Ulak Na Leviathan: The Grimoire of the 7 Gates, Edgar Kerval Limited Edition Grimoire


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ULAK NA LEVIATHAN- The Grimoire of the 7 Gates, Edgar Kerval Limited Edition
Sirius Limited Esoterica, 2018 (Out of Print), Limited to 55 copies. Illustrated. Includes CD & Sigil Cards. New and unused condition. 8vo Hardback, 88pp. Faux Scarlet Leather, imprinted sigil on cover, bound-in ribbon bookmark. The grimoire contains praxis workings and meditations, etc. on the Naga serpent race and a host of others. Includes a sleeved CD with sigil.
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ULAK NA LEVIATHAN, The Grimoire of the 7 Gates by Edgar Kerval

One of only  limited edition hardcover with CD, sigil cards. This Grimoire represents the embodiment of divinity from the primal temples of the serpent goddess Ulak Na Leviathan. Offering an extensive praxis though the ancient ancestral cult and its points of ingress, through an initiates system of 7 astral gates focusing into sinister alchemy and dream path sorcery as principal points of nexus to the transmission of the sacred art revealed here. Hidden epistles and automatic litanies illumines the adept to reach the neither- neither sphere of translucid reality through the cult of the black serpent.
Book 1: Anthropological Exploration of the Serpent Cult through Diverse Traditions: Through Waters of Chaos; The Invisible Serpent; Feathered Serpent; Upon Trace of the Serpent; The Descending Light (Spectral Zoomorphic Seal); The Serpentine Race; Dragon Eye, Serpent Mouth; The Sands of Time & Chaos.
Book 2: Praxis, Gnosis & Methodology of working within Leviathan. The Oracles of Dispersion (Chants of Putrefaction); The Obsidian Rite of Phallus Ark’uan; Draconian Temple of Sub-Lunar Call; Invocation of the 7th Oracle; Embodiment of the Spectral Seal; Rite of the Purple Candle (Azo-A Daimon); Obsidian Rosarium. Bibliography.
Several line art illustrations included plus sigils on cardstock by Chris Undirheimar. Book sigils by Edgar Kerval.
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