Here’s the latest threat that has me absolutely shivering in fear like never before! This I recovered from my email spam folder from the crooks at Satania; a threat to come and burn my house to the ground no less. Since the exposure must be hurting the criminals at Sataniastore.com I’ve decided to multiply the exposure: Here it is (be forewarned, you may quake in fear as a result!): From Satania, the criminals:

In 72 hours ALL reference to Satania will be removed from your shitty sites.  All of them.  Otherwise, we will come there and your home shall resemble a Yule log.   Clear? 

My reply: First of all shit-for-brain crooks at Satania, you are welcome to visit. I’ll even leave the front gate at my estate wide open. I’ll even disable the ADT system to make it easy. And when you come through the door, you piece of shit apes who steal from others, I’ll introduce you to my Glock welcoming committee, which consists of fifteen members plus one in the chamber, providing you with a once in a lifetime third-eye opening experience. Free.

But wait a minute! If my sites are shitty why are they stealing the listings verbatim, stealing the mantra from my book and playing it on YouTube, and stealing my copyrighted rites verbatim???? I mean if I have shitty sites, why steal everything not nailed down? Why? Because Sataniastore is a piece of shit thief who hates the exposure. If you’ve bought from this thief, DEMAND YOUR MONEY BACK. THIS IS WHO YOU ARE DEALING WITH. A COWARDLY CROOK WHO HAS TO ISSUE ARSONIST THREATS TO A SITE THE JACKASS STOLE FROM IN THE FIRST PLACE. SATANIA IS A CRIMINAL ENTERPRISE AND NOTHING MORE.

This email came from a foreign trash server, protonmail. All such emails get flagged by the FBI and the IC3 unit. They are then tracked by Interpol. Because of this, in conversations with a field agent of the FBI, he informed me that these emails are typical of India based metaphysical mafia types who work in tandem with lowlifes in various countries, and he’d read hundreds of them with the same type of threats. So many, he became bored with it all, as I do. You can find the Metaphysical Mafia from India on eBay (where the child rapist from Venture Bookshop sold his stolen listings for years); Bonanza (possibly the most dangerous site where years ago a crook hacked into their site and resurrected the Sorcerer’s Cellar, and the crook even tried to pass himself off as me. Bonanza couldn’t care less. It took scores of my clients to make them take the site down. Buy on Bonanza at your own risk! Better yet, run the other way!) And Etsy: Just go on and do a search for spirit vessels or vampire jewelry, and the whole thieves market lies before you!) And then there’s the Pirate Ship itself, PayPal, whose co-founder and chief pirate Paul Thiel, donated $1.25 million dollars to the Trump campaign, in a bid to avoid much needed regulation of a financial Pirate Ship that is ethically deaf, dumb and blind to fiscal responsibility to the American public. Look up PayPal on Trust Pilot and decide for yourself how crooked an operation it is.

And as for Yule Logs, I suggest to the metaphysical crooks at Satania that they save themselves the trip and stuff the burning Yule Log up their collective asses, where they belong.

And here’s an update: Woe is me: Xmas passed and they didn’t show. No burning house, no yule log fire, just a very disappointed Glock welcoming committee. I was eagerly anticipating giving them an out-of-body-experience they’d never forget! Oh well, there is always next year and another Metaphysical Crook to appear for Egg Nog and damnation.

And for any customers defrauded by these crooks at Satania, DEMAND YOUR MONEY BE REFUNDED FROM PAYPAL, killing two ugly birds with a single stone!