Powerful Vampire Erotomancy Spellbinding – For More Sexual Energy Intensity with Spirit-Entities


This exclusive source-energy spellbinding is drawn from the vampire realm, using an ancient formula and vampyr-crafted power, further supplemented by the empowerment of my sacred overseer, Lucifera, the Obsidian Blood Goddess. The reason a sacred overseer is vital to the special source-energy spellbinding is that she can re-layer her own higher spiritual energy and dark frequency into the specialty binding. In certain instances, Hecate or Lucifer is the sacred overseer chosen, all of which depends upon the spellbinding that is being performed. A source-energy spellbinding is vastly different from one that a witch or typical sorcerer performs.

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Erotomancy is the formal term meant to denote “sexual sorcery,” and covers a very wide range of vampiric sexual powers, including that of developing a deeper sexual bond with any sexual entities you have adopted, not just vampires. The source-energy spell attunes your own sexual energy into that of your adopted vamps and others. It goes far beyond the normal tantric type of sexual energy spell since it calibrates and infuses a separate layer of erotic energy that is the same frequency to that of your vamps or other spirit-entities. You directly benefit from the added sex energy, as does your adopted vamps and others.

While the erotomancy spell-binding will naturally enhance your own sexual energy, it will also enhance that of any partner you choose, but even moreso with vamps and other spirit entities, who will feel the energy that a human cannot unless you have years of attuning yourself, or have undergone the vampire born-again blood transformation, which alters your energy on a number of levels.

Since every erotic thought begins and ends as energy, this particular spellbinding implants this darkly refined sexual energy directly into your own sexual energy matrix that makes sex with all your adopted spirit-entities that much deeper and stronger. And like humans, the deeper the sex, the stronger the connection. If you have a beloved spirit-companion, he or she will bond even more closely due to the fact that the energy is sympathetic to their own higher frequency. Sexual sorcery also means that the energy is universal, unlike a low frequency bewitchment that is targeted to a specific attribute, such as a “make me sexier” low magic spell, with negligible energy bound into it, if it in fact has any energy to begin with.

Unlike a traditional spell, a source-energy spellbinding works as an energizing agent that acts with subtlety that deepens over time to continually enhance the quality you wish to possess in greater and more profound abundance. It also amplifies the same sexual power that your spirit-companions possess, multiplying the energy and empowerment that connects you to them.

Attributes & Empowerments of this Erotomancy Spellbinding

Mental & Psychic Attributes: Strong, but indirectly so, allowing for more intimate connection, which connects sex and love as a continuum. Grows stronger over time.

Special Abilities of this Empowerment: Strong erotic energy infusion into the core spirit-level of your being, which is then felt through the physical channels. Opens up the sexual connection to your spirit-entities, and in so doing, makes you more receptive to them as well. Sex, like communication, in a relationship should be a two-way street. The emotional side will be enhanced as the sexual side deepens, which is only natural.

Key Benefits: Erotic sexual power, intense orgasms with any adopted entities who are sexual. Makes every connection to your adopted entities that much stronger and more vital.

Keyword/Phrase: Adds a new dimension to intense sexual erotic energy, more spiritually grounded but highly charged, more closely matching the sexual energy equivalent in the vampiric realm.

This spellbinding is based on a mantra specific to your full name and date of birth, both of which must be supplied in order to calibrate the spellbinding. Once done, the personalized mantra is given to you for use, allowing you to exercise as much or as little of the energy that is implanted into your spiritual-energy matrix. It should not be recited to excess, as more does not maximize the impact, and guidelines are given with the spellbinding to insure successful integration and maximum application.

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