Vampire Ashram’s Exclusive Blood-Binding Transformation~

Vampire Ashram is the leader in genuine blood-binding vampire transformations for over a decade, performed with the direct authority of Lucifera, the Primordial and Original Vampire Goddess, and Lilith, her Queen and Enforcer. While others claim this ability, and some do have such ability, others such as Satania, an overseas scam operation have to rely upon stealing our verbiage thinking people will be fooled by a counterfeited rite. Well, nobody can steal either Lucifera or Lilith, so that any rite stolen and used by the likes of Satania carries a curse, one they’re happy to use as their slogan, admitting they are thieves. The person undergoing such a rite is marked as an enemy and thief by both Lucifera and Lilith. In other words, cursed to be marked and targeted by them for torment in Hell, along with the likes of plagiarists like Satania store. What other option is there? You aren’t going to heaven, and Lucifera owns and rules Hell as Empress and destroyer of the damned. If you have undergone their sham transformation, DO NOT apply for a vampire transformation with us. It will be denied and/or blocked. You are viewed as having participated in the theft, regardless of your knowledge in the matter. There is no innocence that can be claimed when you engage in the occult. Collateral damage is a result of dabbling where thieves and amateurs prey upon the unwary.

Requirements for a Full Blood-Binding Vampire Transformation~

Vampire Ashram requires that you first submit an application for approval to be screened by two elders of the order. All information on the application is kept confidential. No financial information is gathered. The application fee is non-refundable but may be applied to the