Hardcore Danish Drauge Vampire Queen: Necromancer Assassin + Nocticulan Vampyre Spell


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Fair Warning: This Danish Drauge Queen can cause your stare or unintended glance to become toxic to some, and these are mainly enemies due to her excessive hypnotic eyesight that carries with it the powers of extreme darkness gained prior to passing eternal. This can cause the target extreme distress followed by nightmares of being buried alive in a grave. Her eyes actually serve as a grave for the soul’s energy, making her a very dangerous type.

Meet Avalesha (ah-vah-leesh-ah) a Norwegian revenant goddess of necromancy and possessor of the infamous “evil eye”. A drauge (draw-jed) is a revenant whose powers accumulate over many ages like a fine wine, buried either in a cemetery or open grave, they cannot be kept in check if no grave marks their burial. If so, they feed from the necromantic energy that is created by dark blood sorcery prior to burial. In some cases, severe blood rites were carried out on their death beds, as they consumed the polluted blood of witches mixed with that of the dead. She was a very astute necromancer prior to this, and as a head of her blood coven, returned to gather ever more energy, as the blood rites causes a famished state of energy, and unlike many others, she feeds through eye-contact, often assuming the vision of a companion and turning her focus on using the “evil-eye” to do her damage.

Her Preferred Companion: Male or Female

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Out of stock


This Danish Drauge Vampire Queen~

Avalesha is a very seductive female beauty with a sultry and somewhat jaded appearance whose eyes range in color from slightly blood shot to that of glistening rubies. Her eyes are her most powerful hunting weapon, with which she can compel others, eradicate memories, cause sleep paralysis and soul consumption. Where the drauge are kept in tombs, none dark enter because their power has been quarantined and thus accumulates a ferocious hunger for blood and pranic energy. Her eyes can literally rip into a subjects spirit causing severe damage to every energy center and causing the chakra system to short circuit. The vacant victims are those seen talking or mumbling to themselves and often stumble into homelessness, neurosis, psychosis and all manner of wasting mental, psychic and spiritual torments.

Avalesha adores working with rune magic of any and all kinds. In fact, drawing upon runes and making a rune drawing for her daubed in your blood will make her swoon over you, and will turn her into a rather aggressive she-devil lover who dotes on sending you into the enthralling sexual ecstasy she can whip up! Seductively beautiful she bears a somewhat close likeness to Lilith, meaning she’s got that deadly seductive femme fatale beauty, as if she spends her time jazzercising rather than ripping out the lifeforce of others. A consummate protectress and mentor in all things forbidden, many things dead, and a lot of sheer dark vampireness. A wonderfully dark vixen whose makeup is blood red but beautiful. Highly addicting energy and given the ability to see through your eyes to do her damage, she is an incredible guide and psychic guard.

As her companion, you can expect heightened psychic powers and a recharged sexual vitality and greater overall lifeforce energy. Stronger and sometimes extreme nocturnal sexual energies are commonplace with this late-night lover. And while her energy may prove a bit draining at first, you’ll soon discover your own sexual vitality steadily improving in response to hers. In addition, his nocturnal sexual energy will send you soaring to new heights of wicked delight…night after night…She channels a very strong, darkly magnetic force upon one’s kundalini sexual and solar plexus chakras in particular.

If you feel drawn to Avalesha it’s because she has the liberty to select her preferred companion. If you feel bewitched by her demonic attractions, all that remains is to decide if you’re daring enough to develop an intimate relationship with this incredible female power.

Her Special Powers & Abilities

Erotomancy/Sexually Related Energy: Hardcore she-devil with a highly and darkly sexual desire to turn you on and keep your motor running for a long time. Loves long and lavish raw sexual sessions with her companion. Beautiful female vampire with a lushness to her energy and dark femme fatale looks. A queen of great powers equivalent to a sex goddess.

Psychomancy/Psychic Related Energy:  Intensely evil-eyed in her psychic skills, using psychic harrowing or erotic compulsion, she is able to flex her psychic necromantic muscles by working through a companion or separately on her own. Because a companion will generally only see her eyes without the evil siphoning energy which she safeguards you from, she appears as a psychic necromancer witch type. Able to exert psychic torments and apply her evil eye upon others to gather energy.

Hemomancy/Blood Related Energy: Strong to extreme. Hunts for blood in astral and physical world, using it to restore her energy and that of her companions. Strongest when she cycles close to the new moon with her female energy and powers.

Special Attributes: Can work through your own human energy system to access your eyes and cause some very distressing energy upon your enemies. She can bind to the soul from eye contact and do her worse to a target, whom she will slowly roast over the nightmarish energy and powers. Decadent sexually, decidedly dark and at times sadistic towards targets of opportunity.

Includes Nocticulan Vampyre Energy Spell

To enhance the binding, I include a special Nocticulan Vampyre Energy Spell. This spell is named after Lucifera as Nocticula, whose Book of Shadows contains all the names of those who have undergone the vampire transformation by her authority and power. The spell adds to the energy that I channel into the conjuration, boosting the link between yourself and your chosen entity for greater intimacy and power in all areas associated with the individual traits described.

Safety Disclosure

All bindings I perform carry inherent risks and rewards. With more power and reward comes more risk of paranormal manifestations and their intensity. This may be further exacerbated by your own history, including such factors as mental illness, drug use, or other personal factors I cannot take into account when the binding is performed.

The Binding Seal

Each direct binding is performed with an interlocking binding seal that I attach in a matrix fashion to maximize the intensity  your chosen entity. This normally includes a frequency modulator, or mantra, that I infuse into the binding to integrate a more powerful spirit-to-spirit blending of energies.

Our Refund Policy

In order to avoid the duplicate labor of binding and revoking an entity, we do not offer refunds. We offer a free scan which is especially important if you have acquired multiple vessel bindings from another source and have yet to receive a strong manifestation and presence. The more vessel bindings one has, without an ongoing manifestation, the more likely it is that a block exists. *Please refer to our Terms, Conditions & Policy tab for full details.

Please remember to include your date of birth. Normally, the evocation and binding are done within a week’s time, and a binding seal (short statement of welcome) is emailed once performed. Multiple orders are welcome, however, only one entity will be bound at a time. This allows your energy time to adapt to the frequency of each individual entity and anchors the binding more securely.

Note: The photo used to depict this listing is a stock photo. Hence, the appearance will vary should your spirit companion choose to manifest either in a dream or any other visual form. None will manifest as a physically embodied form for more than a few moments at best, unless you are gifted at birth with the special ability to see spirits and entities.

*Important Binding Disclaimer

Please Read Prior to Purchase: This binding does NOT enslave the assigned entity for your sole personal use or discretion. All entities bound by Vampire Ashram bear strict allegiance to Lucifera as the Empress of Empire in their realm and serve her purposes when she pleases. Should you abuse or ignore any of the entities – or purchase vessel bindings or any direct bindings that are adversarial to the interests of Lucifera, she at her sole discretion retains the right to revoke this listed entity without notice based upon any acts deemed contrary to her interests and those of the assigned companion. Infractions such as posting “house rules” and the like will be ignored and considered as usurping the authority of Lucifera and grant liberty for the entity to seek a bill of revocation from Lucifera. The fantasy that they all get along and can be forced to if they “act up” are two of the most ignorant and dangerous lies a metaphysical seller can make. You thus assume the full liability of having Lucifera revoke any companion put in harm’s way or otherwise being subjected to abuse on your part.

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