Shiva’s Bliss: A Powerful Psychotropic Energy Binding & Tantric “High”


Shiva’s Bliss: Psychotropic Nirvana Energy Binding In honor of Shiva, this psychotropic spell and energy binding is a spellbinding blend of psychotropic activation, centered to pinpoint, stimulate, and open the opiate receptors associated with euphoria and the typical “high” experienced by cannabis use. It provides a milder version of activation, whereas various strains of cannabis, whether on the sativa or indica side, provide a strong psycho-physical effect related to pain relief and an altered reality state that is milder than more hardcore drugs that lack medicinal value. Fortunately, more states are recognizing the medical benefits, and a number are also repealing the prohibition of recreational cannabis. Shiva’s Bliss is designed to boost the use of physical cannabis for purposes of elevating one’s spiritual insight-frequency, meaning the spiritual curtain that remains hidden from physical eyesight, is allowed to open. Yet it is a stand alone binding for those who cannot secure cannabis due to state prohibitions, or who choose not to use it for personal reasons.

Shiva’s Bliss does not require cannabis use where illegal, and is a stand-alone occultic high that is induced by a multiple level spell and energy casting, whereby Shiva is invoked in his Bhairava, or fiercest, form. Two other ancient Vampiric Matrika Goddesses are also invoked, with mantra powered energies that are transferred into the mantra supplied. True tantric mantras are hidden from most, including Hindus, because there is nothing special about being a Hindu for a vampire. Bhairava and Chamunda have Tantric vampire adepts in smaller numbers scattered about the globe of various races. Many Hindus in fact confuse not only the gods and goddesses, but the actual forms and methods of approach, often white-washing those aspects deemed unsuitable for the masses. This is the fault in large measure due to the invasions of Muslims and the British, which forced the historic Left-Hand path Tantrics to go underground. So you end up with an entire population worshiping the ghost of an actual god or goddess, one unrecognizable from historic and actual reality, censored and tamed into a religious caricature of their true powers, many of which are extremely dark sided.

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About Shiva’s Bliss Psychotropic Energy Binding

Shiva’s Bliss is a highly specialized and high-powered Psychotropic Energy Spell designed to give one a strong synthetic psychedelic high with or without complementary psycho-active drug usage. This psychotropic energy activation spell is keyed to those opiate sensors in the brain itself while the kundalini energy stimulates a cerebral “high” similar in effect to smoking a mild cannabis joint. In states where cannabis is legal, the addition of the Shiva’s Bliss binding will greatly enhance the dimensional influence on the mind when combined with smoking or vaping actual cannabis products. In states where cannabis is prohibited, Shiva’s Bliss offers a legal substitute that cannot be banned: opening a stream of opiate sensory energy and infusing the receptors to become sensitized and activated, so that when combined with the specific energy frequency used to incubate and infuse the binding energy, those opiate sensors react to the mantra used in a specific way to open the channels. The mantra by itself is ineffective, and must be keyed to the person by a special conjuration. The effects diminish within a brief period of an hour or two, and the mantra must be used each time Shiva’s Bliss is activated.

The Effects of Shiva’s Bliss

The effects of Shiva’s Bliss is to deepen the connection between one’s adopted spirit-entities and to distance oneself from the bullshit that passes for everyday reality, allowing you greater transparency into the true realm of spiritual awareness. The method of infusing this binding requires both a specialized formulation spell added by the aspects of three outside gods/goddesses: namely Shiva in his Bhairava form, Chamunda, the super-powerful Vampire Matrika Goddess, and Varahi, another Vampire Matrika Goddess. For those who are familiar with Shiva, he is known to indulge in hashish smoking and cavorting with demons and ghouls in various graveyards sites. That is his Tantric Left-Handed persona, as equally real and valid as his other aspects. As such, we are merely following in Shiva’s footsteps. Cannabis and hashish are his favored weeds of choice for just saying “OM” rather than just saying no to drugs, which would mean also saying no to politics, TV, sports, religion, junk food, and a million other more noxious drugs of the common culture, eastern or western.

Unplugging the Ego-Centric Mortal Mind

What’s the spiritual goal in Shiva’s Bliss, or using cannabis where legal if you are vampyre? The spiritual goal is to “unplug” yourself temporarily from the counterfeit matrix reality that sucks you into it’s robotic do-as-I-say bosom, endorsed by the mafia of the soul: priests and politicians. This pseudo-reality is the bitch mother of reincarnation, where nothing lasts, what becomes good becomes evil and vice-versa in a never ending dance going nowhere but back to another future birth and the endless searching for answers that don’t exist. Because if this reality doesn’t exist, what answer will suffice? And if smoking Ganja is good enough for Shiva, I say its good enough for those who worship and/or follow Shiva provided one lives in a state where such use is legal. For vampires, Shiva is directly addressed in his fiercest form, that of Bhairava, as vampiric in his uttermost Tantric nature and form. He is the destroyer of illusion, and his use of Ganja (cannabis) resets the spiritual channels of the mind whereby one under the influence more readily sees the utter falseness of Maya Inc. (The Cosmic Corporation of Illusion, Ltd.)  Shiva’s Bliss, as a psychotropic energy binding, energetically moves you into an altered perspective from which to view how your synthetically controlled mind has been conditioned to believe things that are simply real delusions of a false reality created by consensus. The spirit world is real; this one is a counterfeit testing ground useful for seeing who can find their way out. The rest are doomed to obey the dictates of the spiritual mafia: the priests and politicians.

Gaining Spiritual Perspective

Shiva’s Bliss is a psychotropic spellbinding that activates and attunes your spiritual perspective so that the mild high you receive can be replayed whenever needed. In cases of stress, the mantra can be recited silently for immediate stimulation of the opiate receptors. ***The mantra by itself, spoken without the spell and energy binding is totally ineffective, so its use by others will not convey the same effect.*** Shiva’s Bliss can also be energized by a 24 minute mantra chanting session during the New Moon (to provide a deeply narcotic slumber-type of energy that is smooth and soothing). Performed for 24 minutes during the Full Moon will provide the opposite: a strongly energizing and uplifting effect. Each lasts for approximately three days thereafter.

Attributes of Shiva’s Bliss Spellbinding

Shiva’s Bliss magnifies the energy of those adopted spirit-entities that are working with you. In cases where none are adopted, the spell and energy binding provides the same benefits, but is not multiplied by the power of having either a vampire sire, or other similar spirit-entity. Sexual spirits also find the energy uplifting and attracting. The psychotropic nature of the energy opens gateways into lucid dreaming. This is especially pronounced when combined with actual cannabis products. *Again: I am NOT advocating anyone break the law where sales of medical or recreational cannabis use is illegal.

While I personally favor the legalization of cannabis, if you reside in a state that prohibits its use, I urge you to abide by the laws and work to repeal them. I favor actual cannabis for pain relief and PTSD along with a variety of life-disabling ailments, which Shiva’s Bliss in a binding form does not and cannot provide. Thus the limitation: Whereas medical cannabis provides a variety of pain desensitizing benefits, no such claims are made for Shiva’s Bliss. This spell and energy binding are intended to induce cerebral “highs,” but it has no physical healing or medicinal benefits as the actual cannabis plant has been shown to confer. Using both will provide the most optimal benefits.

Special Abilities of Shiva’s Bliss

Shiva’s Bliss was designed to be used in conjunction with the Vampire Arveda Yoga Program that I introduced a few years ago. The chanting of Shiva’s Bliss during the meditation section is where the binding should be invoked once bound. This gives you complete control over the use of the binding. As a spiritually activated binding, it can be summoned and activated by yourself at any point in time, and was intended to be the major binding for all yoga practices. It can be used in any type of yoga practice as well, making it extremely flexible. Simply invoking it prior to reciting the Benediction to Lucifera will open a gateway so that your energy rises to the highest spiritual level of receptivity. And this has always been the most closely guarded secrets of mantras: They DO NOT work with full beneficial power unless one receives Shaktipat from a lineage holding guru of a particular yoga school or sect, or via a spellbinding via a vampire in direct lineage to Lilith and Lucifera, which is equivalent to vampiric Shaktipat.

Safety Disclosure

All bindings I perform carry inherent risks and rewards. With more power and reward comes more risk of paranormal manifestations and their intensity. This may be further exacerbated by your own history, including such factors as mental illness, drug use, or other personal factors I cannot take into account when the binding is performed. Additionally, various factors that may contribute to instability and adverse effects may multiple when adding a strong psychotropic energy binding spell.

By increasing the psychotropic energy of an actual drug, whether used for recreational or medicinal purposes, may have adverse or magnified effects that are of an undetermined nature, since such spells and energy implanted forces may create a more unstable energy field whereby the normal drug’s effects are magnified to an undetermined level.

Please Note: Because this is a sophisticated energy infusion binding combined with an intense spellbinding, it is not revocable and is therefore non-refundable.

Note: This listing is copyrighted and cursed against plagiarists and crooks such as Satania Store. See our Notes from the Nightside comparison of their thievery firsthand.

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