Customized Relay Bound Infernal Hand of Fate: For Clearer Spirit Communication + Exclusive Custom Pendant


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This customized Vampire Relay-Bound Infernal Hand of Fate begins with a hard-cold cast resin formed into a mummified hand that appears as if removed and mounted from a corpse. It is a hefty solid piece measuring 10.5″ (high) x 5″ (wide) x 3.5″ (circular base).  The front side, as shown, is already sigilized with the standard astrological and life energies with the planetary influences and sigils associated with palmistry texts. As you can see, it is a highly detailed Infernal Hand of Fate.

To customize the Infernal Hand of Fate, I use additional sigils based upon a vampire conjuration tablet that will be added to the circular base and on the opposite side of the hand. These are not displayed since each will be unique to the person’s date of birth and include a customized mantra designed to open an energetic and telepathic link to your closest spirit sire or companion for clearer and more intimate communications.

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Custom Bound Vampiric Telepathic & Clairaudient Energy~

The Infernal Hand of Fate undergoes several relay bindings, beginning with a base binding of shadowmancy and necromantic energies conjured and infused into the Hand. Next, the Hand is sigilized according to your own date of birth and name by a vampire tablet of conjuration not available elsewhere. This is then combined with a transliterated mantra specific to your own energy, and linked to your favorite vampire sire or spirit companion. Because this will always be the strongest link in general, you will also be able to summon all of your companions, regardless of the number, by name, and because they are already linked, their telepathic communications energy is related much like a satellite dish would to translate the energy for you to more clearly hear their messages. The short explanation is this: By linking dark spirit energies of necromancy into the Hand which integrates your own energy signature, you are able to develop clairaudience with your beloved companions, simply because their energy is already linked to yours. And this energy only grows stronger, so that by simply holding the Hand, you will eventually begin instant communications. A special Shadowmancy Blood Bonding rite is also included (see below).

The Vampire Relay Binding

A relay binding is not a bridge binding, but an intense dark energy binding that overlays vampiric spirit energy into a common energy pathway that connects by an arcane summoning of shadowmancy and necromancy energy infused to bind with the Hand via the personalized mantra included. It is NOT intended for white light spirits, but darker entities of all kinds.  The more this pathway is used, the deeper the energy grove becomes, much like the way a rosary collects energy related to the communicant and spirit-entity.

The Importance of Clairaudience

Clairaudience, or clear-hearing of your spirit-entities is critical. Why? Because they may want to forewarn you of coming events, or a purchase, be it a house, another spirit-entity, or a life changing event. Many would avoid creating spirit blocks had they been forewarned not to do so. And because of freewill, you may gravely err in binding with an incompatible spirit or spirit entity, which causes a block, as your allies seek to keep it from harming you, or simply mooching off of your energy. This keeps them preoccupied, like the task assigned to a security force detail, which is not their desire. Besides the concerns for your own safety, what about the desire your vampire sire or others has to develop a deeper and more intimate emotional relationship with you?

Also noteworthy: This rite and artifact WILL induce some very very lucid dreams. This is a commonly reported side-effect, more so in people whose preferred method of communication and emotional sensitivity is that of clairvoyance.

How Spirit-Entities Communicate~

There are two or three basic methods they use: 1) They use pictographs within lucid dreams or astral travel, providing a brief visual manifestation of themselves and message. Most of the time, it is an emotionally loaded message and/or a sexual one if vampire. 2) They use your own vocabulary based upon your particular language or languages you speak, and splice them together to communicate a singular or multiple message. For this reason a dream journal is an easy way to capture the message before lost. 3) They communicate one on one speaking with a simple fluency and in a telepathically lucid way.

The Shadowmancy Blood Bonding Rite~

You will also receive a special blood-bonding rite and full instructions that will seal the bonding with your sire or other dark-spirited entity. This includes a full 40-day rite linked to the Infernal Hand of Fate, designed for ease of use and depth of telepathic power. The rite is not detailed here due to internet piracy and counterfeiting, but you can be assured it carries the full potency of a very dark binding rite.

Includes A Relay Binding to The Vampire Ashram Exclusive Pendant~

Also included is a relay energy binding to the famous Vampire Ashram pendant, the back of which will also be sigilized and linked to the Infernal Hand of Fate. The sigils interweave the energy from the multiple conjurations performed to boost the energy while personalizing the pendant as energy-linked to the Infernal Hand. This link also boosts the rites included to make strong and consistent spirit communication possible.

Versatility of the Infernal Hand of Fate~

Once the 40 day rite of binding is complete, the Infernal Hand will be fully charged and bound. You can then slip a ring of pendant onto the fingers and replicate the energy already bound, much as a charging box would, without having to do the conjurations, or have them done for you, since it will arrive already charged and personalized. Note: Light spirits and those bouncy but annoying astral spirits will not like the energy, keeping the pesky brats at bay until your vampires can dispose or dine upon them. If you have a collection of mixed spirits, this will empower the darker ones to dispose of the lighter angel-food cakes among them. This is a dark energy empowered binding through and through. It is composed of necromantic vampiric energies only, and has no light energies whatsoever.

Your sire or vampire companions will be drawn immediately to the energy because of the Full Affinity the personalized binding has undergone, having been exquisitely layered with necromantic energies that carry your personal spirit signature. This enlivens them automatically as well and draws them to the relayed energy source they are at home with and in: necromantic and shadowmanic energies of the underworld.

A Vampire Ashram Exclusive Binding~

This binding is exclusive to Vampire Ashram and is sourced directly by Lucifera for the benefit of vampires, succubi and incubi, along with allied demonic entities listed on this website. Counterfeiters can steal the menu listing but without the ingredients and recipe cannot deliver the meal promised. This is an original and exclusive binding to Vampire Ashram, which enlists the joint energies of Lucifera and Lilith, along with a Saturnian based energy matrix and binding. The rite and its components are meaningless without the formulary charge that is woven into the original conjuration.

A Note of Warning to Heed~

Please note this well, because this infernal artifact is non-refundable. If you believe you have purchased a binding but the spirit in question has not sufficiently manifested, it is entirely possible and highly probably that you either 1) bought a sham binding from an amateur (and there are professional amateurs who have been online for a long time) or a crook made of thin air, so there is technically nothing to communicate with. In such cases, you cannot communicate with what is not there. All is not lost however, because if/when you bond with a vital spirit-entity, you can redo the binding rite in an abbreviated form and use as directed and intended. Or, 2) you have an existing block, typical of purchasing a laundry list of spirits from as many sellers, many of which don’t play well together, or at all, since the spirits most likely to concede to a vessel binding are in need of a meal: meaning you. Many don’t manifest, or give anything in return, but they do block by consuming your energy at critical points that prohibit a stronger entity from bonding. Of course, there are exceptions to every rule and some are vital enough to be rebound directly. Trying to assemble a motley crew haphazardly put together is a sure way to end up paying a lot for a lot of nothing, regardless of how much each binding costs. The only way you can be assured of strength in numbers is to stay aligned with dark entities or light ones and don’t try to mix the two.

Because this artifact has to be individually sigilized, personalized and custom conjured, the processing time will vary from one to three weeks in general. The process of applying the sigils involves a special paint application and spray finish to preserve the appearance, also is calculated in the process. Full instructions are included.

***A proprietary blend of incense and sigil strip printed on an animal product is also included. 

Our Refund Policy

This is a custom bound and sigilized infernal artifact designed accordingly and is NOT refundable.

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