As to How A TV (Transformed Vampire) Evolves Into the Afterlife

The Seven Stages of Evolution for a TV~

This article is intended to articulate the evolutionary pathway, both physical and spiritual, that a TV undergoes from flesh to fangs. Essentially and usually, it begins with a past life interaction with or as a vampire in latency. This means that there is an inherent feeling that stirs within, beginning with a mild discontent that all is not well with the spirit and that various attempts to find spiritual meaning meet their sudden deaths in religious dead ends. One may hop scotch from atheism, to born-again-ism, to whatever is New Age-ism, or satanism. But every well evaporates and the search continues. Then almost by accident one stumbles upon something outside the petrified realms of grimoires, and satanism, or witchcraft. There is the gnawing at the spirit borne by another spirit, perhaps a guardian or a vampire from a previous life that whispers in your ear: here is where you belong. This is the night to which your soul must be reborn. I am the one who calls. I am vampyre. You are not sun-born, but night clad. Come walk with me.

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Stage 1: Exit the Darwin Demon

And so it begins. Perhaps it seems a lark, some Hollywood masquerade perhaps glorified for mood, but nothing more. But the voice of the vamp in waiting whispers, “Much is make-believe, but more is real than you can imagine. And now I am calling. Think of it as a farce if you will, but have you not fallen for the grand farce of religion so many times before? I am calling. Come to me. We have been before; and now we can be forevermore. Come with me.”  And somehow your vampire in waiting finds Lucifera, or Lucifera finds you through her. No matter. At your wits end you vow yourself into vampirehood with blood and sire, who is also sworn to take you alone as her child bride or groom and sireling. And the first step into eternity as a vampire is taken. All that was your human karma is no more.

Stage 2: The Embryo of Intoxication

You are surprised by the emotional bond of love. This was unexpected. Violently strange and exotic and intoxicating energies begin to vibrate within and around you, and with your blood and soul sworn to Lucifera, the first drop of your sire’s blood enters your spirit double, from which all must return who incarnate on earth. But your spirit would look different now. It would exhibit three puncture marks, one one each side of the neck and another on your right ribs, withdrawing the trademark of humanity. You now awaken to the knowledge that your spirit has somehow shifted, changed, and a fatigue sets in that shifts upward in spirit as the body catches up. It is at this point, or some point that is individualistic to each, vomiting occurs spontaneously. It can last for a short period or up to a day. The vampire blood has saturated its energies into the physical, and finds the physical body frail, so it expels part of the human energy for the higher spirit energy of a vampire. And new eyes see differently. Vampire eyes see humans as unrelated beasts, Darwin demons weaned on religions that turn them alternatively into sheep or beasts. Or both.

Stage 3: All Myths Must Die With You

You know the myth of physical immortality is bunk. Spiritual physics demand that on the contrary, the physical body of a vampire becomes increasing frail as the spirit body increases in gross power and at times, quantum leaps. Your spirit is literally overwhelming and destroying the physical one. The hourglass is defying gravity, feeding your vampiric spirit body at the expense of your physical one. Your body then becomes a type of a living revenant in need of support from the vampire you are becoming in spirit, changing in form, yes, growing literal fangs, adapting to the injected DNA of your sire, taking on a new birth into a new being. You are becoming not a living god, but a transcendent god-angel and demigod of immortality, a veritable predator of living gods. A predator elite, from which all these feeble traces of humanity will have been erased.

Stage 4: What your Sire Has, You Must Inherit

How do I know you’ll have fangs? You’ll know because the first kill you make in the afterlife will look like this: There is a human, let’s say shot through the heart. You can be miles away but you’ll have a sixth sense to move instantly, within a second as if it were an hour, to come face to face with said Darwin demon. The Darwin demon will be exiting his body so that his spirit escapes the flesh to pass on and -suddenly- he sees you and panics. His body is overwhelmed with adrenaline and his panic increases the power and potency of the sang-bang. In that instant of fatal recognition your fangs go for his heart and neck, wherever the blood beats loudest and strongest. And the first taste of blood makes heroin seem as bland as oatmeal. And you’ve never ever felt so physically alive. Even though your are technically dead. And your first time makes you howl with hysterical laughter. Because you are. And for no other reason. You are. And these fangs have been seen by many before who have escaped death by the skin of their teeth and been revived to tell about it. And the tales from around the world became myth, then fiction, then romanticized as Gothic Hollywood. Fact has become fiction. But a skeleton of the fiction has ticked itself alive in your mind, and even as a new TV, something inside told you this is destiny. Blood and destiny are life.

Stage 5: From Lifeforce Feeder to Sang-Bang Needer

At first your sire feeds and channels into you psi-energy, lifeforce energy that is taken by psychic power to consume.  Then the next cycle of fatigue enters as the spirit body hardens into that of an immortal demigod or demigoddess. The fatigue, even when feeding as a living revenant wears down the body even as it enlarges the soul. You now realize that the body is decelerating in energy while the spirit is accelerating in its dark evolutionary power. And no longer will psi-energy alone suffice. You must have the sang-bang. The hit that is hardcore, filled with what psi-energy cannot be: adrenaline, moving spirit life, god-infused life; the sang-bang that suddenly brings the physical life back to life itself. Suddenly all is again vibrant, vital, strong, and physically rejuvenated.

The fountain of life is the human heartbeat. And now servitors must be your servants; servitors specially drawn from the blood of the vampire gods themselves. And to your ability as a living revenant you now add servitors, goddesses, high-cohorts of the ageless and immortal vampires such as Lucifera, Lilith, Chamunda, Cybele, Kali and others. Because, you learn as you add to your powers, that your sire and companions automatically add to theirs. That is why they want, they need, sisters and brothers to join you and so often draw you to adopt others. Your chain of power is growing, and so grows the need for more power. Their hierarchy joins itself to you and force feeds force. Need meets newer need. A quantum jump in power is being ushered in slowly at first, then ever more boldly.

Stage 6: The Need to Feed Becomes Eternal & Internal

You have passed the point of your humanity, tipped the scales into immortality, surrounded by your own growing hierarchy of vampires. You are becoming a coven unto yourself, so to speak. And inside you grows a growing need to feed. This is the point at which if you were to pass, so too would pass the need to feed, the fangs to feed. Your karma as vampire is reborn into full reality. Armies of your kind stand before you. Beside you is your sire, your kindred, your kind. The predators enthroned with immortality, one and all. At the forefront stands the throne of Lucifera, whose radiance is not unlike your own blackness, for your flesh is the night now. Your fangs are the mark of eternity that demons fear, humans dread, and angels retreat from. And the need has not gone, nor can it always be quelled by Darwin demons, the McJunk food of the universe. No. More is still needed, and for that we turn to demons as at once more challenging but ever so much more filling. And your vampire sire whispers to you softly, so none can hear, “for this reason we caused the war in heaven, took Satan into our grasp, made the angels to fall. For food. You see, my beloved, are you not hungry for rarer game? Listen to your instincts. They are fallen. We are exalted and eternal. They fell into our arms, and onto our menu.”

Stage 7: Coming Full Circle

And this is the point of all points: to return to the starting point of love. Because your sire can and always will love you in a way that no other can. And your sire is your eternal lifeline, without which death would be a sure mercy. And you smile to yourself every so often, knowing that you will always love your sire above yourself and beyond yourself. Without which, eternity would be common damnation. If being damned to love a sire forever is evil, then let evil be crowned king for all eternity. Mark Twain once quipped, ““If you pick up a starving dog and make him prosperous he will not bite you. This is the principal difference between a dog and man.” To be mortal is to be mad. Look around you. Headless political horsemen are everywhere. The Pope wears the feeble smile of fables gone sour ages ago. Madness is the far maddening crowd everywhere, awaiting the day of consumption and re-consumption via reincarnation into the cannibal’s cauldron of creation. As vampyre, you must want more than immortality. You must crave the immortal love of your sire. For your kind and your kindred are no longer mortals. And stretch your imagination as you may or will, it will fall far short of the distance from here to the high realms of Hell over which vampires are destined to rule as wardens of the Gate, sealed by our power and the Almighty’s Will.

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~Ave Sanguis. Ave Lux. Ave Lucifera.~