Trustpilot or Trashpilot? You decide….

The following is an excerpt from the BBC Consumer Affairs Reporter:

*These days many of us use online review sites to work out where to spend our hard earned cash. One of the most well-known is Trustpilot. It’s got over 71 million reviews and says on its website that behind every one of them is an experience that matters.
Watchdog Live has heard from people who said their experiences using the site really did matter- in the wrong way, leaving them wondering if the reviews on Trustpilot can always be trusted.

One Watchdog viewer told us he’d lost £20,000 after investing with a company which had positive reviews on Trustpilot. It turned out, the company was on a list from financial regulator the FCA- warning consumers against investing with them as they are unauthorised and unregulated. But when our viewer posted a negative review on the firm’s page, the company reported it to Trustpilot and it was removed.

Watchdog’s research found many more financial companies the FCA has put on its warning list on Trustpilot- and some of these had ratings of three stars or above, meaning customers would understand that they were “average”, “great” or even “excellent”. This is despite the fact that the FCA has warned people to be wary of them.

Tech expert Danny Richman told Watchdog: “I think one of the difficulties is that for Trustpilot as a business they earn their money from the businesses that use the platform, not from the consumers […] If you were setting up a financial services company and you wanted to very quickly paint a very positive picture of the company online, that really would be very simple to do- which is I think why it places even more responsibility on platforms like Trustpilot to make sure that what consumers see on the platform paints an accurate picture of the businesses they’re looking at.”

Statement from Trustpilot:

Trustpilot is an open, online review platform where any consumer with a buying or service experience can review any company and any company can invite and respond to reviews for free. We allow anyone to post a review as long as they comply with our guidelines. No company can edit or prohibit a review from being published.

Negative Reviews Posted on Trust Pilot re: Vampire Ashram

We invite one and all to peruse the negative reviews of Vampire Ashram posted on TrustPilot for that very reason: They allow even the depths of depravity and libel to be posted since they are based in the Netherlands and feel immune to US laws of libel. Here are some prime examples for your entertainment at the expense of not only reason, but common decency hosted and posted by none other than and associates from countries where I have no clients whatsoever, ie. Russia, Spain, etc.

Here are some prime examples taken from recent negative reviews of Vampire Ashram mounted by this fraudulent enterprise known as and their associates, claiming I have clients in Russia etc. My comments follow the libelous reviews: To make matters ridiculously worse, the photo of Ivan the Terrible is a male, not a female, posing nude with an axe to grind. Ivan claims to be a female. How interesting….


I emailed this vendor asking some questions because I was curious about getting an incubus binding. Once I revealed that I was female, the person I was talking with named Lucien started harassing me sexually and telling me how he was very rich and wanted to fly me over to see him because he had all the powers of even the strongest of incubi. I tole him that I was not interested in sex with a human. His response was to email me a picture of his penis!!! He bragged about it even though it was skinny and a funny color like it had vitiligo or maybe it was some cream lubricant. I got real upset and ceased all communication, but he sent me almost 20 links to and bestiality sites. I was very upset and felt violated.

****My comments on the review. The review states the reviewer is female. Odd then that a naked Ivan the Terrible posed nude in the Russian forests with an axe (to grind) doesn’t really look female at all. But if she says so, it must be so…well, because it’s on Trust Pilot, but I’m not sure that even a lowly beast would consider having sex with her or him, or whatever. That would also be animal cruelty added to the bogus review and more a case for the Society of Prevention of Cruelty to Animals. Then again, he’d be having sex with his own kind so maybe they’d let it slide. 

And here is another example of an associate making libelous accusations:

Faker, dont buy from him. He just want your money, all the rituals are fake.
I was surprised on how the person Lucien who was speaking to me about the ritual i wanted to purchase, kept telling me that I was so beautiful and that I could be enhance the ritual if I was naked, but needed to show him my positions( especially the one he suggested, me bending over), because if I didn’t do them correctly, the ritual wouldn’t work. So, apparently if I don’t get naked, I can’t do the ritual.
Does anyone understand this? Because I dont!

****My response: I never spoke to this horse’s ass who is too stupid to realize I never “speak” to clients, all correspondence is via email, except for our elders. As for her beauty, the thumbnail of her is enough to counter all claims to that vain and empty boast. And if you choose to bend over, might I suggest you stick your lying head where the sun doesn’t shine, because nobody wants to see a horse’s ass (except maybe Ivan of the Russian Forest. By all means then, send the photo to him, because with his interest in beastly sex, you might both make the perfect couple.) This latest smear campaign has all the earmarks of Sataniastore behind it. This woman is not nor has ever been a client of mine, yet Trust Pilot allows this type of pornographic review. 

After 3 years with a spirit from his store, 0% manifestation

I didnt pay attention to the countless red flags this guy has, even i bought his book… he writes all kind of negative statements about goddess Lilith and claims that Lucifera eats her alive basicly, and stuff like that… God wants vampires and he´s on his side?? whaat?!!
After a while, i read he said that Asmodeus is a lesser spirit… and lots of surrealist stories that dosent fit with any left hand path tradition…

I tried his services, (im stupid) i ordered one of his expensive spirits… no sigil, no jewels, just emails with brief indications…
After all this time i simply gave up, its a scam, this entity is not even an egregore, zero manifestations, zero dreams about, zero magic, i´m just feeling like i payed him for a couple of emails…

*****My response to this fabricated review: First of all I totally agree with the part in which he says “I’m stupid.” The rest is a result of his fantasies and outright lies since I have no clients in Spain, and certainly don’t take on board a self-confessed idiot who says he’s stupid. Furthermore, his claim that he didn’t receive any sigils or jewels is an open admission that he’s a liar, since I never work with sigils or jewels or any other magical trinkets so beloved by the Left Hand Path. God help them if they don’t have a magical circle or get caught facing the wrong direction when they call upon Satan or all the other nonsense needed by an amateur conjurer. If he’s that stupid then is exactly where he belongs.

Trustpilot: Why Trust a Platform that claims neutrality, which is is the equivalent of irresponsibility?

When these and a host of other scammers associated with were reported to Trustpilot, this is the response I received from Trustpilot, which should alert you to it’s intent: TO GET AS MANY REVIEWS, FAIR OR FOUL, ONLINE as possible. That is it’s sole objective. So they don’t screen or monitor even the most flagrant of offenses, and unlike and Ivan the Terrible I don’t have the time to make a case for every libelous review which would counter their own vaulted goal: to get as many reviews online as possible, victims of harassment or scammers out to damage their competition be damned. Here is their email I received in the typical boilerplate,

From Trustpilot: I would be happy to address your concerns and to answer some of your points, I’d like to clarify how Trustpilot works.

Trustpilot is a neutral platform and we treat everyone equally. All users are free to write about their experiences, regardless if their (sic) positive or negative. We strive to keep as many of the reviews as possible online, however in saying that we have to make sure (but they obviously don’t) that they are within our Guidelines for Reviewers.

That is their sole objective, and damned be any shred of truth to the contrary. Because not one of the negative reviews on their so-called neutral site are even clients of mine. They’re saying they want as many reviews as possible, and treat everyone equally, which means irresponsibly because these are hardly neutral or reflective of a client or customer, they’re bogus. But bogus reviews don’t matter to Trustpilot who treats everyone equally, and equally irresponsibly. A company can boost its own ratings by simply having anyone they know including Fido the dog lend a review.

And you’ll have to flag everyone of them and appeal the case against Fido the dog (or Ivan the beast lover); and what company other than a deadbeat company like Sataniastore has the time to do so or even the inclination? Because to do so you first must take Trustpilot as being worthy of the trouble. It’s not. And the consequences as outlined in the BBC for a consumer are costly. A good company can look bad and a bad company can get away with libel at the expense of the consumer. (reread the BBC article above). Trustpilot is nothing more nor less than a sewer of irresponsibility that lives on the underbelly of the internet. Thus, Trustpilot is simply NOT to be trusted. They’re too lazy to monitor reviews even when they have libelous content. They simply must have as many as possible, which is their business plan. More reviews. Always more, and like the sewer attracts rats, so does Trustpilot. Where is their “trust” earned I ask, and in what regard can it call itself a “pilot” which assumes someone is at the wheel monitoring the direction the sewer pipe takes?

All interested parties, both public and private are encouraged to read the negative reviews on Trustpilot regarding Vampire Ashram as mounted by and their associates that encourage libel at the expense of truth. My review of Trust Pilot is basically a review of any rating site whatsoever who allows libel at the expense of truth to damage the reputation of a legitimate company. In short, Trust Pilot is simply not to be trusted as a source of transparent honesty and it doesn’t make that claim because it doesn’t care about honesty, only numbers. Give us the numbers. Come and sign up and flag what we’re too lazy to review because we don’t have the manpower, and we only want the numbers. Only and always the numbers.

And what is there to say about that hasn’t already been revealed with evidence from it’s own owner, Kevin Neece about his own self-confessed thievery from his former employer? And VA has already posted the verbatim plagiarism on another Notes from the Nightside article entitled, “The Magic Dishwasher.” If you want the truth, that is where to look, not on a free-for all review site known for transgressions of decency and with zero accountability to proof the sources of the libel they allow.

In short, buyer beware of both Trust Pilot and