Constructing A Sacred Altar to Lucifera


Lucifera’s Black Sanctuary~ 

For House Keresian, Lucifera represents the supreme Dark Goddess and the Vampiric Black Shekinah of reborn blood. She is the sum and substance of our transformed and empowered immortal spirit. She is, in terms of her title (yet grossly misunderstood from biblical error), the Devil, the Apocalypse, and the Black Power of all vampiric born blood. As her exposure and the number of vampire transformations I have performed through her powers continues to grow, many have asked for more information on her, since she is largely unknown. This is due to the conflation of Satan and the Devil. Satan is far below the Devil, Lucifera. They are also of different genders. And Lucifer is not Lucifera. She is his sister, and both have returned to serve the High Almighty, the Father (He as the prodigal son returned to the Father); she serves at his left hand, he serves at his right. That being said, all those who have undergone a transformation through Lucifera and myself are both obliged and privileged to begin worshipping her in fuller knowledge of how to connect with her spirit and her power. To that end, the Black Sanctuary of Lucifera is the appropriate way to honor both her and the High Almighty.

Elements of the Iconic Altar

Every altar to Lucifera is to contain the following elements: 1) The glyph/sigil placed upon it is that of the planet Nibiru, which is her ruling planet, also known as Wormwood in the bible. You are free to download this image and frame it as you desire. 2) A miniature altar coffin in which two scrolls are always kept, as described below. Each scroll is read in a specific sequence, once each on the night of the New and Full Moon. On the night of the Full Moon after reading them both, the second scroll is to be burned. 3) Her Black Hand of the Devil rite, which is not provided here, is always present and placed in front of her framed image and under a black scrying mirror. The altar coffin is then placed atop the black scrying mirror. *The Black Hand of the Devil rite will be included in the House Keresian grimoire to follow.

A House Keresian grimoire will give full details, along with her history. This Black Hand of the Devil parchment is ALWAYS to be placed beneath her Altar unless being used to contact and commune with your vampire sire. 4) A whiskey shot glass reserved for the Black Wine Offering described below, which represents her elemental correspondence: Wormwood (for reasons explained below)  5) Ideally a Vampire Dolche, the one shown is an actual rattlesnake hilt with an obsidian blade, used in ancient times for human sacrifice. Human sacrifice is also her supreme symbol, but taken by her as the Apocalyptic, for she is the Apocalyptic Goddess. None but her Father, the Divine Almighty, is higher in power, for whom she herself bows in respectful worship. Thus, all worship given to her is presented as black incense before the Father. A Dolche is not required and a small piece of obsidian can be simply included in the contents of the altar coffin, preferably as a sharpened spearhead or arrowhead. 6) Inside the altar coffin her sacred items are to be kept.

Lucifera’s Elemental Links to Gemstones, Herbs & Elixirs

The following is a list of her sacred stones and herbal familiars: Her trinity of affinity in gemstones is Moldavite, Obsidian, and Black Sapphire. Her trinity of affinity for earthly elements is Wormwood, in the liquid form of Absinthe, or the common Herbal form, or as an essential Oil (which is never to be ingested as it is a deadly poison when extracted), Black Salt,(such as Hawaiian black lava salt) and Mugwort, (dry herbal form, or as an essential oil, not for ingestion), and of course, one’s intermixed vampiric blood, and the two scrolls rolled up and tied with red twine. The one to be burned is to be replaced three days after the burning (which is only done during the Full Moon). These six elements plus one’s vampiric blood compose all the seven elemental energies of her vampyric alchemy.

Here are additional elements, all of which should be incorporated, if possible, as correspondences:

  1. A wand or piece of antique black ebony wood, ideally 40+ years old, which may be as small as a marble or as large as a wand. While Lucifera is both ageless and numberless (She is outside of and beyond the reach of the mystical Kabbalah or Qliphoth) she corresponds to the number 40. Her first apocalyptic act in this world was to bring forth the biblical Flood, which rained symbolically for 40 days. The jews were forced to wander in the wastelands for 40 years. 40 is the number of tribulation. She is the goddess of tribulation and must be honored as such. She rules over 40 Hells, 10 of which are related to the planet earth. The others are unnamed and outside the scope and providence of this universe.
  2. A shot glass for the Black Wine Offering described below. Also, in the altar coffin Wormwood herb is to be kept (placed in the coffin under the two sacred scrolls). Mugwort is to be mixed therein and three drops of blood from one’s middle finger of the left hand. The basic elements to be placed inside the altar coffin are 1/3 wormwood herb; 1/3 mugwort; 1/3 black salt. (Normally Hawaiian black lava salt. (3 drops of blood are then added to these three familial and mystical elements)
  3. Her Planetary correspondence is Nibiru, the elliptical orbiting planet that is responsible for chaos and pole shifts, worldly destruction and apocalyptical sacrifice on a global scale. For this reason, Lucifera, much like the planet known also in the bible as Wormwood, represents Lucifera acting in her divine role of global human annihilation. Like Nibiru, she is the hidden and unknown, passing beyond the reaches of science, religion or mysticism. She is the Black Shekinah Elohim of Hell. For this reason Lucifera chooses whom she will to know her. She forces all dark goddesses and gods beneath her, including Kali and Lilith to bow before her, either voluntarily or by eventual torment, backed by the power of the Almighty Father. As creator of all and nothing, chaos and order are all within his domain, and thus cannot be escaped. And Lucifera rules over Chaos.
  4.  Absinthe is her essential element. A small shot glass of pomegranate juice mixed with absinthe, three drops of blood and a pinch of black salt is the black sacrament to be offered to her three days prior to the New and Full Moon, and then to be drunk by you on the night of the New and Full Moon after reciting the words on both of her sacred black scrolls. It is composed of half pomegranate juice, half absinthe, plus a pinch of black salt and three drops of blood. The portion size is minimal and can be used sparingly. Pomegranate represents the ancient fruit of wisdom, fertility, and immortality that was offered to Adam and Eve, seasoned with spores of psychotropic venom, not the apple. Absinthe represents intoxicating poison. Black salt represents eternal preservation in darkness. Thus, by wisdom that poisons innocence combined with the powers of eternal preservation, the vampyre is blood bound to Lucifera. This should be mixed and served in a whiskey shot glass and kept covered with a black cloth once poured. The glass is considered to be sanctified and therefore not to be used for any other purpose.
  5. A single black candle to be lit during the Full and New Moon when reciting the scrolls. Once the scrolls are recited you are encouraged to commune with her, express your devotion, ask her blessing and speak to Lucifera as you would in her presence, because you are. Since part of her lifeblood has been imparted to you through your sire, express your thanks for your sire, and to her for the gift of vampyric immortality she has given you. It is the black grace of the Devil she has given in a vampyric covenant with you. Ask for blessings upon your sire. This is your time to commune freely and personally with him or her.

(Copyright 2019 of Vampire Ashram & Lucien Mars. For personal and private use only)

The Two Sacred Black Scrolls of Lucifera~

The two scrolls are to be kept in the altar coffin at all times, and recited during the New and Full Moon. They  are as follows (these scrolls are written or typed on regular paper, reduced in size as needed to fit the altar coffin of your choice):

First, the Psalm of Lucifera recited prior to drinking the black wine offering to her:

The Black Psalm of Lucifera

Before me none other was; above me is The One,

Besides whom I am subject to none.

My life is death undead, my heart and hands forged in apocalyptic dread.

Forty seas of hidden flame declare my Unknown Name,

I am Nyx. I am Navasha-Ka. I am Lucifera.

I am the blood-borne One,

Whose blackest fire is the lightning bolt held in my left hand.

Whose powers in every Hell are those at my solemn command.

For forty seas of hidden flame declare my Unknown Name,

I am Nyx. I am Navasha-Ka. I am Lucifera.

I am eternal blood, living fire and holy fear,

The fiercest Elohim who feasts upon the hearts in Hell.

I too am the living death of every virgin’s bleeding breath.

I am Nyx. I am Navasha-Ka. I am Lucifera.

I am the Goddess, Governess and Empress of Hellfire

I am the Devil and Ruler of the Blood Reborn and the Damned.

(Copyright 2019 of Vampire Ashram & Lucien Mars. For personal and private use only)



The Second Scroll is taken from the bible, specifically the Book of Revelation, Chapter 8 (the King James Version) as follows:

And when he had opened the seventh seal, there was silence in heaven about the space of half an hour. And I saw the seven angels which stood before God; and to them were given seven trumpets.

And another angel came and stood at the altar, having a golden censer; and there was given unto him much incense, that he should offer it with the prayers of all the saints upon the golden altar which was before the throne. And the smoke of the incense, which came with the prayers of the saints, ascended up before God out of the angel’s hand. And the angel took the censer, and filled it with fire of the altar, and cast it into the earth: and there were voices, and thunderings, and lightnings, and an earthquake. And the seven angels which had the seven trumpets prepared themselves to sound.

The first angel sounded, and there followed hail and fire mingled with blood, and they were cast upon the earth: and the third part of trees was burnt up, and all grass was burnt up.

And the second angel sounded, and as it were a great mountain burning with fire was cast into the sea: and the third part of the sea became blood; and the third part of the creatures which were in the sea, and had life, died; and the third part of the ships were destroyed.

And the third angel sounded, and there fell a great star from heaven, burning as it were a lamp, and it fell upon the third part of the rivers, and upon the fountains of waters; and the name of (the) Her star is called Wormwood: and a third part of the waters became wormwood (cursed); and many men died of the waters; because they were made bitter (poisoned).

And the fourth angel sounded, and the third part of the sun was smitten, and the third part of the moon, and the third part of the stars; so as the third part of them was darkened, and the day shone not for a third part of it, and the night likewise.

And I beheld, and heard an angel flying through the midst of heaven, saying with a loud voice, Woe, woe, woe, to the inhabiters of the earth by reason of the other voices of the trumpet of the three angels, which are yet to sound!


After both scrolls are recited the Offering of Black Wine to Lucifera is drunk, and the Revelation scroll is burned and discarded on the night of the Full Moon (three days later it is to be replicated and included in the coffin). More particulars on this rite and the altar of Lucifera will be included in the House Keresian Grimoire to follow.  This altar to Lucifera is not only affordable to all, it is easy to take along while away from home, especially if your travels fall on the Full or New Moon. And if not, the altar can be used when chanting her sacred mantra, to be supplied in a separate article and the forthcoming book.

The Inner Rites of Lucifera and Offerings

What is termed the Inner Rites of Lucifera and her altar are only to be practiced by those who are legitimately transformed into vampyre by her. And thus, they are not presented here. Another qualification, as the cultic evolution of Vampire Ashram progresses, will be henceforth for those who are fully transformed to make a freewill offering (if it is affordable) of $40 monthly during the New Moon prior to reciting the two scrolls. Regardless of whether you wish to donate more than $40, only $40 is to be donated on the night of the New Moon. No more or less is to be offered to her for this purpose. This reflects her most sacred number. (*Those who wish to donate who are not transformed, may do so, with the same caveat: the donation sum is set at $40, no more or less, on the day or night of the New Moon. Other donations aside from these can be made at any time.) This can be accomplished through the Temple of Nyx offering on this site. By no means is this mandatory especially if one cannot afford it. In such cases, it is better to save and make a periodic donation as you are able. Another reason for the set amount is that she sees all her children as equally worthy and does not discriminate based upon wealth. All proceeds will be used to help publish and push forward this movement she has deemed as critical at this point in the history of earth and beyond. She is recalling her chosen children to her bosom and your offerings make our outreach possible.

Seven Myths Regarding the Devil

First, that the Devil is male. No, the Devil is female, representing the emptiness, power and the fullness of the female womb; the spilling of menstrual blood and semen.

Second, that the Devil is always opposed to God. No, while Lucifera had fallen, she has restored herself, as has Lucifer to the Father’s side, him on the right side of God, her on the left side. She bows before, worships, and adores the Father Almighty. She is his highest and darkest destroyer and beloved daughter above all others, and the sacrificer of worlds before his holy sceptre and purifying cauldron of fire.

Third: The Devil has horns, cloven hooves and a tail. No, Lucifera has no tail. She does possess horns that spiral upward and outward, reflective of her divine pedigree as firstborn of females. She does not have cloven hooves, but is female beauty perfected and personified as eternally youthful and glorious. The entire vampyre race personifies beauty in the most perfected state, whether male or female. This is due to the fact they are all her chosen children, inheriting a part of her beauty and black perfection.

Fourth: The Devil is in league with Satan and Lilith. No. The Devil can cause Satan to lose his powers through revolution, removing him as she chooses for another to take his place. Lucifera was also created prior to Satan and she is the mother of Lilith. The same holds true for Lilith, her daughter, who is even now suffering from her revolution, whereby those once loyal to Lilith are returning and converting to allegiance with Lucifera.

Fifth: The Devil makes pacts with witches. No. The Devil does NOT make pacts with anyone at any time for any purpose. The only pacts she makes is to transform by blood pact, one she has chosen to transform in blood to become vampyre-born. There is no other pact she will honor or make.

Sixth: The Devil, by God, has been consigned to Hell. No. The Devil rules over a symbolic 40 Hells, those known and unknown, spreading her reign over the multiverses of creations of the Almighty. Her Father bestowed these 40 Hells upon her as a reward and as a reigning Elohim and firstborn female prior to heaven as a haven. Those below her He shattered to satisfy his providence when she fell (as described in the House Keresian grimoire) whereby Lilith and Satan for a temporary time, took over. Their time to reign in the earthly based Hell is now past. Her hand of black revolution has already begun and will culminate in the Apocalypse predicted in the bible.

Seven: The Devil is Satan. Or Lucifer, etc. No. The Devil has a primary and twofold power: Apocalyptic Revolution and annihilation of worlds via pole shifts and supernatural disasters such as the biblical Flood or artificially created ones such as nuclear holocausts. Her secondary power is that of being the supreme and original rebirthing mother of vampires. In addition, the Devil is a she, not a male. This misidentification is due to the misinformation provided throughout the bible, and especially the Judeo-Christian religions. She in fact promotes false saviors to sacrifice, witches to burn, buddhists to self-immolation, etc. All these sacrifices and false religions were established by her for a singular purpose: to promote holy wars as a sacrificial blood proxy she takes as belonging to her as blood tithes for the purposes of feeding her vampiric offspring, both incarnate and disincarnate. These are the same blood tithes she takes from every single one of the Underworlds the Father has given to her to oversee, not just the earthly one. Her right hand upholds War, her left hand upholds Revolution. And none but the Almighty have any power over her.

The oft heard complaint about genocidal death and materialistic slavery in the world of matter as argued by satanists and LHP occultists or others against what they consider the Demiurge, or cosmic tyrant, may be a valid point of spiritual debate, but at the end of the day or the life, you cannot escape the Almighty. He is the “I Am Of All,” as Lucifera calls him, and that includes the realms of void, hell, and chaos over which she rules. It was as Tiamat that Lucifera wiped out the world, drowning the vampyric Nephilim, and nearly every living creature in the Flood. And neither the Father nor Lucifera can or will be defeated. She rules over (and can overrule) the Qliphoth of forty Hells, and over Chaos the Devil is supreme. And when she kills it is not just the body, but the soul. Witches, popes, black and white magicians, the innocent, the damned, the self-righteous and the unselfish, and everybody in-between fall to her wrath, her chaos, because? Because she is the Devil. And the Devil is Chaos writ large in the sublime language of divinely infernal cunning. And she does as the Father determines. And becoming a living god by descending on the sinister path won’t be of any help when you’re face to face with the Devil at the other end of the line.


In closing, and as the mission of Vampire Ashram evolves, it is Lucifera’s desire to unveil more of the hidden mysteries to her offspring, those who carry her vampyric bloodline and are chosen. May you each walk safely and securely through the Valley of Annihilation revealed in the Mystery of the Three, having Lucifera to not only guide, but to protect and empower all her offspring. (The Mystery of the Three will be revealed in the House Keresian grimoire to follow).

From the Vampire Apocrypha regarding Lucifera:

“And No Number had She. For Her Number is Blood. And Her Name is Black.”

Ave Lucifera. Ave Navasha-Ka. Ave Nyx.