New Policy & Infernal Pact with Satan~

Effective as of February 1, 2020, following a two year and five-month negotiation between Lucifera and Satan, both have come to a mutual agreement and sealed an infernal pact, whereby all those who purchase on this site and who thereafter commit slander against Vampire Ashram or its agencies, and publish such slanders on any site, including the site named Creepy Hollows, shall have (and retroactively have had) their souls and that of their families cursed and remitted to Satan unconditionally to the third generation, with all the infernal malice as he, or those to whom he designates in Hell, may muster, subjecting said souls to infernal torment and damnation in the afterlife as he pleases. This also includes those who have stolen intellectual property, extending from the past into the future.As cosigners to this class-action curse, may all violators be damned and tormented by the triple powers under assignment: The Almighty, The Devil, and Satan. And I promise, I shall be there to greet each of you.

Those who have slandered me, including the owners of Creepy Hollows, have been retroactively cursed with the severe assignment to Satan of their souls, as ratified by the Devil, under the powers of the Almighty as unhallowed and thus damnable. There is no anonymity from the powers of Satan, as the names of those who have slandered me, along with the legal names of the owners of Creepy Hollows (which they hide behind aliases) are transparent to both the Devil and Satan, and are pledged by vicarious sacrifice to his infernal powers. I simply find it easier to turn all such offenses directly over to Satan rather than spend valuable time cursing some cowardly witches like the owners of Creepy Hollows and their minions. In other words, welcome to Hell and the powers of Satan, the Devil, and the Almighty.

A New Pact with Satan as CEO of Vampire Ashram

A new pact with Satan was made to prevent future incursions by active retribution and class-action cursing through the agency of Satan, Azrael, Belial, and others, in return for the souls of those transgressors and malicious slanderers as featured on Creepy Hollows, which Lucifera has freely assigned to his infernal powers and damnation. Anyone who doubts the validity of this pact is invited to publish their slanders on Creepy Hollows or elsewhere and enjoy said consequences that await. Please, feel free; Satan encourages your comments, be as vile as you desire. In essence, any who either stigmatize or slander me, are de facto slandering and stigmatizing both Satan and the Devil, Lucifera. By this new pact and power, Satan is now fully aligned with Vampire Ashram and will play a leading role, along with Lucifera. This follows a long standing debate and negotiations of over two years, along with protracted negotiations of how to integrate Satan into a full partnership with Vampire Ashram/Sorcerers Cellar. Something had to be given as a consideration for his full and infernal participation, pact and enjoining powers, and the aforementioned souls were what Satan specifically requested, and which Lucifera and I have freely submitted as vicarious sacrifices to him. Satan now and hereafter will play an integral part, alongside Lucifera, of Vampire Ashram.

As the new CEO of Vampire Ashram, we welcome Satan with all infernal blessings. And may he feast in flames of brimstone and pain upon all the wretched souls from Creepy Hollows and others of their fraudulent ilk whom we submit to him in infernal praise. May their blood boil in vats of rot and fall from their flesh with screams that echo his unholy name unto eternity. Ave Satanas.

Our Refund Policy

Like other abuses that stem from the minions of Creepy Hollows, the refund policy in the past has been extremely liberal, and has by some been also liberally abused, as the absurd abuse stated in a negative post on Creepy Hollows regarding a powerful manifestation and the next day refund from fear, a refund I was not obligated to make. To add insult to injury, this person had the nerve to complain about it!  Satan declares this must, will, and shall immediately stop. Henceforth, there will only be three Full Affinity bindings that offer a refund: a succubus, an incubus, and a vampire. All other bindings are non-refundable. Instead of being a benefit to honest and prospective clients, it has been abused and used against me. And Satan shall impose his imprecatory powers of damnation upon all such offenders, past, present and future. Henceforth, he handles all complaints, since Satan and the Devil are those you are complaining against. I couldn’t give a shit less about a pair of Walmart Witches and their bubble-gum bindings. Let them jump off their bridge bindings into Hell, where they belonged in the first place. And the Devil cares even less about satanists, witches, priests, or others. If it can move, she can damn it. And what the Devil damns cannot be undamned, either by Satan or any other.

Satan & Satanists

We welcome all theistic satanists. Another stipulation of Satan’s was that I would not interfere with the acolytes he has under his charge, and to that end, we welcome all theistic satanists, including those who do not align with the Almighty, and whom they define as the Demiurge. While neither I nor Lucifera share the antipathy toward the Almighty that almost all satanists do, each is free to follow their own leading. Our joint disgust with religions and their idolatry and mental/spiritual slavery is in full alignment, and there it shall remain. In other matters, we are free to disagree. Satan shall retain his acolytes unimpeded by myself or Lucifera. However, that alignment does not include alignment with Lilith, a condition that Satan has mutually agreed to. He aligns as opposed to Lilith only and until suitable terms of settlement between Lucifera and Lilith is reached, if ever. Nothing would make me happier than to see Lucifera and Lilith in accord under the terms set forth by the Almighty for the proper governance of Hell in its multiformed realm. Until that happens, Satan has pledged himself to honor these terms as regards Vampire Ashram and his participation with and for Lucifera. Outside of said boundaries, his actions shall remain autonomous and independent.

The Chairwoman of the Board

The infernal Chairwoman of the Board, Lucifera, retains her pre-eminent position. As both the Devil and the Primal Vampire Goddess, she retains her sacred patron power. As the Goddess of Chaos and Cunning, we hold her powers second only to those of the Almighty. Her mission of calling her own, those hybrid or latent vampires, to her fold, remains uppermost in her mind and as my mission. Her domain in the Unmanifested and the Manifested Hells, over which she is the Imperial Goddess and power, remains as vital as ever.

Moving forward, Satan will be working side by side with me in a much closer capacity than before, in exchange for the infernal pact made as described above. This pact took over two years in the making, and it’s influence, and Satan’s will be welcomed. Oh, and thanks to Creepy Hollows, for all their vessel bindings, which are as hollow as their magick. Of all the unbindings/banishings I perform, nine out of ten are done to evict, banish, and burn their tinker-toy bindings. Is there anything better than the smell of a burning volkh? Only the ones who conjured them.

To this infernal pact, Lucifera, Satan and Lucien Mars place their seal and make all conveyances by the petitioning and power of the Almighty to deliver all the terms, souls, and conditions as set forth therein.

~Ave Lucifera. Ave Satanas. Ave Lux. Here we come.~