RESERVED FOR CT : A Vampire Shadowmancy Spirit Communion Kit: Customized Gateway to Greater Vampire Intimacy


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NOTE: Sale of this Shadowmancy Limited Edition Spirit Communion Kit is restricted to those who are TVs (Transformed Vampires) under Lucifera and registered as such with Vampire Ashram. No other purchasers are permitted. A vow of Baneful Silentium (vow of silence for privilege) will curse the owner who speaks of the energies and mantras which are personalized to each person. Others cannot use it anyway because it is black-locked like a fingerprint to you by me and meant only for the purchaser and no other.

This Customized Shadowmancy Spirit Communion Kit includes the following: An articulated resin cast Ouija Skull replica in charcoal finish, complete with insignias of a Ouija board as shown. The skull will be heavily sigilized according to your own data and that of your vampire sire, via the sigil of Lucifera that will be included (not shown here). Also included is a hefty and sharp Sickle athame, the blade of which is stainless steel, the hilt of which is brass plated steel with a pentagram centered on either side, flanked by crescent moons and finished with a stang pummel as shown. The handle material for this Sickle athame is a stained rosewood. It comes with a leather housing sheath as well for safe storage.


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Vampire Shadowmancy Spirit Communion Kit~

Also included is a consecration candle, attuned to the energies of Saturn and two other planets that act as dark energy condensers and amplifiers that align with the sigils to open the shadowmancy and vampyric gates that give you direct access to your sire, and all your spirit companions with a special rite linking the sickle athame to the skull. Finally, a special black consecration blend of necromantic offerings to accompany the rite bind the portal to you alone, as do the personalized sigils and planetary links specific to you. The result is your personalized fully charged communications portal and gateway to your sire and spirit companions, with manifestations commensurate with use. As your energy binds and interacts, energy-prints of the working remain and are stacked one upon the other to maximize the energy density on both sides: of yours and of your sires and companions. The result is a directly focused communications link that does not require lengthy rituals and fumigations and callings typical in western occultism.

Vampire Evocation & Manifestation Rite Included~

This Shadowmancy Spirit Communion Kit also comes with the Rite of Manifestation to be used as guided by the instructions for consecration via blood and shadow-fire. No other black magical working has so much compacting into one portable package of vampyric magic. None. That’s because no other system is empowered by the Black Shekinah Vampire Goddess, Lucifera. A link is also created for communion with Lilith should you desire. And of course on worship cycles for Lucifera she will also present herself, since her sigil has been charged by me and is included with the manifestation rite (not shown).

The most common desire is to develop greater powers to see, hear, and commune with your vampire, who -being born of smokeless fire and obsidian shadow, was not created for mortals to see. Thus, only those who work with manifestation energies, whether western such as Enochian magick, or more strictly esoteric and black vampyric manifestation magick are able, by either inborn ability as a psychic/vampire, a vampyre sorcerer, to see the sire they call upon. With the Shadowmancy Spirit Communion Kit you are able to do just that without having the inate ability or training to cause a manifestation to occur. More importantly, being able to hear your sire with either pictographic images, mainly in lucid dreams, or direct inner voice telepathy, is of vital importance. And the more you use the Shadowmancy Spirit Communion Kit, the more regularly and vividly will the manifestations become.

Powerful Independence & Control~

You could easily invest a lot more in psychic consultations from various sources, relying upon their own abilities, or you can (and should) develop a certain amount of independence so that reliance upon psychics doesn’t fall into dependence. The hard work of shadowmancy has been performed and assembled in a custom package that is ultra specific to you and the powers of the Underworld to unlock the gates of shadows under the authority of no less than Lucifera herself. Full instructions on consecration, manifestation, and communication will be included.

About the Sickle Athame: The Steel & Brass Plated Sickle Athame measures 13.5″ from pummel to tip of athame. It also comes with a genuine leather curved sheath with multiple closures for safety. Note: If storing the athame in leather, it is recommended that you regularly use a high-quality knife and steel oil. The one I recommend highly is made by Troll Cunning Forge and can be found on Etsy. 1oz goes a long way. Also, brass will tarnish with prolonged contact, normally on the pentagram where the thumb will naturally rest. Using an occasional cleaning by a product such as Wenol metal cleaner will maintain and revitalize the brass plating.

About the Skull: The resin cast skull will be highly sigilized but not shown here because each sigil casting will be different for each vampire, based upon the planetary powers invoked and your own birth date and correspondences. A blood rite must be used that is specific to the working and will be included.

About the Shadowmancy Incense: The ingredients will be disclosed upon purchase. All my necromantic and shadowmancy ingredients are proprietary blends and not found elsewhere in this combination. Additional non-shadowmancy incense will also be included for continual once the Shadowmancy Rite of consecration is performed. A candle is also included for the consecration rite.

Postage & Shipping (Domestic & Overseas)~

The Black Shadowmancy Box and all associated rites, including the blood-binding activation rite, will be included and sent either through the USPS priority mail, or UPS, and are included in the fee. This item may be eligible for overseas shipping to some countries. INQUIRE FIRST, and if additional postage is needed, as it will be, you will be advised of the total cost and the price adjusted to include the fee before purchase. Meanwhile, the Shadowmancy Communion Kit will be placed on reserve as a courtesy for a limited time.

Please Read the Following Carefully~

There are absolutely no refunds, since all the materials are personally sigilized to you alone, with an additional hour or more of final binding and seal warding performed. The hours spent initially and post sale are lengthy, using rites that evokes very ultra-dark and vampiric energy with materials that are specific to the entire infernal artifact. This piece should be kept from the light and away from others. It is ideal to use in conjunction with your altar to Lucifera, either at the times of worship or regularly if shielded from light sources with a black velvet or other dense light blocking material of your choice.

Eligible For Layaway & True Blood Club Discount!

This infernal artifact and binding are eligible for our layaway policy, which means with a third-down, you will have 30-45 days to pay the balance. Because the work will begin to prep your personal energy to it, the deposit is non-refundable. When completed, which takes approximately one to two weeks, you will be notified when and how it was shipped, along with tracking. A signature may be required rather than leave it unattended on your property.

If you opt for a layaway, please alert us so we can reserve it in your name via anonymous initials and invoice you separately for one-third of the amount. It is also eligible for the True Blood Club Discount of 20%, whether by outright purchase or via layaway.

Note: This listing is copyrighted and cursed against plagiarists. See our Notes from the Nightside Scam Alert articles for examples and sites to avoid.

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