Powerful Triple-Spell & Energy Cast Vampire Medallion – With Personalized Mantra & Engraved Sigil


This exclusive triple-spell and energy-cast vampire medallion contains the core energy essentials for vampiric enhanced metaphysical power, and is a prerequisite to obtaining the extra energy needed to complete the vampire transformation we offer. The effects of this personalized vampire power medallion are vivid dreams and an extra powerful vampiric energy that is added to one’s aura, often accompanied by the feeling of a blanketing energy the moment the Vampire Medallion is put to use. The beauty of personalization, which is required (to include your full name and date of birth), is that it adds just the right potency needed to suit your individual energy. More or less becomes haphazard, from an energetic point of empowerment.

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The Triple-Cast & Energy Cast Vampire Medallion~

This Powerful Vampire Medallion serves also to disconnect blocks that are associated with having too many sub-species spirits who collectively drain energy without giving anything in return. The common culprit is the multiple mini-powered spirits who are looking for a nest, not a home. They are eager to bond but have no substantial benefits to confer. Beware of sellers who advertise a binding of dozens, hundreds, or even thousands. Once their astral nest is established and bound to you, it may take prolonged effort on your part to remove them. Using the Vampire Medallion, along with the meditation program outlined in our book: Vampire Arveda Yoga: The Lost Art of Kundalini Alchemy, is the best way to allow a stronger one to gain entrance and bond. Once the program has been followed for a month, we can also do an eviction of those remaining ones. Depending upon how many are bound, and your personal energy level, this may or may not have to be repeated. If you suspect this to be the case, we can also supply an eviction and exorcism petition to remove them that can be added to the personalized mantra.

About the Triple Layered Spell & Energy-Castings

There are three layers of spells cast upon each medallion: First, by using your full name and date of birth, I use an ancient vampiric formula that translates this personal information into a mantra plus the unique cardinal number for your name, both of which I personally engrave on the blank reverse side of the medallion. The mantra is translated into English and is to be used with the Vampire Arveda Yoga program in lieu of the general one contained in the book.

Secondly, a mirrored blood energy binding that replicates your own astral energy, is transfused and empowered into the medallion, further personalizing the energy, which is funneled through the engraved sigil, which I personally perform since I am the metaphysical conduit for the ritual. Lastly, a raw vril energy binding is transfused into the medallion that anchors and supercharges both prior spell-bindings. Along with these three bindings, a sealing binding encircles your energy and joins it to the medallion, so that the energy naturally joins and expands your own metaphysical powers and abilities in a progressive manner.

Maximized Metaphysical Power of the Vampire Medallion

By meditating with the mantra and vampire medallion, there is no greater way to exponentially maximize your metaphysical and psychic ability. This gives you the profound metaphysical power that it would normally take an adept years of rigorous training to acquire. And of course, it must be joined to the Vampire Arveda program to maximize the immediate impact. This will take you no more than 20 to 30 minutes per day, and the results will be felt immediately and dramatically.

About the Specially Vampyre-Crafted Medallion

The Vampire Power medallion is custom cast, using our trademarked logo, and is composed of lead-free pewter alloy that has a built-in bail, so that the necklace may be easily upgraded to any of your personal preference later on. A simple beaded stainless-steel necklace, as shown, comes with the medallion. The reverse side will have a hand-crafted sigil and cardinal number for you alone, all of which has the imprinted spellbinding performed and empowered by myself. The logo symbolizes the freedom Lucifera, the Obsidian Blood Goddess, offers from reincarnation, along with the transferal into the high vampiric realm that is ruled by her. It is also reflective of her brother Lucifer as redeemed to his former glory. These are the two sacred overseers of our vampiric bloodline. There are simply none higher than Lucifera and Lucifer.

The inverted V and A of the Vampire Ashram logo are intersected by two tridents, each reflecting the completed powers of the physical and shadow vampire self. The encircling serpent represents the Obsidian glory of Lucifera and is also symbolic of Lucifer as redeemed to his former glory at the right hand and power of the Almighty Father.

How to Care for Your Personally Empowered Vampire Medallion

The vampire medallion is buffed to achieve a fine antique finish, and care is minimal. A good quality pewter polish will not have any effect upon the metaphysical energy, but should be kept to an absolute minimum, and the vampire medallion should not be polished until absolutely necessary. This is so that your personal energy isn’t removed prematurely from handling. It is meant to be worn and handled repeatedly, which personalizes and supercharges your connection to the medallion.

I strongly advise you to keep the medallion to yourself, and do not let others handle it or wear it. Consider it for what it is: a powerful sacred vampire totem that has your personal energy bound from this realm and the metaphysical vampire realm. It will come with a velveteen bag for storage. I also recommend you keep mugwort in the pouch whenever storing it. This deepens the energy and will enhance your connection to the psychic realm.

~Important Disclaimers and Shipping Restrictions~

Please Carefully Note the Following Restrictions: The price includes priority mail shipping within the United States. We do not ship to any overseas countries. Orders received from the UK or the EU will be rejected. We ship exclusively to the continental United States and Canada (with extra postage required for Canadians, inquire prior to purchase). 

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