For all those either on Vampire Ashram or elsewhere: I have begun conjurations for entities endorsed by Lucifera aimed at cursing not only Satania store but its customers who are using stolen and cursed materials which allow their customers to become targets. Above is an example of one such goddess eager to damn Satania and company in behalf of God and the Devil. *** This is the only binding on Vampire Ashram that summons the Almighty to the curse, meaning if you are Christian, Muslim, Hindu, or atheist, this binding will bring a blessing from above and is safe and effective. You are doing the work of the Supreme Being in this binding.

Today, the crooks sent a Happy Gram to me, which I include here:

Hi there, We´re contacting you to delete immediately the posts against us, you´re writing we´re scammers we´re not scammers. (read my posts and their plagiarisms and decide for yourself) If you delete this, we´ll change the possible similarities (not possible, but direct thievery of my materials. And no thanks, you’ve already done the deed.) and you can play your game, with Alex etc (as he want to play your game) *ILLITERATE AS USUAL. As he want to play your game? These are illiterate fools and nothing more. They believe I’m fake because they know they are. They don’t believe what they’re doing. And if they have to steal my copyrighted listings, my copyrighted mantras, and my copyrighted rites from a “fake” what does that make them? Nothing more than a group of lowlife thieves selling other people’s intellectual property as their own and bringing down curses upon their customers to boot. I’ll consider their souls as devoted to the Devil as the spoils of war.

If you keep writing lies about us and our coven (vampires don’t form covens, you stupid ass; covens pertain only to witches, dumbo), we will begin to write about you as well, and believe us, we´re more and more productive. (more and more productive, learn how to write a complete sentence, morons.)
You didn’t cursed us (better learn how to spell first if you intend to curse someone, shit for brains), but we can curse you (be my guest, have at it shit for brains), we know all the truth my friend, (yes, that Satania is a crooked thief who steals my listings, my mantra -which they convert into the sounds of a croaking bullfrog, and the rite that I’ve been using for over a decade, converting it into a curse by the theft. But I am anything but their friend. Friends don’t steal from friends, fools! )
So it’s better that everyone walks their own way, and stop this.
Their reply: Ok, we´ve tried, you choose, we’re gonna expose you and all your lies, you know you´re fake.
My Reply: GO FUCK YOURSELVES, MORONS. After all, if I’m a fake, why are they stealing everything I have copyrighted as their own? Does their illiteracy match the materials? Of course not, because it belongs to me, not them. Why steal my mantra from the book which they cannot even pronounce? Why steal my rite if I’m a fake and bastardize it? It’s stolen from the Devil herself, and you really think she’s going to let it fly? Why steal my copyrighted listings verbatim? And then offer to politely stop doing it if I stop exposing them? These are delusional swine. These are slimy pigs and nothing more. I don’t have to curse them, I delegate that as does Lucifera, Lilith, Chamunda, and the curse that invariable comes upon one and all who steal  from the Devil. You steal from the Devil, you deal with the Devil, including the customers of Satania.
I have also begun to conjure entities directed at not only but those who curse themselves as customers. These powers will work the curses and transferal of spirit blessings to their companion from the damned who abdicated them of their freewill. If you read my posts, you’ll see that they are indeed thieves and I’m unwilling to deal with criminals. “But we can curse you.” Ha, they couldn’t curse a housefly. If they were genuine, they wouldn’t be stealing everything I write, including the mantra listed on the post, including the rite that first attempts to ward Satan away by scribbling nonsense on a candle (more stolen lingo from elsewhere) and then prompting the person to give their souls to Satan via Asmodeus and others. By burning their hair. Or in blood. Eternally. Have a happy afterlife, because it’s going to get a whole lot darker quickly for you and your family. You did it to yourselves.
Customers of Satania, be forewarned, they even promote themselves as “your cursed store.” So let the cursing begin. Oh, and yes, you filthy illiterate crooks, go ahead and knock yourselves out trying to curse me. I’m not going to stop until the owners of this piece of shit outfit, the cult, and the culprits are long gone, damned, and their customers alongside them. Let the burning begin and never end! And please, I invite all your curses. Work overtime, but with your illiteracy, which is why you  have stolen everything I’ve written down, I doubt you could curse a housefly. “We can cursed me.” You morons.
To this end, I am offering a new line of vampires conjured to curse and condemn both Satania and their customers who utilize my stolen listings and rites and mantra. You will see these newer vamp goddesses appear with regularity and power. Stay tuned as they are listed on Principalities of Power and the Sinister Assembly. The collage is the first to be conjured, with many more to come.
Meanwhile, I’ll wait for the morons to find a curse they can be able to steal from someone else since they didn’t finish third grade. They’re only cursing their own customers by stealing and then devoting their astral trash spirits to Asmodeus and Satan. Fuck Asmodeus and fuck Satan, and fuck anyone who freely gives their souls to be cursed. They even advertise themselves as “your cursed store” so let the cursing begin.
The above is an example of a newer Vampire Goddess aimed directly at the stolen rite and binding. This isn’t a game. I’m deadly serious about avenging the stolen listings and rites, as stolen from the Devil herself, which are cursed. The Almighty curses Asmodeus, the Devil curses Asmodeus, Satan, and the storefront Satania for their theft. Lilith curses it. Chamunda curses it. Lucifera curses it. Hecate curses it. Lucifer curses it. You’re going to curse them all as well? Have fun. I’m sure each of them is absolutely terrified.
Had Satania not stolen from me, you -their customers- would not come under the curse. But as I’ve said before -you steal from the Devil, you gotta deal with the Devil. If you feel this is unfair, by all means, curse me as much as you can, and as often as you can. Because neither you, Satania, nor Satan, nor all the powers of Hell will prevail. You cannot, as the Devil and God are my witnesses. I work for both, so have at it, fools. And Satan and Asmodeus and all his minions be damned. Satan cannot curse me, nor his goddamned minions. If they cannot, how can an illiterate fraud do so? Neither the Devil herself, nor God Almighty will allow it. But they will allow for Satania to burn for their criminal thievery, of that you can rest assured, and the customers who bind with Asmodeus or Satan, using plagiarized materials stolen verbatim from Vampire Ashram.
P.S. The vampire goddess above was just adopted by a client but more are on the way. Bon apetite!