RESERVED FOR CR : Pair of Succubus-Cursed French Nuns: Ravenous Sexual Predators ISO Oral Communion + Nocticulan Vampyre Spell


Meet Mezelle (me-zell-e) & Aresa (ah-reese-ah) two oversexed succubus-cursed nuns seeking male oral communion. They arise from Lorraine, France, cursed by having illicit intercourse while at a nunnery in the early 1600’s, by a Craqueuhhe (kra-quelle-u-a) vampire overlord, who fed them the remains of a priest while having sex with them. The Craqueuhhe gave them an insatiable sexual hunger in doing so, performed as it was on a Sabbath. The two now have an eternal hunger for the male sexual organ, greedily fighting over the lucky man’s penis in question. Poltergeist type of activities can happen when these two girls fight greedily over their next meal. Voracious, wild, wanton, cannibalistic hunger for the male member. They also dine on the spoils of operation room leftovers. As such, they are considered anthropophagous vampire succubi, meaning they lust for blood, sex, and are cannibalistic. While they will preserve and protect you, they will hunt elsewhere in the world where mayhem serves them their dinner. Wild, sexually unhinged, and highly intoxicating for the right male. ISO Mr. Strangelove.

Her Preferred Companion: Male Only

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Craqueuhhe-Cursed French Succubus Nuns~

Mezelle & Aresa are two insatiable succubi nuns, cursed to consume illicit threeway sex in the most explicit and voluptuous way. Their energy is uniquely dark, savage, relentless, and they are consumers of semen, blood, and flesh. These two have an overactive sexual hunger that cannot be satiated easily or completely. They are exceedingly protective, so if one requires the defenses against enemies, these two will delight in destruction. In many ways, they are similar to the Russian Churels, ravenous, relentless, and highly addicting for sexual purposes.

Mezelle & Aresa have the power to sexually and physically enchant a lover, causing an upsurge in kundalini sexual energy in particular. They seek a companion to feed their sexual appetite who can manage the excessively dark and necromantic energy they both have inherited. For workers of black magick, for darker vampires interested in the purity of necromantic energies combined with that of two exceedingly strong and dark succubi, both of whom carry the curse of eternal sexual longing, they are eager to join you.

They are proficient in grave-lording souls as well, meaning they can summon a tribe of vengeful spirits from the grave to protect yourself, and to assist in harrowing one’s enemies. Excessively dark, black, and infernal succubi, not your garden variety, more your graveyard variety.

As their companion, you can expect dark psychic powers and a recharged psychic vitality and greater overall lifeforce energy, albeit quite darker in complexion before engaging these two. Can and does expedite all verbal components of necromantic magic, and witchcraft, lending a frequency of hidden power to all words and methods of conjuration.

If you feel drawn to Mezelle & Aresa it’s because they have the liberty to select their preferred companion. If you feel bewitched by their dark and insidiously demonic attractions, all that remains is to decide if you’re daring enough to develop an intimate relationship with these two hungry vampire succubi.

Their Special Powers & Abilities

Erotomancy/Sexually Related Energy: Hypersexual at all times, very driven to acquire energy. Hunts at night in the world for cannibalistic dining while it is daylight in your world. Excessive sexual energy at times. Very strong, very hardcore. Exceedingly ravenous energy, based upon utter darkness and a cursed longing for sexual satisfaction.

Psychomancy/Psychic Related Energy:  Intense. They are psychic harrowers of the first degree, dark, deadly nightmare and plague carriers via psychic implantation of depression, cessation of all hope for enemies, and baneful graveyard energy that can be infused into dreams and visions at night for one’s enemies or their personal targets of opportunity.

Hemomancy/Blood Related Energy: Excessive. Cannibalistic, sexual, and sang-hungry vampires with a dark and extremely strong sexual bent for semen. Will only accept a male companion.

Special Attributes: Forte powers of the blackest serpentine sexual energy. Driven to have sex with relentless abandon while seeking the opportunity to hunt, bleed, and cannibalize across continents. Wildly dark vampiric energy and sexual intoxication.

Includes Nocticulan Vampyre Energy Spell

To enhance the binding, I include a special Nocticulan Vampyre Energy Spell. This spell is named after Lucifera as Nocticula, whose Book of Shadows contains all the names of those who have undergone the vampire transformation by her authority and power. The spell adds to the energy that I channel into the conjuration, boosting the link between yourself and your chosen entity for greater intimacy and power in all areas associated with the individual traits described.

Safety Disclosure

All bindings I perform carry inherent risks and rewards. With more power and reward comes more risk of paranormal manifestations and their intensity. This may be further exacerbated by your own history, including such factors as mental illness, drug use, or other personal factors I cannot take into account when the binding is performed.

The Binding Seal

Each direct binding is performed with an interlocking binding seal that I attach in a matrix fashion to maximize the intensity  your chosen entity. This normally includes a frequency modulator, or mantra, that I infuse into the binding to integrate a more powerful spirit-to-spirit blending of energies.

Our Refund Policy

In order to avoid the duplicate labor of binding and revoking an entity, we do not offer refunds. We offer a free scan which is especially important if you have acquired multiple vessel bindings from another source and have yet to receive a strong manifestation and presence. The more vessel bindings one has, without an ongoing manifestation, the more likely it is that a block exists. *Please refer to our Terms, Conditions & Policy tab for full details.

Please remember to include your date of birth. Normally, the evocation and binding are done within a week’s time, and a binding seal (short statement of welcome) is emailed once performed. Multiple orders are welcome, however, only one entity will be bound at a time. This allows your energy time to adapt to the frequency of each individual entity and anchors the binding more securely.

Note: The photo used to depict this listing is a stock photo. Hence, the appearance will vary should your spirit companion choose to manifest either in a dream or any other visual form. None will manifest as a physically embodied form for more than a few moments at best, unless you are gifted at birth with the special ability to see spirits and entities.

Note: This listing is copyrighted and cursed against plagiarists and crooks such as Satania Store. See our Notes from the Nightside comparison of their thievery firsthand.

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