First and foremost, Lucifera, Naamah, Hecate and a host of others, along with myself wish to thank all those client newcomers and loyalists, some of whom have been with me for over a decade now. Meanwhile a huge number of very high powered goddesses, principalities, demons, and Satan, have aligned with Lucifera. For while Satan doesn’t want anything to do with heaven, he is also concerned about a revolution in his own ranks. And since Lucifera is the Goddess of Revolution, she remains a threat to him, and others. And while Satan has agreed to be bound, let me bluntly say: he will not be bound to most applicants. Lucifera will be the one to determine if the binding is appropriate or not. For obvious reasons, she will have final approval of those who apply. Another high powered Goddess, Hecate, is eager to bind with her acolytes, and will be one of the first featured. I’ve worked with Hecate for a very long time, love her immensely, and really there is nothing to say about her that most don’t already know. Hecate is an earth-moving power and elemental force for all things witchcraft related. We welcome her! I affectionately call her the Wildcat Goddess. She has a very gravelly voice, sometimes grave appearance, and superlative powers.

The changes in adopting these powerful goddesses and demon principalities reflect a change in Lucifera’s preference: She wants these dark powers more active in this realm to contain Lilith, whose antagonism since Israel was founded in her domain, continues to escalate. Lilith, rightfully, is disgusted at the Jewish fantasy that she was Adam’s first wife, made of mud. Lilith is Elohim, the jews are the muddy-made. And she intends to show them who will return to mud. And it won’t be Lilith. Most would have left the ignorance of some flea-bitten rabbis and Kabbalah occultists to their own fantasies. But not Lilith. Her war is to exterminate the Jews to the very last, which is an itsy-bitsy overstep of a grudge that’s been ongoing for a few thousand years now. Lucifera cares because she obeys the Father, and as the Black Shekinah Elohim of Hell, it falls upon her to do the containment. Otherwise, if the Father decreed their extermination, she would have done the job in half the time. That is not the Father’s will. Lilith is most active in the mid-east, and Lucifera is beginning to confront her there.

Now, on a few notes about these changes, I have had to amend the safety clause due to the intensity of these beings. These beings are not conjured by traditional black magic, they are conjured by me acting in the capacity of High Priest to Lucifera. And due to their powers, which would easily overwhelm an individual, these goddesses and others will only convey those powers that you are able to absorb. As one’s energy grows, so grows the amount of power and benefits one receives. You cannot outgrow a goddess of this type, such as Hecate, or others. Thus, they are safe to the extent that they will judiciously convey what you can use. Even so, intense dreams, psychic traveling, malevolent powers of magic, supernatural energy of the highest and darkest sort are the norm. Some will destroy enemies with a vengeance, and that includes black magicians, sorcerers, witches, whatever gets in their way. Believing all demons who are black natured get along, is a very naive and dangerous expectation. All those found on this site are pledge bound to Lucifera and are safe to combine in any fashion. Those astral trash mites bound to vessels you’ve had hanging around (you know the ones, the three headed djinn special you bought for $50), are bound to be destroyed if they serve no purpose (if they are even present, many are not). I do not mind in the least destroying such half-lifeless things, or spirit-dolls, or any metaphysical trinket spirits. Lucifera is head of the Killing Elohim of Hell. Only the Father has more power. Respect is the keyword with these beings. They cannot be unbound without serious repercussions on oneself. And thus, for your own safety I shall not revoke them unless it is for a very good reason. And there would be a steep revocation fee in such cases.

A few more facts: None of these goddesses or principalities of power can be one’s sire for a vampire transformation. They are off-limits for such purposes. Some goddesses and principalities will accept a binding, others will not. Lucifer is off limits and works as the Father’s right hand power in the multiverse, and has less and less direct involvement in the earthly realm. Naamah is Lucifera’s grand lieutenant, and is exempt from binding. And of course, Lucifera can only be bound by loyalty through a vampire transformation or devotional energy. Some goddesses or principalities have set a limit on those they will accept and others, such as Hecate, are open ended. Thus, not all Chaldean Goddesses will be seen again for binding, or they may limit it to less than a few. This is their prerogative. Principalities such as Belial are open ended because the binding is a hourglass-binding, allowing direct but not sole access to them. An hourglass binding funnels energy on a one-to-one basis, so that the more proficient you are in using the powers of said demon, the more of the primal power is funneled to you through one such as Belial, and the closer you will grow in personal affiliation. This in no way diminishes the power. Full power would mean full and fast destruction due to the energy intensity. Or instant madness because the energy cannot align itself to the far higher frequency. One does not put a mouse in the microwave. These remain direct bindings to dark principalities of power, not watered down in any way. There are no refunds on the Sinister Assembly or the Principalities of Power.

Most evocations offered from Satanists and other Black Magicians are formulas of calling, whereby even if the major demon shows up, they are not being bound. And the evocation has to be done ad nauseam, even by the best of black magicians. They are being consulted into manifestation because the actor of influence is a magician, not a direct agent of the power. I’m a direct agent of Lucifera so I need no such crutches. So you can spend much more money attempting to use some formula, or grimoire, only to have no success or limited success, or consultancy success, which is minor. This is not a consultancy evocation, but a full fledged binding. There is a huge difference. I don’t conjure as a magician, I conjure these beings into a binding that only has to be done once, not when the moon is in some precise phase and the circle of conjuration with all its mystical symbols are done oh-so-right. And you need to know the Enochian language. None of those things presents a problem to me, because I never use them. I work directly for the Black Shekinah Elohim of Hell, as her agent. And while I do not work for Lilith, she is always bound to me. In a nanosecond she would come if I were to call. Thus be aware, you are not dealing with a magician, you are dealing with the raw agent of direct access and power. The difference is night and day. I have explained this in another post, so I won’t repeat it verbatim here.

It continues to be my intention in 2020 to provide a useable guide and primer devoted to Lucifera, including how to approach her, worship her, and perform some elementary magic designed to assist you in manifestations and other aspects of binding. It is my hope that by year’s end in 2020 a primer (as she calls it) will be ready for distribution. I intend to include some elementary workings of blood and ritual magic as well. She intends to shape the site into something of a more formal basis as the years progress, demarcated by those who have taken the ultimate devotion in blood to her by undergoing the ultimate in transformations: Into vampire-hood. She is the killer of death as well.

For the year 2020, the keyword is chaos in the world. As the Ruler of Chaos, she is able to set the boundaries, and use all the elemental forces of the world for the purposes of her mission from the Father. And thus, she is willing to allow bindings I never would have voluntarily performed before. She calls it the Year of Power, a year devoted to bringing into play principalities she will use on a global scale. And to those who bind with such principalities, she brings dark blessings, bestows her demonic grace, and infernal will. She wants the movements of spirit warfare notched up, wants her disciples to access the power needed to withstand the assaults of Lilith. Lucifera honors strength, loyalty, fearlessness. And she rewards according to those standards she sees in her disciples. To her enemies, she is the killer of killers. The killer of death. And what more awesome power could any wish to achieve?

So, in closing, it is my sincerest wish that your own power progresses throughout the year 2020, guided by the power and wisdom of those able companions whom I have had the honor to bind with you, that all of her children of the night prosper in wisdom and power! To each and all of you a most blessed year of 2020 is wished!