides Lilith from Satan, moving Satan to her side in an uneasy truce yet uncompromising knowledge that Lucifera is destined to forever rule as the Queen of Saturn. Those aligned with Lilith and Satan are likewise to be eventually destroyed or converted since they oppose the Demiurge, yet Lilith and Satan shall always survive, as they are Elohim. Satan is not a fallen angel, although he fell. Lilith was never made of mud to be Adam’s first wife. She is the daughter of Lucifera, and thus Elohim. Lucifera divides and conquers. She holds no allegiance to the likes of Aleister Crowley or the tenants of other Saturnine Gnostic orders that are antagonistic to the Demiurge. She upholds, worships, and adores the Demiurge. And as the Queen of Chaos, there is no escaping her powers. She is the ruler and Queen of Chaos, of war, of rebellion, and of cunning. She is the sender of false saviors and the destroyer of false saviors, the creator of religious illusions for the purpose of feeding upon her prey and sending the lambs to war and slaughter, thus providing blood for her vampiric offspring, both incarnate and discarnate. She extracts human sacrifice on a scale to make that given to Satan meager by comparison.

The Dark Age of Aquarius

As Queen of Saturn, Lucifera rules as Serpentine Goddess, whose apocalyptical powers are that of sweeping annihilation and eternal preservation. She is the wolf devouring the sheep, sacrificing the world for the creation and recreation of change via revolution and vampiric evolution. She is also the supreme goddess of magic, necromancy, and death.

Saturinic Gnosis and Organizations: Mystery is not Immunity.

Perhaps the most noteworthy of recent Saturnic Orders is the Fraternitas Saturni which was spawned in Germany during the pre-world war period. It morphed into various organizations, becoming re-translated by Aleister Crowley, who, under the influence of drugs, sex and mystical orientations introduced Thelemic ingredients that led one to believe, like the Fraternitas Saturni itself before him did, that one could “become as god.” This became the foundational mystical order, or quest, of all western occultism that followed. In modern parlance, a practitioner could become a living god. Since Lucifera, however,  kills gods (with a small g), whether of the right or left hand path (As the Devil, she rules the Wild Path), the point becomes moot in any event. She underscores the Father’s proclamation that Thou Shall Have no Other Gods Before Me. And she is jealous to see that his Will is upheld in the matter. She therefore can and will strike down priests, popes, witches, gods, demons, and any other power who draws too near to presumption upon the Throne and Will of the Almighty. This is metaphorically, and historically shown in the actions of the Almighty to destroy those who mishandled the Ark of the Covenant, even though they were privileged and chosen to do so. Mystery is not Immunity. That is the first commandment of Lucifera. As such, Vampire Ashram and The Order of Lucifera not only defends, but is devoted to The Demiurge. The Tyrant of Creation also rules through His daughter, the Tyrant of Tribulation. The Devil.

Some Saturnine Gnostic Publications & Organizations

The books below, aside from the garbled library of Aleister Crowley or Freemasonry, which relate to the power of Saturn as a mystical source and energy of creation and destruction are included as a basic reference, albeit none do I recommend as a holistic metaphysical practice in relation to Saturn/Lucifera. I have made short notations of disagreements in emphasis and on the positive side, those that will be of benefit in other measures, as viewed from the perspective of Lucifera, which is only natural, as none reference Lucifera, having conflated the Devil, Satan, and Lucifer as the same entity. The reader is left to follow their own leanings in the matter.

  1. The Fraternitas Saturni: History, Doctrine, and Rituals of the Magical Order of the Brotherhood of Saturn, by Stephen Flowers. (Originally published as Fire & Ice, in Llewellyn’s Teutonic Magic Series). Reprinted by Inner Traditions, the work is again readily available on Amazon and other sites. *NOTES: The Fraternitas Saturni began with an admixture of philosophies, but their basic principle was the worship of the Demiurge. Lucifera is not mentioned. Lucifer is seen as bestowing light so that one can ascend into a type of godhood. This eventually morphed into the belief that Lucifer and Satan were one entity who befriended mankind to spite God as the Demiurge and Tyrant. Since both Lucifer and Satan fell, they became conflated, as Lucifera became conflated with Lucifer.) Valuable for the insights and history which gave birth to many fundamental tenets of western occultism, for better or worse. Noteable is the reversal of adulation for the Demiurge which turned into spiteful rebellion against the Demiurge as the movement went westward.
  2. The Cult of the Black Cube, by Arthur Moros, Theion Publishing. Now out of print, Arthur Moros was an alias for the person responsible for the book, who recently died. His personal experiences with Saturn healing his ailing body, having suffered a tortuous and lengthy course of pain-meds to relieve it, is noteworthy. Much of his information is derived from the Pictatrix, a grimoire devoted to astrological cosmology and the planetary influences as real, not archetypes, makes this a worthy book to read. His brief expositions will benefit those new to Saturnic gnosis. He includes the Indian archetype, Sani as well. Excellent overview of Saturnic Gnosis in a brief compass. Lucifera is not mentioned. *Note: This book was printed in a limited edition, and is now hard to find. It is unknown if the book will be reprinted or not.
  3. Saturn Rising by Jimmy T. Kirkbride, Aeon Sophia Press, 2015. Kirkbridge gives an exhaustive view, taken from the western occultic perspective. Defends the traditional correspondence to Capricorn instead of Aquarius as the most Saturnically related of planetary forces. The remainder parrots the traditional Crowleyisms, for better or worse. Readers will find much that is philosophically and astrologically related to Capricorn via Saturn, and therefore at times the book is seemingly overfocused on personal experiences in depression and its psychological aspects of Saturn. That said, the author is lucid, well versed in the sciences, and makes a valuable contribution to personal gnosis on the psychological and scientific level as it relates to Saturn. Most valuable are the correspondences in elements related to the earth, such as woods used for magical purposes related to Saturn. Lucifera is not mentioned.
  4. The Picatrix: A Medieval Treatise on Astral Magic, by Dan Attrell & David Porreca, Penn State University Press.  The most recent of additions to many floundering translations of this primitive Arabic text. The textual translations of the past were split between very poorly translated editions and a Latin text that was not readable by the mass of interested practitioners. The Ouroboros edition is most noteworthy for poorly translated text and should be avoided. The translated latin text of the Picatrix by Attrell and Porreca is both affordable, accurate, well organized and available without the sometimes ubiquitous “Strictly Limited Editions” that miraculously show up in paperback format for ten cents on the dollar a few years later. A classic astrological based magical grimoire on correspondences from the magical aspects that is thought to having originated from oral traditions that predate the 10th century when the information began to be set down in writing.
  5. The Greatness of Saturn: A Therapeutic Myth, by Dr. Robert Svoboda. Svoboda is the first Westerner ever to graduate from a college of Ayurveda and be licensed to practice Ayurveda. Taken from the Vedic Tradition, it honors the planet Saturn, who personifies time, limitations, loss and all forms of adversity. Translated into a therapeutic interpretation from a cosmological event to a personal and spiritual mythology, readers interested in a psycho-spiritual perspective will probably gain the most from his approach. Much of the Vedic cosmology is related to propitiating Saturn in a more practical than sometimes mystical approach, although the line is much thinner than in western traditions.
  6. In preparation is a grimoire on Saturnal Gnosis and Magical Practice by Lucien Mars. The proposed release date is later this year and will include sacred devotions to Lucifera and Saturnus, along with a practical manual of Saturnal magic related to Vampire Ashram and the Order of Lucifera. Updates will be provided on the Vampire Ashram website.