Effective immediately, a new security policy is being put in place for all those who have either 1) transformed in the past, or those who intend to undergo a vampire transformation in the future. Since posting the general articles declaring war on Satan and “Why Demons Burn Down Houses,” two more “Max-like” attacks have occurred in others that I am now having to deal with, sponsored by Satan. Lucifera insists that, for my part, all her adopted children need to learn how to defend themselves against a spiritual assault aimed first at Lucifera and the Almighty Father, and secondly, those vampires and their sires who have undergone a transformation. This is not a game, and my comments are not aimed exclusively at Creepy Hollows or any one source in particular, but at a much wider problem from other bindings, be they vessel or spirit bindings done through others. And if a person does not wish to vow and ban other bindings, as described within this article, they should not enter into a binding vampire transformation. And whether a person believes what I say and describe as being directly spoken by Lucifera herself is also fine. Simply don’t commit to a vampire transformation from this website or take your chances in violating the policy, which allows Satan direct access to attack you and your sire and others in your household.

The three recent attacks on those who underwent the transformation all have one thing in common: other bindings from sellers that mainly involve bridge bindings, but may also be simply spellbound items or spirit bindings as well. Satan is at war with Lucifera and the Almighty. Why? He knows the time of his destruction is at hand and he’s trying to buy time by distractions and focusing on those opposed to him and his earthly churches and organized religions, both Satanic and Christian which are under his domain. This is a precursor to the Apocalypse, because Hell has to be the first to fall into Lucifera’s control since the Apocalypse will bring many of the earth’s population into Hell. Satan’s hope is that he can use the increased number of lost souls to mount a campaign against the Almighty.

Whether Satan ever wins isn’t the issue: He’s fighting a losing war and needs to mount any offensive that he can find. And since the occult revival in general, this has always been his aim. Lucifera, being the Devil, is the rightful ruler of Hell, and has ultimate dominion and ability to destroy Satan and secure Hell to work as a ward against incursions from those bound into Hell to be allowed back onto earth. She won’t allow minions or demons and lost souls back on the earth. She’ll kill or add to their torments rather than let them roam beyond the borders of Hell. Satan wants just the opposite to happen. The Devil and Satan are enemies. That is a FACT. One has to win and the other has to lose. It is predestined and written indelibly in divine stone.

Jesus claimed to launch a church against which the Gates of Hell could not prevail. Well, they have not only prevailed, but expanded and exploded into and throughout the church. What else would you call the huge spate of pedophile priests and other grotesque abuses throughout the ages? Jesus promised what he didn’t deliver because he possessed no such power. And there is no such thing as “free to sin salvation.” Sorry, if it sounds to good to be true, that’s because it is. But that’s not our concern: the concern here to to protect those vampires who choose to transform under Lucifera. What happens to humanity is NOT her concern. What happens to vampires IS.

So, how did these attacks bypass a sire binding and allow Satanic oppression like that described in the Max attack on the earlier post, to occur? You have to put yourself in the demon’s place as sent by Satan against a vampire. All of these demonic attacks, that CAN be fatal, occurred because the person in question purchased a binding from another seller, and most notoriously, a bridge-binding (but that is not the only culprit) either before or after the transformation. And here is exactly how it happens, despite what a witch or sorcerer will declare as impossible. . .

What would I do if I were a demon sent by Satan to kill a person who had transformed under Lucifera? Well, I’d find those with vessel bindings, occult objects, and trinkets, then dispossess the spirit (evict or destroy it) -if there was one- who was bridge-bound, then bridge directly from the vessel or spirit binding -where a direct link is already established- into the person to destroy them from within, thereby bypassing any and all safeguards. It’s the only way I could safely do so, because the Almighty won’t stop it. And it’s so damned easy, despite what some idiotic witch or sorcerer says to the contrary. You believe them at your soul’s peril. You want to gamble with your soul, then go right ahead, but Lucifera isn’t obliged to bail you out of your own undoing.

Demons have to obey the rules of the Almighty; they have to have a LICENSE to invade. You give them that license to destroy you when you purchase vessel bindings or spirit bindings from foreign sellers who have absolutely no affiliation with Lucifera because it’s a divine boundary breach that gives the demon the right to attack. If you’re friendly to Satan they will just let you go down, lulled to sleep, ignorant of how the spirit realm works. Witches will deny this to their dying day and eat their words with bitter regret in the ever after, but the truth is fact: Satan is stronger than any and all witches combined, and he knows how to invade a person by dispossessing even a genuine spirit from a vessel or a binding (except those under the protection of Lucifera), and then launch an invasion designed to bypass every obstacle, every spirit entity, and kill you. Yes, as in dead. That’s why a lot of spirits are drawn to the Vampire Ashram website, seeking protection from this and wishing to convert to Lucifera for protection. And you undo all this by adding foreign bindings that can be -and will be- invaded by demons sponsored by Satan to destroy you and your sire. Wishing this wasn’t so isn’t going to stop it from being so. Read and heed the Notes from the Nightside blog on “When Demons Burn Down Houses, and Why.”

I’m well aware all of this will be vehemently denied by every Walmart witch and sorcerer, because their livelihood is dependent upon their precious bindings of gargoyles, volkhs and whatnot. And that’s fine. They’re entitled to their opinion. But if you choose to undergo a vampire transformation, you will be REQUIRED TO RELINQUISH AND BAN ALL VESSEL BINDINGS AND ALL SPIRIT BINDINGS that are offered outside of this website, for your own PERSONAL SAFETY and that of your sire. In other words, to undergo a vampire transformation, part of the vows will be that you WILL RELINQUISH AND BAN ANY AND ALL OCCULT SPELL OR SPIRIT-BOUND OBJECTS and bindings BEFORE THE TRANSFORMATION IS PERFORMED. If you have a strong spirit who has converted to Lucifera from another source, that spirit is to be FREED from his or her vessel and directly bound by myself directly with you. NO VESSEL BINDINGS will be permitted to remain. No occult objects such as spirit phones, dolls, wealth rings, or similar trinkets will be allowed to cross into the transformation. Why give Satan an open invitation to possess and destroy you and your sire? Once you transform under Lucifera, you become Satan’s avowed enemy. His worst enemy. Because he knows she can and will destroy him, so he’s trying to postpone the execution.

Henceforth, the pledge will be part of the vows, and if you violate the vow, Lucifera is no longer bound to save you or your sire from yourself; she cannot be bothered to put out fires across the globe (nor can I) that the person or vampire has brought upon themselves. It is the EASIEST thing in the world to dispossess even a legitimate spirit who has been bound to a vessel and who has no concern for Satan or the Devil to be destroyed and replaced by one sent by Satan. Jesus cannot stop Satan, nor can a witch, nor can any demon if you open yourself up to your own downfall by violating the rules of the Almighty. The Devil is shielded by her sacred dominion and vow to destroy Satan and retake and close all boundaries of Hell, sealing the gates shut and destroying the offending spirits of humans and demons after the Gates are closed, and sealed forever. The Devil, Lucifera, is the Queen of Saturn whose duties are to close the gates of Hell, confine and destroy offenders like Satan and others. She has been assigned the number 40 to announce her powers of tribulation and testing. She cannot be defeated, but you can be defeated by leaving the boundaries of her safekeeping by going on a shopping spree for spirit trinkets, which can be transformed by Satan into instruments to destroy you. If you cannot stop yourself from buying “just one more innocent -get me wealth- binding trinket” then you’ve been forewarned of the consequences. Lucifera cares first and foremost for the Will of the Father Almighty, and what happens to you after being warned is your problem, not hers, to solve. The best offense is a strong defense, and if you are unwilling to defend yourself or your sire then the consequences will rest upon your own shoulders.

Lucifera herself has said, shouted, and nagged me to say, “every potential vessel binding or spirit binding outside of my jurisdiction is a Trojan Horse waiting to happen!” And if you want to argue with her, go right ahead, be my guest. Maybe you know more about Satan than she does. She’s just the Devil after all, having defeated far more dangerous opponents than Satan. She only obeys the Father whom she loves, and the rest of humanity, or all of it, be damned. We’re not here to help people, empower people, or offer “free to sin salvation” or coddle the pride of some wayward witches or sorcerers; vampires are here who are aligned with her, to work the Will of Father as it relates to dominating Hell and destroying the opposition, then sealing it shut. Period. Hell is a vast realm that is under the control of the Almighty. War always has been, always will be, and is a byproduct of freewill, which is a risk the Almighty is willing to take because he can alter the balance or wipe the slate clean at any time. He has before, and the next Apocalypse won’t be the last.

If you are a transformed vampire, you need to heed this warning before Satan comes knocking through the entrance you’ve made for him by spirit bindings, vessel bindings, bridge bindings and he like that he can use to destroy you by dispossessing the original spirit and injecting a far more demonic being with orders to destroy. I urge you to take this warning seriously, and remove or have Lucifera remove those that can be used against you and your sire.



~ Ave Lucifera. Ave Lilith. Ave Lux. ~