Ritual Offerings: How they apply to demonic principalities.

Most magical practices that are found online and elsewhere, in grimoires and various satanic books, fail to decipher one key ingredient in summoning and working with demonic principalities. And while this missing ingredient is vital, it is the least discussed and the most vital. Any skillful black magician can summon a demonic principality with the right ritual. But ritual alone is the least powerful way to enlisting and binding with a demonic principality without the right offering. Ritual and offering are always integrated issues, and must be unified to produce power; and with an exacting methodology. In layman’s terms: if you offer little, you receive little in return. The explosion in western occultism has created a dubious brand of Supermarket Magic, if you will, that focuses largely upon showmanship and shadow rather than substance. And here I am discussing black magick, not how to make a little white light angel named Lulu dance on a teardrop shed by Jesus that will cure the common cold.

Who and What are Magicians in the First Place?

A further issue arises which the general public, and most sorcerers, never consider: who are you working with and how? Most all practitioners perform magick as actors (independently schooled magicians i.e Aleister Crowley and others who are influenced, but not owned, by the power they represent or summon). This includes those “do-it-yourself” magicians. Far fewer and rarer are those practitioners who work as agents (priests and prelates of a specific God or Goddess, Devil, or Satan). An agent -as priest or prelate- is chosen before birth BY the God, Devil or Satan. And to a certain extent the same is true in witchcraft. Your blood determines your destiny, not how many grimoires you own or write. You do not wake up one day and choose to be a priest of Satan, the Devil, or God, although anyone is free to call themselves such. Anton LeVey of the Church of Satan did, and he didn’t even believe in a Theistic Satan. But he looked the part and was a superlative showman. He chose, but was not chosen. Nor do such qualifications as esoteric schooling, diabolical practices, or training, or magical knowledge and skill change one’s status. A prelate or priest is born outside of time and is injected into incarnation for the purpose, the sole purpose, of serving said God, Satan, or Devil. As such, I serve the Devil exclusively for her benefit and not my own, and I worship the Father according to her wishes, which are those of my own, because she has an undivided title to my spirit, soul, and heart, and my entire devotion. She always has, prior to this world, while in this world, and after it passes away. A black magician has no such claim, regardless of his or her individual power. A black magician (or any magician) has a job; a priest or prelate has a mission. Are you beginning to sense the difference? All this has a direct role in ritual offerings, as we shall see.

Who Killed the Volkh?

Years ago, I was paid to summon Hecate to destroy a flimsy spirit creature that was not providing the needed protection against a malicious entity who was begging entrance at the window of a child belonging to a high priestess of witchcraft. I did so, Hecate blew through the place and destroyed this silly “volkh” spirit. The witch in question passed word to the supermarket magic site who sold her the silly spirit, and suddenly I became the villain in the whole episode, instead of Hecate. The site owners immediately removed all the testimonials I had (although I didn’t even know they existed until this episode), which was their site, and their right to do so. I simply considered them as small minded and told them so.

The point is, Hecate killed the damned volkh, I merely acted as the agent of the Devil in doing so and let the volkh become the sacrifice. All because I have an entirely different relationship to Hecate than a witch does. Or a black magician. And therein lies all the difference in the world, this one and the otherworld. And the Devil doesn’t care if a witch burns at the stake or serenades a fire nude at midnight. The Devil is far beyond the reaches of common witch and wiccan lore. And the Devil is above Satan as well because she was created long before Satan was, with an extraordinary power. The Devil is NOT Satan, which negates the right of Jesus to claim parity to God. One cannot claim parity with God the Father and not know that the Devil is female. Nor the purpose God makes of the Devil. Besides which, the Devil works her own agenda. And sometimes that agenda includes killing volkhs (the sacrificial victim in this instance), witches, and satanists as well as religionists on a scale that terrifies the legions of Hell itself. It was meant to. Because she is the Empress of Hell and death itself is her birthright. She was born with the powers of death. Aside from God there is no power darker, stronger, or more cunning. And yet to black magicians she is largely unknown. That too is her power. They worship her separate names, without ever fully understanding the unity, power, and purpose of Lucifera.

What does all this have to do with Ritual Offerings?

I am often asked what a particular entity likes. And my answer is universally the same: First and foremost, in most cases, love, devotion and respect. You get what you give: if you just want to use a spirit-entity, you’ll end up being used by them. King Solomon was. John Dee was. And a number of great magicians have been. The moral of the story is just this: Love them or leave them alone. Nobody needs a savior. But everyone needs a god, even if it is a simpleton god of science or psychology or the military. Now ask yourself: Which would a mother love more? A cupcake from her child or one from a gourmet bakery? You already know how a mother fares when she chooses form over substance. And the same is true for most spirit-entities. Until it isn’t.

When one moves into the realms of principalities and powers of Hell, the offerings change. Here the sacrifice becomes rudimentary: human sacrifice performed in a vicarious and symbolic manner. And where is the shock in all this? Christianity practices human sacrifice vicariously every single Sunday somewhere via communion. Is one kind of human sacrifice better than another? I leave that for the wonder weasels of theology to work out. It is, however, a fact that black magicians usually leave it out of the equation for three reasons: 1) they are unaware of its importance or deny it altogether; and 2) the fact that human sacrifice, whether performed actually, vicariously or symbolically, is considered socially unacceptable when it involves demons; and 3) you can be sentenced to life imprisonment or worse for actually sacrificing a human. Not to mention the lurid and illiterate paperbacks some backwoods preacher will get rich on. Nor do I condone any murder performed by any person at any time, anywhere or for any purpose other than in legal self-defense of one’s life, period. The purpose of this article is to be truthful to historical fact, not to induce or encourage anyone to physical violence for any purpose, whether for ill or good. Thou Shalt not Kill. Thou means you. The method utilized for purposes of empowerment by said demons is that of vicarious blasphemous sacrificial offerings. And for many supernaturally sound reasons, it proves more powerful than actual physical sacrifices as well. . .

The Vicarious Sacrificial Offering

Under a vicarious sacrifice as provided in the designated bindings, you perform a ‘vicarious sacrificial offering’ of a religious icon, generally Christian, but have no knowledge of its consequences. This is all performed in demonic faith alone. Therefore, all listings that include a “Vicarious Sacrificial Offering” are those for the entities in question as a sincere offering of respect as a vicarious sacrificial offering. To the extent it takes to secure not just a conjuration, but a conjuration and binding to a power such as Satan, or Moloch, etc. this is a requirement they have designated as part and parcel of the method I perform. Just as the Jews aligned with Yahweh by the vicarious scapegoat ritual, the same is performed in reverse with the bindings to Satan, Moloch, Mammon, and others that I perform. You directly benefit by the spiritual empowerment of active religious denial, siding with the forces of darkness in a more profound manner than a simple working invocation for the purposes of a spell or some demonic task.

The boldness of the petition and vicarious sacrificial offering governs the power of one’s faith and intent, which in turn receives the direct rewards of the demonic hierarchy in the most profound and immediate manner. Without this, why even bother with Satan or such a power? It’s futile. Insulting even. All the hoo-hah in Hell is meaningless without it.

The Benefits of a Blasphemous Vicarious Sacrificial Offering

In some of the higher demonic bindings such as those to Satan, Belial, Moloch, and others, a blasphemous vicarious sacrificial offering is a symbolic reversal of what the Jews did with the scapegoat, whom they designated Azazel. Each month, in most instances, a designated blasphemous Christian religious icon is devoted to the demon who has been bound. This symbolic petition serves to empower the companion, and each month brings a greater and more elevated exchange in power, insight, and mentoring by said demon for a full year, after which the binding continues to be empowered on its own. Satan in particular responds extremely well to such blasphemous offerings, as does Moloch, Azazel, and others found in the Principalities of Power.

In any event, any and all blasphemous vicarious sacrificial offerings automatically align you with the demon in question and bring the dark blessings and attributes into full force for a companion. This provides you into a spiritual gateway that other bindings and/or invocations by black magicians simply cannot offer. If power and transcendence is your goal, there is no better method than the combination of a direct binding with a BVSO.

The full details of a monthly BVSO are included in the direct binding and will be elaborated upon for future use in the forthcoming grimoire from Vampire Ashram as to full details and supplementary rites associated with this unique rite.