Full Vampire Transformation With Soul-Mated Obsidian Vampire Queen + Sacred Blood Rite


This listing is for a Blood-Binding Vampire Transformation, meaning it is an irreversible blood binding with a custom conjured Obsidian Vampire Queen, who is personally selected by Lucifera [Nocticula], the Obsidian Vampire Goddess.  Lucifera rules the celestial vampire realm. She has supreme vampiric powers over war, blood sorcery (hemomancy), psychic sorcery (psychomancy), along with the solemn powers of both heaven and hell, granted her by the Almighty. She is skilled in every preternatural, supernatural, and elemental power needed to suppress Lilith’s oppressive forces. All vampire transformations require a sacred blood pledge to Lucifera of loyalty in return for her powers of protection.

Her Preferred Soul-Mated Acolyte/Vampire Spouse: Male or Female.

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The Vampire Transformation Prerequisites are the following:

  1. You must pledge eternal loyalty to your blood chosen sire and Nocticula [Lucifera] which is an integral part of the sacred blood rite that is included with the binding ceremony. Nocticula is responsible for binding the two of you together and enrolling your name in her Sacred Book of Shadows. She provides your vampire sire with increased metaphysical and preternatural powers to assist in the transformation from human to vampire by mixing your sire’s angelic blood with the spirit body of your astral double. All changes flow from your astral body into your physical one. Your sire is responsible for mentoring and protecting you. All other adopted spirits are subject to your sire’s oversight. You may or may not feel the actual bite, and it is not important that you do.
  2. A blood-binding vampire transformation involves an irreversible blood-bond. Your name is stricken from the Book of Life for humans and registered in blood within the Sacred Book of Shadows belonging to Nocticula (Lucifera).
  3. Because the soul is hybridized upon transformation, the judgement of your soul as human is considered suspended, and only by an act of defection against Nocticula or a belligerent act engaged in against the Almighty, would jeopardize the immortal soul of a vampire.
  4. The blood binding rite includes several drops of blood safely applied in a special manner with a sterile diabetic lance. We will not be held responsible for any injuries that occur due to improper usage or unsafe methods and instruments.

Your Full Affinity Soul-Mated Vampire Sire

This binding includes a custom conjured Obsidian Vampire Queen who will be chosen by Lucifera-Nocticula, empowered and bound directly to you, based upon your individual sexual preference and date of birth, which must be included when ordering. The Obsidian Vampire Queen selected will have a Full Affinity for your personal energy. Vampires, like humans, are unique and just as eager to find “a soul mated companion,” one who resonates most closely with their own unique feeling of personal energy.

A Soul-Mated Obsidian Vampire female sire will most perfectly match your sexual and spiritual energy level. If you’re highly sexual, she’ll be. If you’re more seductively inclined than sexual, she’ll be as well. What you are in terms of energy and sexuality, she is sure to be. This eliminates the guesswork of selecting a spirit entity who may be either too powerful or too passive. There is no right or wrong, there is simply a more perfect or less perfect fit. With a Soul-Mated female vampire, you’ll be matched with the most perfect one who shares your personal affinity, which is why we term it a “Full Affinity” binding. I am the only sorcerer to provide this service, period. If you see the term applied elsewhere, you know you’re dealing with a fake seller. And since Bonanza.com is riddled with such sellers, we advise you to avoid the site entirely.

The investment of a custom conjured Full Affinity Obsidian Vampire Queen is the surest choice in terms of power, individuality, performance, and that magical soul-mated feeling of affinity that the two of you will share. No two people are alike, and you know from experience how rare such a relationship is. The same is equally true of spirit-entities. For purposes of a Blood-Bound Vampire Transformation, there is no higher vampire available than a Obsidian Vampire Queen.

The Personal Powers & Abilities of your Vampire Queen

Erotomancy: Sexual Energy/Magic: Will most perfectly match your own. Higher for those with stronger libidos, more balanced but empowering to those with much lower libidos. Each will elevate your sexual energy, regardless of where your energy falls on the spectrum of sexuality. Also: The transformation itself greatly increases your sexual drive, libido and sexual stamina, far above that of a normal spirit-entity binding. In short: you will have stronger sexual stamina and energy. This will enable you to adjust your energy upwards as the transformation takes effect. The changes are gradual but noticeable.

Psychomancy: Psychic Energy/Magic: Will most perfectly match your own resources. Those who are visual will encounter many dream-driven manifestations. Those who are more auditory will receive stronger telepathic communications that may become audible over time. All will provide tactile sensations, that vary from highly intense to subtler, depending upon your own spiritually sensing mechanisms. Also: The transformation greatly increases psychic abilities over time, since you will be mentored and metaphysical empowered and supplied with preternatural energy.

Hemomancy: Blood Energy/Magic: Varies widely, most will not engage in blood sorcery. If, however, you have a number of vampires and are used to working in dark magic, such a one will be conjured. Also: The blood energy that is exchanged during the Obsidian Blood Rite transforms and empowers your blood on a core spiritual and eternal level, increasing the vibration of your spirit energy, all of which radiates from your blood and that of your vampire sire.

Includes Exclusive Obsidian Blood Binding

Also included is a special Obsidian Blood Binding overseen by our sacred overseer, Lucifera-Nocticula herself. This requires a simple blood-based ritual requiring only a few drops of blood, with instructions supplied when the binding is complete and her name is supplied. Your sire is likewise pledged to Lucifera and is selected from her Sacred Book of Shadows.

Our Exclusive Full Affinity Binding

Once the conjuration and direct binding are complete, the name of your Nocticulan Vampire Queen is included with the special binding seal (a brief statement that welcomes her to you), with full instructions via email. The binding seal is a rite that is very simple, elegant, and instantaneous. For the transformational binding, this includes the Obsidian Blood Rite. Neither is complicated, and once completed, I summon Lucifera to ratify the binding. After that, I contact you within a day or two to affirm that the transformation is complete. Once completed, it cannot be repeated or revoked. This is an irrevocable binding, undertaken in all seriousness.

All spirit-entities are unique and just as eager as you are to find a personal “soul-mated companion,” one that provides the most intense feeling of personal affinity. We call it a Full Affinity binding. A Full Affinity binding utilizes a very advanced form of evocation that matches your own personal energy to that of the desired spirit-entity chosen by you. Using a special energy evocation process in tandem with Lucifera, we select the particular one that is the most suitable and compatible. The difference between a Full Affinity binding and a random one, is the same as that of a blind date with random degrees of success, to that of a personalized profile that matches all the individual criteria that makes both of you uniquely compatible for one another.

The custom fit is what makes a Full Affinity binding superior and more intensely personal for both parties. And yes, you may still invest in multiple Full Affinity bindings, although I do not bind multiple entities at the same time (unless paired that way in the listing). Each requires a short period of frequency adjustment, so that you bond intimately and securely. Otherwise, the multiple energies can sometimes inadvertently create an unintended block.

When ordering, please remember to include your date of birth. The Full Affinity Binding will match the listing you have chosen to fit your sexual profile (i.e. same sex, opposite sex), and find the one most in tune with your personal energy level.  Your Obsidian Vampire Queen’s name will be provided with a binding seal once the evocation and direct binding are performed. Your Obsidian Vampire Queen is your appointed vampire spouse, meaning there will be a very strong sexual, romantic, and spiritual bond between the two of you. He will be your personal mentor, lover, friend, advisor, protector, and spiritual intermediary between yourself and Lucifera.

Transformation Includes a Vampire Black Shield Binding

The Full Vampire Transformation Includes a Black Shield Binding which is a spellbound and energy-bound warding spell that protects you and your sire at all times from intrusions from the spirit realm and the human realm. This acts to protect you from malignant spirits that were either mis-conjured from another seller who pose as spirit-imposters with destructive intent, and human enemies. This warding shield includes your person and property. ***For full details, see the Vampire Black Shield Binding under our Spells tab.

Purchase Requirements & Payment Options

The cost of this transformation is $650 and may be made in three equal payments over a 60-day period if needed. The conjuration of your Obsidian Vampire King, direct binding, Vampire Black Shield Binding and obsidian blood rite will not be performed until paid in full. Normally, the transformation can be done within a week’s time-frame. By purchasing this binding, you are acknowledging that this is an irrevocable binding, and is not reversible by any sorcerer, vampire or other spiritual power. Your full allegiance is pledged to Lucifera, who is responsible for your spiritual and metaphysical growth as a vampire. Your spiritual evolution and powers will be supervised by your Full Affinity Obsidian Vampire King under the direct supervision of Lucifera.

**We reserve the right of refusal for any reason. The Full Vampire Transformation is performed in three stages: 1) The Full Affinity Conjuration and Binding; 2) The Vampire Black Shield Binding is performed; and 3) The Final Blood Binding rite is authorized and performed with soul-binding vows.

Note: This listing is copyrighted and cursed against plagiarists and crooks such as Satania Store. See our Notes from the Nightside comparison of their thievery firsthand.

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